Summary: Lies, conspiracies, and betrayals rocked Harry's world as he fought to destroy the darkest wizard to terrorize Great Britain in over two centuries. To make matters worse, Luck seems to have it out for our intrepid wizard as his life is turned upside down within seconds of defeating Voldemort. Pairings: HP/AH

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Warnings: Mentions of character death, angst and drama, Animagus!Harry, Evil/Manipulative!Dumbledore, mild language, some mild crude humor, and suggestive themes, some hints of character bashing (mainly Molly, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione), and AU.

AN: This story was written as a birthday gift to my youngest as she's always loved animal stories and Harry Potter; so I thought why not combine the two and this was the result. I hope you enjoy the story. ~ Jenn

Please note that this story is self-beta'd; so there may be occasional grammatical or spelling errors that crop up every now and then and for those I apologize in advance.

Parrot on the Pavement

It had been three long hard years for Harry Potter; the young wizard risking life and limb to defeat one of the most powerful dark wizards in the last two centuries. He'd driven himself to exhaustion and beyond to find and destroy the horcruxes that Voldemort had created throughout his lifetime. When he first started out, he'd had his two best friends by his side and had thought they'd remain by his side until the bitter end. Well they were there until the bitter end alright; the bitter end of their friendship as they turned their backs on him yet again a bare four months into their desperate hunt. The saddest part was that their betrayal had not come as any real surprise to Harry.

After Hermione and Ron had left him, Harry returned to Grimmauld Place to discover that there had never been any reason for them to abandon the house because the Death Eater that had hitched a ride with them that day had been killed by the protective wards on the house. If they had not panicked that day, then they never would have been forced to go gallivanting all over Great Britain while being chased by more Death Eaters. Although, if they had not gone gallivanting about the country then Harry never would have known just how much his friendship had meant to his supposed best friends; or rather, how little.

Harry promptly made the house his base of operations once more. Now that he wasn't being bogged down by Hermione's domineering attitude or being held back by Ron's unwavering laziness, Harry sat down and put forth some real effort into figuring out what he was going to do. He started by securing Kreacher's help to steal the carcass of the basilisk from Hogwarts in order to extract the venom from the serpent's skull so he could use the potent venom to destroy Slytherin's Locket. Four months later, he'd procured Kreacher's help once more to steal Hufflepuff's Cup from Bellatrix Lestrange's Gringotts vault and destroyed it the same way after he learned the insane witch had been ordered to protect the horcrux by Voldemort through the link he shared with the Dark Lord.

A week after destroying the cup, Snape attempted to use Dobby to find Harry through the partial bond the elf had formed with Harry back in his second year. Harry ended up fully bonding with Dobby in order to prevent the little guy from being forced to act against him and promptly sent him back to Hogwarts to spy on the school. That led to Dobby finding another horcrux in the form Ravenclaw's Diadem inside of Hogwarts when Harry had talked the enthusiastic elf into stealing a bunch of useful things out of the Room of Requirement (such as the Half Blood Prince's potions book). The former Malfoy elf also snuck into Malfoy Manor and elf-napped Nagini with the help of Kreacher and the clever use of a Fainting Fancy from a Weasley's Skiving Snackbox tucked into the carcass of a dead rat that the two elves secretly fed the deadly snake. Both horcruxes were promptly destroyed leaving only one more horcrux to find.

Over the course of the next year and a half, Harry worked his way through the Black Library in order to prepare himself for the eventual confrontation with Voldemort while hunting for the final horcrux. The first thing he taught himself was how to cast the Fidelius Charm which he promptly used it to hide Grimmauld Place from everyone; setting himself as the Secret Keeper. He then taught himself several outdated but extremely useful defensive and offensive spells that didn't require ridiculous amounts of magic to power; allowing him to cast hundreds of spells back to back without exhausting himself. The last thing he taught himself was the animagus transformation after discovering Sirius's notes from when the Marauders had mastered the transformation. To protect himself and prevent anyone from discovering his animagus form, Harry once again used the Fidelius Charm to lock away the secret.

He also learned quite a bit about his family that people had been keeping from him; such as the Potters' status as part of the English and Scottish nobility and the fact that they were descended from royalty. That was actually one of the best kept secrets in the wizarding world; his family having spoken of their heritage with none but their sworn protectors. Harry's godfather had been his father's sworn protector (which is how the information on the Potter heritage had come to be sitting in the Black Library) right up until he'd been born and then Sirius had become Harry's sworn protector when he was named Harry's godfather. Half the reason Sirius had been half insane was due to being unable to fulfill his duties as Harry's protector due to the machinations of others; most notably Dumbledore and the Weasley Matron.

Towards the end of what would have been Harry's second year on the run, Harry ordered Dobby and Kreacher to kidnap Snape when no amount of research had turned up any clues as to what the final horcrux could be. He was less than pleased to find out that Dumbledore believed that his scar was a horcrux and fully expected him to freely sacrifice himself for a world that had ignored him for ten years, fawned over him like rabbits in heat the moment the dragged him into the spotlight, and then turned on him like rabid jackals any time he didn't behave as expected. He was even less pleased to learn just how much of his unpleasant childhood and his deadly and dangerous years at Hogwarts had been orchestrated by the bearded old buzzard.

The news that Dumbledore had found all three of the Deathly Hallows was slightly more welcome because they represented a potential advantage and Harry already had two of them; the cloak and the stone (having found it inside of the snitch Dumbledore left him after the snitch had been damaged by basilisk venom when he destroyed Nagini). He just had to claim the wand and defeat Draco to gain mastery of it (recalling quite clearly the moment blonde Slytherin had disarmed Dumbledore that night on the tower). Harry then spent an enjoyable day using Snape to teach himself how to perform all three types of memory charms (those that block memories, those that alter memories, and those that destroy memories) before he sent the man back to Hogwarts.

After that, Dobby was ordered to kidnap his former master and Kreacher was sent back to Hogwarts yet again to steal the Elder Wand out of Dumbledore's tomb. Defeating Draco proved to be a piece of cake as the blonde was still more apt to spout off insults and empty threats as opposed to actually fighting (unless one's back was turned). Harry disarmed him with a single spell and then modified his memory and sent him to the middle of Diagon Alley minus his wand and clothes; Draco's Dark Mark visible for all to see. Harry would then go on to spend another nine months researching the Hallows in order to better understand how to use them to defeat the Dark Lord. After all his research, he came to the conclusion that he needed to become the fabled Master of Death in order to properly and effectively wield the Hallows.

In the end, becoming the Master of all three Deathly Hallows wasn't that hard; all he had to do was use them all at the same time. So, he settled the cloak around his shoulders, used the wand to ward the room, and used the stone to call upon Death. That conversation with the Avatar of Death revealed that the concept of horcruxes was nothing more than a joke; one can not tear their soul into pieces and tuck them into objects to stop death. He also learned that the reason he'd survived the killing curse as a child was because his mother had tossed the invisibility cloak over him to hide him from Voldemort. Voldemort had found him through a fluke but hadn't bothered removing the cloak before firing his spell and because the cloak was designed to hide the wearer from death, Voldemort's spell had not killed Harry.

Dumbledore had been the one to give Harry the scar on his head when he forged a link between Voldemort and Harry through dark magic that bonded their souls together. The ancient wizard had used ancient blood magic to accomplish that feat and so long as the link remained than Voldemort would live because Harry was anchoring his soul on the mortal plane. That link was also the reason why Harry and Voldemort's wands never worked properly against each other; Voldemort didn't have any magic of his own, he was stealing half of Harry's through the link and Harry's magic refused to fight against itself. The horcruxes were actually soul portals that allowed a witch or wizard to take possession of another through an object when an individual came in contact with the device it had been placed upon. Harry was at least thankful that destroying the horcruxes hadn't been a complete waist of time.

Harry spent another hour asking a slew of questions regarding the Hallows and soul bonds (including whether or not Dumbledore had really been killed at the end of his sixth year). He then spent another hour trying to come up with a solution to getting rid of Voldemort (the man was currently out there killing innocents after all) that didn't involve him killing himself. In the end, all it took was a single order to Death. The dark avatar easily severed the link and Voldemort died instantly; taking a number of his marked Death Eaters with him due to the magical shockwave created by the severed link. That had also had the unfortunate side effect of unbinding the half of Harry's magical core that had been sustaining the link and the uncontrolled backlash from the sudden influx of magic swept out from him when he lost control and destroyed Grimmauld Place.

Battered by the uncontrolled shockwave of his magic and the house literally falling down around his ears, Harry barely held back his growing panic as he attempted to fight his way free of the house. The Elder wand flashed out time and time again as he shielded himself from the bits and pieces of the house that were raining down around his head. He had just about reached the front door when the front half of the house crashed down nearly on top of his head and Harry let out an involuntary yell as he jerked himself backwards just in time to avoid the worst of the debris.

His life flashed before his eyes as he was cut off from his only exit. Harry would have screamed in frustration at that point if he hadn't gotten a flash of clear sky through an opening in the falling debris. He stopped thinking in that instant and simply let his instincts take over as he transformed into his animagus form and flew up through the tiny opening he'd spotted.

Most people think that Life is a bitch and while Life can be difficult it isn't Life that is the real bitch. The truth is that Luck is the true bitch. She's a very fickle and cruel bitch too. She likes to dangle the prize right in front of your face before she yanks it away at the last second and shoves you face first in a pile of dog crap before laughing her ass off at your misfortune. Harry is very intimate with Luck's cruel teases. Oh there were times when it seemed like she was giving you what you need right when you needed it but appearances can be deceiving.

For example, take Harry's third year at Hogwarts. All year long he had been told that Sirius Black was looking to kill him when that couldn't have been further from the truth. It was actually the damn Ministry attempting to kill him as their stupid soul sucking guards constantly attacked him throughout the year. And he hadn't even done anything to draw their attention! At the end of the year, he learns that the man he'd been told was after his head on a platter was actually his godfather and his best friend's pet was a murderer in disguise.

Just when he thought he had a chance at a real family, Luck stepped in and stole it right out from under his nose with a stiff breeze that uncovered the moon and set Moony on the rampage. And to top it off, Snape was a petty little prick that wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and decked him in the face and proved himself to be an arrogant ass of epic proportions when he spouted off his nonsense about Sirius confounding Harry and his two former friends.

In the current predicament, Luck had given Harry a glimpse of a clean escape before she crushed it ruthlessly. He'd barely taken flight before the back of the house shifted forward and slammed into him as he was on his way up and out. If he had been an ordinary bird he would have been killed instantly but because he was a wizard in a bird's body his magic protected him just enough for him to survive the ordeal. Unfortunately, not even his magic could prevent the injuries inflicted upon his body, which included; a collapsed lung, crushed left rib cage, broken left leg, and multiple fractures in his left wing. It also didn't save his skin and feathers from being shredded by the jagged nails and busted boards that had raked him across the back.

He had just enough strength for one final act of desperation; gathering what little magic he had left, he blindly apparated himself free from the falling debris. A minute later, Harry hit the pavement hard and let out a screech of agony as he landed on his injured side; his vision going dark around the edges. He saw the briefest flash of black and yellow out of the corner of his eye before the darkness claimed him completely.

Amanda Hope, known as Mandy by her friends and family, stepped out of the taxi and gazed sadly up at the sign board proclaiming the building in front of her as the Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic. Pain bubbled up inside her as the reason she had been called back home slammed forcibly back into her mind and Mandy spun away from the clinic so she could pay the driver as he set her suitcase on the sidewalk at her feet. As much as she loved the idea of being home, after spending the past two years away at the university, she hated that she was coming home to bury her parents who had died just a week earlier in a gas explosion.

Discreetly wiping the tears from her face, Mandy grabbed the handle of her suitcase and robotically made her way to the door leading into cottage that had been her home growing up. The emptiness of the small home weighed heavily on Mandy as she set her suitcase down beside the door and wandered aimlessly through the house lost in the memories of her childhood. She slept that night on the couch; unable to bear sleeping in her old bed because it brought to mind happier times when her parents were still alive.

It would take Mandy two weeks to put her parent's affairs in order, make funeral arrangements for her parents, and pack up both the house and her parent's veterinary clinic. It broke her heart to shut the clinic down but there was no one to run it with her parents gone and while Mandy would have loved to run it herself, she still had a long ways to go before she earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine. Simon and Jean, the clinic's nurse and receptionist respectfully, had both been sympathetic and saddened when Mandy approached them about her decision to close the small family run clinic. Somehow, the fact that they understood her reasons and accepted the decision had hurt far more than the anger she had expected to face.

Wiping away her tears for the millionth time, Mandy locked the door to the clinic for the last time and pocketed the key as she spun away from the door and headed to the taxi that would be taking her back to the city. She'd barely taken two steps when an explosion of feathers appeared from out of no where and crashed to the ground at her feet with an agonized screech. Mandy gasped as she dropped down onto her knees beside the parrot on the pavement, her heart rising up in her throat as she took in the wretched state of the bird. She had a brief glimpse of a single bright green and gold eye before the bird passed out from the pain.

Pulling off her sweater, Mandy gently wrapped the bird up in the soft wool and spun around in order to rush the bird back into the clinic so that her mother could help the poor thing. Reality crashed down on Mandy a second later as she took in the boarded up windows of the clinic and she had to bite back the sob she felt rising up inside of her. Swallowing her grief, Mandy rushed to the taxi that was waiting for her and ordered the driver to take her to the veterinary clinic in Welton* (where Simon had transferred shortly after Mandy informed him she was closing the clinic) post haste. As the man pulled away from the curb, Mandy studied the injured bird cradled in her arms and couldn't help but wonder where the bird had come from and who it belonged to. She also wished she knew what had happened to the poor thing as it looked like it had been attacked by some kind of animal based upon the gouges that ran down its left side.

The most puzzling thing about the bird though was its unnatural coloring. It appeared, at first glance, to be an African gray but his coloring was nearly a solid black rather than gray; with only the tip of the feathers frosted with the normal blue-gray that most grays sported. The belly and leg feathers appeared slightly lighter than the rest of the bird if only because the gray frosting on the tips extended slightly further. His featherless feet were a dark gray that ended with wickedly sharp talons that were solid black. Even his red tail feathers were far darker than normal; appearing closer to the color of dried blood rather than bright scarlet. The patches of white feathers normally found around both eyes were a soft pigeon gray and sported a circle of solid black ringing both eyes so it looked as if the bird was wearing glasses. About the only thing that appeared normal about the bird was the fact that its beak was a near solid black (the very tip fading to a clear yellow-gray).

It was the memory of a single pain filled green and gold eye that she found the most puzzling though; his feather coloring most likely nothing more than a seldom seen variation. As far as she knew African gray parrots usually had eyes that were shades of gray and black with the occasional yellow or gold; but never green. She also couldn't think of any other type of parrot that had the same color or body type as the barely breathing bird she had on her lap (she ruled out the lesser vasa parrot, or the black parrot, due to the size and shape of the beak being all wrong as well as having the wrong body structure). By the time they pulled up outside of the clinic that her father had occasionally helped out when he was still alive, Mandy had convinced herself that she'd just imagined the flash deep emerald or that it had been a trick of the light.

All thoughts of mysteries fled Mandy's mind as she told the driver to wait for her as she darted out of the backseat of the cab and rushed into the clinic without waiting for a response; there was no time to spare because the poor bird was bleeding to death.

Harry faded in and out of consciousness for a long time; confusion and pain filling his entire world each time he managed to open his eyes for a split second. Unfamiliar voices surrounded him but he couldn't find the strength to reply to their questions and even if he had been able to speak, he lacked the ability to form a single coherent thought due to the constant pain. He much preferred the empty blackness where pain was nothing but a memory and thinking was an unnecessary luxury.

When true consciousness finally returned to the wizard, Harry felt absolutely terrible and he let out a groaning hiss as a particularly painful stab of pain lanced through his brain. Without opening his eyes, Harry took stock of his aching body. Aside from his pounding head, it hurt to breath; the entire left side of his chest burning with the familiar ache of broken and deeply bruised ribs. The bones in his left arm ached fiercely as did those in his left leg and both arm and leg felt trapped; as if they'd been tightly wrapped up. His entire left side and the left half of his back felt as if it was on fire and freezing at the same time. Lastly, he felt as if his magical core had been completely drained. All in all; Harry felt like complete crap.

"Did somebody at least get the name and number of the stupid sod that ran me over?" Harry demanded as he finally cracked an eye open now that he'd finished assessing his physical condition. The moment his eyes fell upon the steel bars of the cage he'd been placed inside he groaned again and muttered, "Oh bloody hell, just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse; I find myself behind bars. Just my sodding luck."

"My word, that's quite the vocabulary you have, Mr. Bird," a woman's voice declared unexpectedly; making Harry let out a loud squawk as he rolled himself over and scrambled up onto his feet; jarring his numerous injuries at the same time.

It was at that point that Harry finally realized he was in his animagus form as he stared up at the rather cute blonde that was peeking at him through the bars of the cage he was trapped inside. Harry shook his head to clear away the cobwebs and pain before he glanced down to take stock of his body; noting the splint secured to his left wing, the cast secured around his left leg, and the bandages his entire body was practically swaddled in. He clucked his tongue in dissatisfaction over what he found before he slowly hobbled closer to the front of the cage as he glanced about left and right to inspect his current prison. He then focused on the girl once more as he finally offered her a reply.

"What can I say, cutie pie; it's been one hell of a day. I have a killer headache, it hurts to breathe, my bones ache something fierce, and I have no memory of whatever crime it was I supposedly committed to find myself waiting on Her Majesty's pleasure. I don't suppose you'd be willing to ring up the warden so I could call my lawyer, would you, cutie pie?"

"Oh, Mr. Bird, you are such a comedian. You've not been arrested, silly bird; you're at the animal clinic because you nearly died."

"Oh damn, that's even worse than I feared! I'm doomed! Doomed I say! My life is over," Harry wailed dramatically as he tucked his head beneath his right wing and pretended to sob; he hated hospitals even more than he hated the idea of being in jail. Though, truth be told he pretty much thought hospitals were nothing more than fancy prisons anyway (Madam Pomfrey was ten times scarier than any warden).

"Ah… I never would have pegged you as a drama queen. Your former owner must have been a real card to train you to behave so outrageously. So, Mr. Bird, do you know your name or am I just going to have to keep calling you Mr. Bird?"

Harry lifted his head up and stared at the girl for a long moment, weighing his options carefully as he considered his current predicament and the chances of someone recognizing his name and realizing that he was an animagus. After a few minutes of intense scrutiny, Harry came to the conclusion that the girl in front of him seemed harmless enough and since he was stuck in his animagus form until he healed and his magic recovered he might as well make a friend or two least he find himself utterly bored on top of being trapped in a cage.

"Lord Harry James Potter of the Houses Potter and Black, wizard extraordinaire and frequent scapegoat, at your service, my fair lady," Harry finally stated as he gave a little head bob instead of bowing; his chest hurting too much at the moment (his magic, drained as it was, unknowingly compelling him to introduce himself properly instead of just giving her his first and last name).

"Well aren't you just a right gentleman, Mr. Potter? Or should I be calling you Lord Potter? Either way, I must say I am pleased to see that you are up and moving. I'd feared we'd lose you a time or two; you were a right mess when you fell out of the sky at my feet. Right lucky you were that I hadn't left yet or there might have been no one there to pick you up off the pavement."

"I'm certain it was Luck that got me into this stinking mess in the first place. Luck and a manipulative old codger looking for a sacrificial lamb," Harry countered sourly as he turned away from the woman and limped towards the water dish he could see clipped to the door of the cage.

He dipped his beak into the cool water and closed his eyes as he sipped at the cool liquid. He was startled a heartbeat later by the feeling of a finger running down the length of his right wing and he reacted quite violently; the twenty year old wizard never feeling at all comfortable with physical contact. Feathers went flying as he thrashed about in an effort to put plenty of distance between himself and the finger that had been petting him. He let out a warning hiss and eyed the offending digit with mistrust once he was clear; his heart beating wildly and his lungs burning with each breath he took.

"Easy there little fella; I didn't mean to startle you."

"Startle who, Mandy?" a thirty year old man with fair hair asked as he joined the young woman beside Harry's cage.

"Oh, hey there, Simon, I didn't hear you come in. I was just feeding the pups when our feathered friend here woke up and let me tell you whoever trained the bird saw to it he had a very extensive and creative list of vocabulary words. He freaked out a bit when I stuck my finger through the bars to pet him; I don't think he was expecting it."

"It's against the law to molest a body without so much as a by-your-leave," Harry groused as he ruffled his feathers and twitched his wings back into place. "Down right improper too. Kids these days have no manners, I swear."

"Oh wow… I see what you mean," the newly named Simon laughed as he leaned closer to get a good look at Harry while the girl, Mandy, blushed bright red over Harry's insinuation. "He's looking far better than I expected him to look given the state he'd been in when you brought him in. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised he survived. That he's up and moving about a bare week after his surgery, given how severe his injuries were, is nothing short of a miracle."

Harry let out a soft curse over the information that he'd been unconscious for a week and that he'd been operated on without his knowledge but he supposed he should be thankful they just didn't discount him as being beyond hope and simply put to sleep instead. He wondered if anyone was looking for him before he recalled that the only ones that would know he was even missing would be Dobby and Kreacher. Thinking of the two elves soon led to him thinking about how he'd ended up in his current predicament but trying to recall exactly what had happened made his head hurt.

"Why don't we bring you out so I can get a good look at your injuries, old man," Simon announced a minute later as he unlocked the cage and opened the door.

"Oy, watch who you're calling old buddy; or I'll bite your nose. And keep them hands where I can see them or you're going to find yourself a few fingers shy of a full set."

"Don't be difficult now, Mr. Potter," Mandy ordered as she frowned at him. "We're just trying to help you."

"Mr. Potter? You named him already?" Simon inquired as he cast a sideways glance at the girl.

"No, I was calling him Mr. Bird. He introduced himself as Harry Potter, or rather as Lord Harry James Potter of the House of Potter and Black, when I asked him his name; even went so far as to call himself a wizard and a scapegoat. I just can't bring myself to call him Lord Potter though; he's much too much of a comedian for me to think of him as a lord. Whether or not that is his name or just a name he knows very well is debatable though."

"What do you take me for? A feather brained pigeon? Of course, I know my own name," Harry spluttered indignantly as he crept closer to the open door debating on whether or not he stood a chance of making a clean getaway. A sharp glance down at his splinted left wing, cast encased left leg, and bandaged wrapped body had him sighing in defeat as he knew he'd not be able to get very far injured as he was; the fact that they'd clipped his wings while he was out would be an issue as well but he wouldn't discover that until later.

"If I was a superstitious person and believed it at all possible; I'd bet this bird was possessed," Simon grumbled as he stared at Harry. "He doesn't really behave anything like a bird."

"I'm sure he's just really well trained," Mandy assured the man as she opened the door wider and bravely stuck her hand in the cage. "Come on, Mr. Potter; let's bring you out so we can take a look at you. Don't be shy now; I promise I won't try and pet you again."

Harry tilted his head to the side and inspected the hand that was hovering just inches away from his feet. He then glanced up to stare her in the eye for a full minute before he sighed and reluctantly stepped up onto the offered hand. The feeling of being pulled out of the cage was unsettling and Harry spread his right wing wide and tightened his hold on the hand beneath his claws even as he turned his head this way and that to take in his surroundings now that his view was no longer limited to the inside of his cage. The girl set him down on an examination table a few minutes later and Harry hobbled to the edge to peer over the side before he turned back around to eye the two individuals that were looming over him.

The next hour an a half was a lesson in abject humiliation as the man named Simon invaded his personal space with single-minded determination and nothing Harry said or did deterred the man from his manhandling. The jerk even had the nerve to stick Harry with a needle and dope him up before taking a series of x-rays and drawing blood. By the time the ordeal was over, Harry was in a right foul mood and just barely resisting the urge to bite the man's fingers each time they drew near. The only thing saving the man's offending digits was the fact that Harry couldn't spare the energy as he still hadn't recovered from whatever it was the man had given him. The only redeeming factor throughout the entire ordeal was the fact that the stuff had taken the edge off his pain.

The full list of his injuries had been rather sobering too; as he hadn't thought he'd done quite that much damage to himself. He still wished he knew what the hell had happened to him. The last thing he clearly remembered was facing Draco Malfoy in a duel but he was quite certain that Malfoy couldn't have messed him up this bad because the blonde Death Eater would have sooner killed him or delivered him to the Dark Lord than leave him somewhere someone could find him. When he was finally returned to his cage, Harry was half asleep and the last thing he heard before Morpheus pulled him under was the girl, Mandy, wishing him pleasant dreams.


*Welton – in the Animal Ark books, the nearby village where Mandy and James often visited was actually Walton but in actuality Walton is in Somerset while Welford (the town Animal Ark is situated in) is in Northamptonshire and I can't see the children's parents allow them to travel that far by themselves. So I changed Walton to Welton since there is a Welton that is fairly close to Welford enough for the children to have realistically been allowed to go there alone.