It had only been half a year since the siege by Bane had ended. After their big victory, the police used their momentum and returned every criminal back to prison and cleaned up the streets with the help of the people of Gotham. Commissioner Gordon used the help from the military to clean up the streets as the President had declared Marshall Law in the city and didn't lift the declaration until the city was back to form to their liking.

When Gordon and the Cops finally had everything back under control, they realized there was a swelling in their numbers. Cops from all over the nation has volunteered to transfer to Gotham to make sure they had the proper ranks to keep the peace until they could recruit their own numbers back. The country had come to the city's aid and not let them down. Bane's plan to destroy the city's will had failed, Gotham had came together better than it ever had before and was united and grateful for their second chance given to them by the Batman.

While the criminals of Gotham that were convicted by the Dent Act tried to have convictions overturned, Gordon and the DA's office countered by stated that a crazy man trying to destroy a city reading a letter that he claimed came from Gordon is hearsay. There was no evidence to verify the letter was legit, and since it was never found after Bane read it. In the absence of actual evidence, all of the convictions under the Dent act were upheld, pending appeal of course.

Things had been peaceful in the city as even the criminals didn't feel like doing anything for a while. That didn't last for long and eventually some crews started to go back to work, trying to take advantage of Gotham's recovery to make a few quick scores. They had assumed it would be as easy as taking candy from a baby. They thought wrong.

While trying to get away with their loot from a few jewellery stores they just hit, there was a rumbling they never expected to hear. The driver of the car looked in his mirror and couldn't believe what he was seeing. The black tumbler had returned and was right on their tail. The driver was so shocked by the sight of it, he forgot to avoid his chaser and was knocked off the road thanks to a slight bumping from behind. Two goons from the car came out and pointed their guns at the tumbler. They were convinced it was just a cop or some guy trying to intimidate them by taking the fancy crime fighting car for a joyride.

"Light him up the moment it opens." The boss said to his men as he stepped out of the curbed car.

When the tumbler opened the guys didn't fire: the car was empty. One of the goons walked over. "It was on auto-pilot?"

"Then who's controlling it?" The boss asked. Before he could say anything else, the answer came from behind as a dark cloak came out of nowhere and picked up him up off the ground and into the darkness. The two goons watched their boss disappear and for the first time in almost a year, they were genuinely scared. The thought that he was actually back had slowly crept into their minds. When they turned around their worst nightmare had come back and was lunging to attack them: the Dark Knight had returned.

When Commissioner Jim Gordon arrived, he found a scene that was all too familiar to both him and his officers. The crooks were all tied up and nicely wrapped. The only think missing was a bow. The site looked to familiar but he didn't want to tease himself and think that his friend had returned. But the evidence was all there, and confirmation came from the crooks themselves. When being questioned they had all confirmed it was the Batman that had stopped them from getting away. Jim listened to them from behind the mirror as they described the tumbler and the way the Dark Knight had taken them one at a time. It was déjà vu for Gordon as he's heard this story many times before. It seemed almost too good to be true.

Gordon sat in his office for a few hours, drinking some scotch and doing some paper work. He wanted it to be true. He wanted a chance to speak with Bruce and let him know how much he appreciated everything he did for him and the city. Gordon had done his part to honour the second chance in life Bruce had given him and the city. He went back to Barbara and mended things up and brought his family home and did his best to not only be the city's finest commissioner but the best Dad he could be… juggling both jobs responsibly.

After sitting at his desk trying to drink up the courage to try, Gordon finally went to the roof. It was raining outside but he didn't care. He stood there for a few moments, looking at the light before finally turning it back on. The Bat logo shone in the night for the first time in a very long time. Gordon stood there in the rain and waited and as the time passed he started to dread that he had fooled himself. Bruce wasn't coming back and he would have to accept it. He was just about to reach for the light to turn it off when he heard something. A voice called out to confirm his instincts.

"Hello Jim."

Gordon turned around and there before him for the first time since end of Bane's occupation was the Batman. Jim couldn't believe what he was seeing and he let out a huge sigh. "You have no idea how great it is to see you again."

"I'm afraid this isn't the reunion you think it is." Batman replied as he walked closer.

Gordon could tell what he was referring to. This Batman was a little more slender, an inch shorter but seemed a little more toned than the previous Dark Knight. "Then Bruce really is gone." Jim said as he began to mourn the loss of a true hero all over again.

"Bruce knew that the Batman had to be more to the city than just a man." Batman replied. "The Batman had to be a symbol that could live beyond one lifetime. Mr. Wayne handpicked me himself to take over and bring back the city its Dark Knight."

Jim managed to grin a little. "If Bruce trusted you to take over that's good enough for me."

"If Bruce trusted you enough to reveal who he was, then I can too." The Batman walked closer to Jim and removed his cowl to reveal himself to the commissioner.

Jim face lit up when he finally realized who it was. "John Blake?"

"Hello Sir," John answered out of habit. "The last time we spoke, I did tell you there was something important that I had to take care of."

"I had no idea." Jim said as he shook John's hand.

"He would never leave this city unprotected." John said as he smiled. "It took me a while to get used to everything, train for the position but I think I'm up for the task."

"I have to admit." Jim responded. "I was pretty impressed by your work tonight. I actually thought the original had returned."

"Thanks for the compliment." John said with a smile. Suddenly there was a ruckus coming from the stairs as other officers were coming up the stairs to see who had turned the light on. John responded by putting the cowl back on and becoming the Dark Knight again.

Several officers came to the roof with guns out trying to make sure that someone hadn't turned the light on as a prank. When the made it to the roof, the sight of Jim and the Batman standing sit by side was met with shock and disbelief. Jim raised his hands and motioned to the officers to lower their guns. "He's all right, this isn't a prank."

Batman turned to Gordon, "I'll be back when I get more information on what we're looking for. You know how to get a hold of me."

"That I do." Jim said as he watched the Batman jump off the roof and disappear into the night.

One of the officers, a lady in uniform looked back at the commissioner, "Is it really him?"

"It is." Jim answered. "The Dark Knight has returned."