For those who don't know my story, or didn't care enough to remember it, let me give you a brief introduction. There is a group of people in the world by the name of Alchemists. They mainly clean up after the Moroi and Strigoi. Who are Moroi and Strigoi? Well, Moroi are a race of vampires. Hidden from us petty humans, of course. From the time I was born, I was taught to think of them as unnatural and unjust. However, my recent experiences with them have forced me to reconsider. All the Moroi are tall, like runway tall, lean ( I think it might be because of their low carb blood diet ), and very beautiful. They age, reproduce and die. All in all, not so bad. Dhampirs are a hybrid race. A cross between human and Moroi. And then there are the Strigoi. Your traditional Hollywood kind vampires. Pale, and when I say pale, I mean like chalk, with blood red eyes and one motive- to kill. They are not born, they are made. A Moroi can become a Strigoi by draining his/her victim. Or a Strigoi can make the others like itself by feeding them it's blood, usually this kind of Strigoi are forced into existence. I know a dhampir, Dimitri Belikov, who was converted the same way but was brought back by a spirit-user, Vasilisa Dragmoire, the present queen of the Moroi. Dimitri Belikov is one of the best guardians in the Moroi world. The best one, of course, is Rose Hathaway. Dimitri's lover, who had taken off immediately after graduation to hunt Dimitri and destroy him. However, unsuccessfully. She is what you could call exotic and don't-give-a-damn-what-the-world-thinks-of-me person. I had helped her stay away from the court- where the royal Moroi reside- after she had escaped the the jail, on being a suspect of the murder of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov. And what's my role in all this? I am Sydney Sage, Alchemist, currently studying in Amberwood High, Palm Springs, under the guise of Jill Mastrano Dragmoire's sister- the illegitimate younger sister of Queen Vasilisa. And in a pseudo-relationship with late Queen Tatiana's nephew- Adrian Ivashkov.