B'Elanna Torres was repairing one of the transporter computers when the display indicated that a transport was in progress. "There are no planets or ships in range," Torres thought, "This thing must still be malfunctioning." After running a diagnostic scan on the computer she realized it wasn't a malfunction, but that the transport beam was real and was originating from subspace. She tapped her Combadge.

"Captain Janeway, there is a disruption in the subspace stream and it seems there are," Torres checked the report to verify, "five life signs in it."

"Can you get a lock on them?" said Janeway.

"I think so captain, I just need to make a few adjustments to the TPS converter on the computer; and done."

"Good work Lieutenant. Bring them aboard, I'm on my way."

"Wait a minute captain, I'm losing them. The computer doesn't recognize them as known life forms and is trying to decontaminate them. I need to override the protocol."

As the turbolift doors slid opened Janeway abandoned composure and ran down the corridor to the Transporter Room.

Before the door was even fully opened Janeway said, "B'Elanna, did you get them."

She looked over to the teleporter pads and saw them, five of them, and knew instantly that they were not from the Delta Quadrant.

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Character List (So Far):

Randi - Boy (SoM)

Purim - Girl (SoM)

Popoie - Sprite (SoM)

Charlotte - Elf (SD3 - For the purposes of this story she is referred to as a sprite)

Boi - Sprite, Popoie's Childhood Friend (My Creation/SoM)

B'Elanna Torres - Human/Klingon (VOY)

Katherine Janeway - Human (VOY)