Bereavement by Androidfish7

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When we last left off, the group descended into Hell for a final conflict with Shadowis and all of his zombified slaves, of which there are countless numbers of them, Blake has taken out his Mirage 24X White had given him in the past, the greatest gun ever crafted, and the Masters of Color have all taken out their Military Brand FN P90s, and this group is ready for the enormous pack of zombies... Or so they think.

"We need to hit Hell's Crust! That will give us the space we need to do this!" Orange yelled, and the group ran, because the hordes were near them. They eventually reached Hell's Crust, which was 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, but would provide the group with breathing space, as Hell's Crust was wide, and had roon to run. The zombies started into the room, and these were, again, not normal zombies, but the FN P90s the Masters had were FN P90 Rippers, special Ops form FN P90s with Rapid Fire, a foregrip, and a HAM-R Scope, for convenience when faced with a long distance or short distance task. Blake's Mirage 24X was easily powerful enough to slice through the shadow zombies, and this was proven when the Mirage 24X's 250, yes, 250 rounds killed almost 100 zombiesin just but 1 clip, and while Blake needed to reload, the Masters would still be shooting. Orange then got an idea when he drained the rocks in Hell's Crust of all their heat (a power), and now he was really blazing, as he had over 900,000 degrees Fahrenheit of body heat, Orange ran up to the hordes of zombies, and began melee fighting them with his Blade of Anger, and any zombies hit by hit instantly became ablaze, but what the group did NOT know was setting a zombie on fire hyperactivates their cell regeneration system, so it increased the zombie's endurance in a major way. Orange slashed heads off like crazy, and even through the cell regeneration, if the head is destroyed or removed, the zombie is dead. Yellow ran up to the hordes when Orange's heat power wore off, and he electrocuted the incoming zombies with over 700,000 bolts of electricity, enough to kill any zombie coming too close. "Recharging!" Yellow yelled, as he had to run back to Hell's Crust, where Green came in, as he blocked off the door to Hell's Crust with his vines, easily enough to hold off the shadow zombies. Green took out his Blade of Life, let the zombies in and began slashing zombies away, while Blake continued to fire at the zombies with his Mirage 24X, killing off a lot of them, until eventually the 700,000,000 that started were down to just 100,000,000 (after many hours of fighting), and then it got harder, as a massive zombie entered the room. This was considered to be a "Zombie Juggernaut" and was far harder to kill than the rest, and, as the group could see, no other ordinary shadow zombies were coming back. Blake sprayed Mirage 24X bullets at it, Orange gathered more fire and slammed the Juggernaut in the hed, Yellow electrocuted it more, Silver entered and froze the Juggernaut solid, but it did not kill him, as Hell's heat burned through the ice, the Juggernaut dashed towards Blake, who reloaded the Mirage 24X, but didn't have time to ai, as the Zombie Juggernaut tackled him to the ground. Before the Juggernaut could bite Blake, which would be fatal, Green wrapped his vines around the Juggernaut and pulled him away (this took about 25 vines to do so, this thing was FAT). While incapacitated, Blake took an attack of opportunity, as he ran to the Juggernaut, put his sword at his throat, and sliced the head clean off, as an explosion of blood erupted from the spot the head once was, and blood began rapidly flowing from the area. At that point, Shadowis called off the rest of the zombies. "I don't want to have to give you the pleasure of postponing your death" Shadowis explained, and the Masters each unleashed furies of attacks on Shadowis, but Shadowis eluded a thunderbolt from Yellow, burnt in mid air an ice beam from Silver, and burnt the vines off of Green when he tried to whip Shadowis. "Screw tactics, time to show everything White taught me about melee combat" Blake thought, as he charged Shadowis. Shadowis was slightly taken off guard by Blake's sudden range. "Don't you know Blake? I am your father's shadow form, I know what he taught you" Shadowis whispered menacingly, as, using full force, he shoved Blake away, sending him about 7 feet across the ground, straight into a rock wall in Hell's Crust. Scorpio then knew this was where he came into the prophecy, where he had to fight Shadowis. Scorpio took out his Forbidden Blade and fired a Sword Dart of Explosions at Shadowis, but this was merely reflected. "1 shot every 24 Sun Ticks, and this is how it is used?" Scorpio said sullenly, but he would not give up, as he took out his Scor Sword, and rushed to confront Shadowis, as Blake also stood and rushed at Shadowis. "Oh my, 2 birds in 1... STONE" Shadowis said, as a boulder out of the ceiling fell down, and nearly crushed and killed Blake and Scorpio, but what was worse, is Shadowis could no longer be seen. "No! Don't let him get away!" Blake yelled, but the Masters were way ahead of him, as Grass, using Nature's Power, moved the Boulder with psychic powers Blake had never seen, and Shadowis was still there, facing the group. "What? You didn't think I'd run away did you?" Shadowis said, os so very innocently, as all of the Masters unsheathed their swords; they were going to try to charge him at the same time. Shadowis, anticipating the move, put up a shadowy force field to reflect the onslaught, and Shadowis took out his OWN sword, the Blade of Doom, a MASSIVE shadow blade that would more than likely be death on first swing. "Now, you see, thre is a reason I am undefeated!" Shadowis stated, as he rushed at Scorpio, but Scorpio was ready, reflecting a shot from the Blade of Doom with his Scor Sword, and he keep reflecting shots, but Scorpio began to tire, but Blake snuck up from behind on Shadowis, and Green took out more vines, and Orange summoned his firepower, as Shadowis turned to reflect a shot from Blake, and, right in the nick of time, he took out a SECOND Blade of Doom and reflected a shot from Scorpio. Silver summoned in another portal, and his Ice Bird companion came out from it, and it charged at Shadowis, talons out, looking to rip his head off like it did the Giant Troll in the Firelands, but Shadowis impaled it as it came down on him, killing it, while still reflecting a shot from Blake, and then Scorpio. "He does not have 3 arms!" Yellow cried, as he charged at Shadowis, and swung at him with his Blade of Light, but Shadowis ducked and dodged the shot, and turned and tripped Blake with a sweep of his leg, and he raised his Blade of Doom, and brought it down to Blake, but would not get farther, as Scorpio successfully hit him in the back with his Scor Sword, probably puncturing a lung, but to his horror, Shadowis ripped out the blade and tossed it to the side. "Nice try... Petty human!" Shadowis turned and taunted to Scorpio, but hurting him was not Scorpio's intention, as Blake was able to slip away, and get to his feet, and before Shadowis could realize, and Blake had an opportunity at shadowis' head, to end it all, but then, at the worst moment, Blake felt the faint feeling again. He was acquiring a new ability! And at the worst possible moment! But, to Blake's relief, the feeling, and the initiation of the ability only lasted 5 seconds, but this was long enough for Shadowis to realize his error, as he raised his Blade of Doom, and attempted to stab Scorpio. Scorpio narrowly dodged the shot, as Orange ran towards Shadowis, and swung with his Blade of Acceleration, but this shot missed, and Shadowis swung at Orange, but Silver stepped in just in time to reflect the shot. Scorpio rose, and swung at Shadowis, but he expected this, and ducked, and stabbed Scorpio with the Blade of Doom in the leg, and this is when Blake realized what the new ability was. "Ichne Aurti auh mas, light my spirit, and set us free! My soul is I, and I am me!" Blake chanted, which he didn't even know what the foreign words meant, and, all of a sudden, Blake began to flash, but Blake was now flying, in a land of zombies, he was 8 times faster, stronger, smarter, tougher, and, most important, angrier. Blake flew at Shadowis in a blinding speed, and swung at him, as Shadowis reflected the first shot, but Blake was so fast from the new ability, the next shot connected, hitting Shadowis in the chest, but not seeming to effect him much. "Green! Can you try to heal Scorpio?" Marcie yelled. "Sure!" Green replied, as he got out special healing herbs, as Marcie decided to get involved. Marcie came up to Shadowis with the Blade of Immortality, swinging and connecting to Shadowis' shoulder, but again, not seeming to effect him, but Blake was putting a fury of strikes on Shadowis, but, just when the ability seemed too awesome, Blake's sword suddenly lit on white fire (holy fire), and Blake did not even get to control his next move, as he struck Shadowis, on the head, and he and Shadowis floated above by about 10 feet, and Blake started striking Shadowis with 20 times the speed and power (Blake's power before using the ability times 8, THEN times 20). Blake struck Shadowis 8 times, all in various places, and Blake was in control, as a part of his ability, Blake let go of his sword, as it levitated, but seemed to control itself, as it made a Multi Spinning Hit on Shadowis, which had to hurt, then Blake gripped the sword, and slammed Shadowis down to the ground, and as he came to the ground, a mini explosion happened on the spot Blake hit the ground, as Shadowis went flying across the room. Shadowis, after about 10 seconds, stood up. "YOU ARE NOTHING LIKE MY FATHER! MY FATHER DIED SAVING HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY! You, my friend, will die, by the hand of your counterpart's son" Blake stated, as he lifted the sword up to Shadowis' throat, and cut the head clean off. "For White" Blake ended it with. He turned back to his allies, and they were awestruck by what had just happened. "Don't ask any questions, it's over" Blake stated. "Blake! That was incredible!" Silver exclaimed. "Where did you get that from?" Green asked. "No time, we have a man down" Blake replied. "No we don't, he'll be alright, the shadows from the blade knocked him out, but he'll be fine" Green replied. "Only thing I'm wondering is, how was Scorpio the Chosen One in the Prophecy of Light? Blake clearly was the MVP" Marcie stated. "Marcie, may I see that Prophecy?" Blake asked. "Sure, it's in that stack of documents Yellow is protecting" Marcie replied. "Yeah, well, I think it'd be best if we all just returned to our universes and tried to go back to living in prosperity" Blake replied. "I concur! We did it! Shadowis is dead!" Silver exclaimed. "I just NEED the documents back, then I can go back to my universe" Marcie replied. "Here, take it" Blake said, after sprinkling enough Black Magic Powder to get him home, Blake gave the rest of the jar to Marcie, as he slashed open the portal to return to the Heavens.

1 hour later

After Blake had a warm welcome home wagon from Karie, Eustace, Eugene, and, eventually, Scorpio when he returned, Blake was sitting on a couch, watching the News on Earth. It had appeared the zombie contagion in Russia had "mysteriously" disappeared, and all the zombies actually turned back to normal people, so the Olympics could continue. Blake decided he'd put the Olympics on, but was delayed when he got a call on their home phone. Blake stood up to grab it, but Karie beat him there. "Sweetie, you've had a long day, let me grab it" Karie stated. "Hello?" Karie said to the phone, and got a bit of talking on the other end. "Alright" Karie replied. "It's for you" Karie stated, as Blake took the phone. "Hello?" Blake said. "Blake, it's me, Marcie, what the hell happened to my documents?!" Marcie said, freaking out. "I don't know! Why? Are they missing?" Blake replied. "Yes, they're gone, and Silver just called Green, Michael is missing as well!" Marcie exclaimed. "Michael too?! What the hell is going on?" Blake exclaimed. "I don't know! All I know is I NEED the documents, or else it will be even WORSE than a zombie apocalypse!" Marcie exclaimed, clearly hyperventilating. "Why? What will happen?" Blake asked. "Blake, if a human were to read the words on the documents... They would know where the portals to heaven are on Earth, AND, if they see that there ARE Gods and there IS an Afterlife, and Heaven and Hell DO exist, we will all die" Marcie stated. "What?! Why?!" Blake exclaimed, as he began to hyperventilate. "When White, Green, Orange, Yellow, Silver, and I agreed to take the job of Gods of our area, we agreed that this must be PURELY 100% confidential, or else we all agree death is the punishment. What happens is, the gravity in space is altered, so that meteors are directed towards our universes, and there is NO escape! WE MUST FIND THE DOCUMENTS!" Marcie exclaimed. "I'm on my way!" Blake replied, as he put the phone down, left a note for Karie, and ran out the door.

The end...?