Mind Over Matter

*Note: This story may contain some spoilers from the light novels.

Summary: In spite of an important mission coming up for the Kantou Library Task Force, Iku can't concentrate on anything other than the fact that Dojo turned out to be her prince.

Disclaimer: I do not own Library wars.

Chapter 1:

Like many other mornings, most of the task force members in the Kantou Library force minded their own business as an uptight squad leader lectures at his scatter-brained subordinate. Off at the side, Komaki sat comfortably in his chair as he watched the entertaining duo in front of him, sipping coffee every few minutes.

Like always, Iku had messed up on some kind of deskwork job, and like always, Dojo would lecture her, and most of the time, she would talk back and they would argue like cats and dogs.

This time was slightly different though. Iku had only recently realized the truth about her prince, and the awkwardness between her and her boss has not subsided just yet. She tried to look for a chance to interrupt him and get into his good graces before he starts ranting non-stop.

"Ahh, would you like some chamomile tea, sir?", Kasahara spoke with a nervous smile. "Some of that good night tea would calm you down."

Dojo glared at her. "You blockhead! Wipe that stupid grin off your face! You think this is a joke? I know deskwork is not your speciality, but this is ridiculous! Get back to your table and redo it!" He handed the stack of papers back to her. "Don't even think about taking a break until you've fixed every single stupid mistake you made."

Feeling utterly dejected, Kasahara muttered a 'Yes, Sir' and went back to her seat. As soon as she was out of earshot, Komaki let out a small chuckle and stride over to Dojo. "Can't you be a little easier on her? You're not being very princely."

"I'm not trying to be." Dojo looked up at Komaki with a glare. "And don't you remember her interview? The person she remembers is a crowned prince wearing pumpkin pants riding on a white horse with a golden saddle." Dojo sat down heavily on his chair and muttered, "It's embarrassing just thinking about it."

Komaki laughed at the memory. Tired from shouting at Kasahara, Dojo took a sip of water from his cup. His frown deepened. "She's never going to remember me, so might as well just forget about that stupid story."

Komaki stopped laughing for once and looked at Dojo thoughtfully. "I don't know about that," he muttered. He was aware of that fact that Kasahara had known the truth for a while. In fact, he was the one who had comforted her when she was practically on the verge of breaking down. Of course, that was all kept a secret from Dojo.

Dojo looked up at Komaki. "Did you say something?" Komaki shook his head and smiled mysteriously, yet again.

Picking up a pile of folders and flipping them through, Dojo sighed. "At least she won't be doing deskwork for the next couple of days. We do have that huge mission coming up after all." He suddenly looked up, as a thought suddenly crossed his mind. "Ugh, I forgot to remind that blockhead about the task force meeting we have later." Grumbling to himself, he stood up abruptly and marched over to find his absent-minded subordinate.

Komaki just sat down and watched with the ever-present smile on his face. Oblivious people sure are fun.

Especially those two.

*Note: It was mentioned in the 4th novel that Chamomile tea (also known as 'good night tea') is said to have a calming effect. Also, this story doesn't necessarily take place during or after the 4th novel.