The Impossible Picture

(Novembers P.O.V)

As my rose red hair whipped against my pale face, I looked across the landscape of a forgotten world with a look of desperation shown in my icy-green eyes. A world where the residence have clocks for hearts, where everybody carried some form of weapon, where the territories were all at war each other. A world called...Wonderland.

My name is November Rose; I'm 16 years old, and on the run. I'm the soul survivor of an assassin attack on my family, 10 years ago, and I've been tracking down assassins that took part in said (failed) assassination ever since. 'Then how did you survive?' I hear you ask. It's quite simple really. I jumped from my bedroom window, on the second floor of our cosy little home next to the 'frosty fog forest', into the home-dug swimming pool in our tiny back garden.

But before I jumped, I did what any child of 6 would do; I took my last glance of the family that I loved so dearly, and as I did one of the assassins rounded the corner of the staircase onto the landing. I don't really remember much of his appearance, but the things I will never forget, is his short deep blue hair, piercing gold eyes and the strange lizard tattoo on the side of his neck. But the strange thing is, he just stood there... staring at me, knife-in-hand and a dangerous aura surrounding him, but still he did nothing. It wasn't until a tall, scary looking man with no face jumped up onto the landing with blood staining his cloths did I turn around and jump. I was close to drowning too, with a horrible burning pain in my shoulder blade; it was very hard to move.

After that, I ran as fast as my legs would carry my into the forest, deeper and deeper until I came across the tall, bulging sight of the Willow tree, that my older brother, Edward and myself made a tree house in. I climbed up the knotted rope that hung from the low branch and unlocked the door, vowing that I would get revenge for what had happened to my family, and reminded myself to never get too attached to the people you want to keep safe.

The reason for my journey to Wonderland is...

LGAHD: Hope you guys enjoyed that!

November: Quit blabbering. I wanna know what happens next!

Boris: Patience is a vertue, Nove. Anyway when do I came in!?

LGAHD: Soon Boris, don't worrie. Pierce, disclaimer pleaze. :)

Pierce: LGAHD does not own 'Heart no Kuni no Alice' Chu~

Boris: Hello, Rat. *Getting knife and fork out*

November: Pleaze R+R before Boris eats him...