Ever seen a couple that can't keep their hands off each other? Right now, my husband and I were THAT couple. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. Most of the naughty stuff was in private, however judging my own helplessness around him; it was only a matter of time before I kissed him in public. He wasn't much for PDA, of course. He requested me, as kindly as possible, not to go beyond hand holding, or else he'd "run off". I was being obedient so far, but as I said, only a matter of time before I slipped.

I was out of control. This was newlywed bliss! The best part was that it would only get better. The deal would get sweeter. We had a whole honeymoon to look forward to. Having him all to myself since the wedding was great, but I still had to bear with the occasional call from the hospital. Already there'd been three or four different occasions when our "romantic time" (which would be 24/7 if it was in my hands only) was interrupted when there was some emergency in the hospital and he was needed immediately.

One night, I had to sleep without him. I had slept alone all my life, up until the day we got married, but now a night without him by my side just didn't feel right. He felt bad about it too, but it was something I needed to get used to. Both of us were doctors. My internship was almost complete and he was of course a senior doctor. Busyness wouldn't cease. Emergencies would always pop up. I knew I'd get used to it.

But he promised me that we'd always find time to be together and I truly believed him. One reason was because he was honest and sincere, and the other reason was because this was my choice. I fell in love with him and fought against all the odds. Eventually, we became partners and fought to have each other. But mostly, when I decided I wanted to be his for the rest of my life, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I wasn't going to let him out of my sight. I would work on this relationship every single day, and make it a lasting one. Even if we only had 1 hour for each other every day, I would make that 1 hour the best part of our day.

He told me not to pack too much for our honeymoon. Anji made me go shopping with her to buy "Italy appropriate" and "honeymoon ready" clothes. These clothes included lots of skinny jeans, tops and flats.

"All of this stuff is name brand Anji, I think I'm going to go broke…"

"You have a rich husband…he's taking you to Italy, he can afford a few jeans…oh and before I forget…this is your first and last honeymoon…how about some lingerie?" She winked.

"Anji! I still haven't worn all of the things you got me for our wedding…" I blushed.

"You liar! You promised to wear all that…Nidhi…I want an explanation…" She crossed her arms around her chest.

"I…um…kind of skip the modeling part…and just get right to the main act…" I covered my face. I had to spell out my whole love life to explain this one. If only I'd worn the lingerie, or at least lied.

"Anji…I promise I'll wear it…on our honeymoon!"

"Great! Let's buy more!"

I covered my eyes as she pulled me by the arm and dragged me through lingerie sections. "Take his reaction into consideration before you reject every item…"

I got a call from him saying that he was already home and waiting for me. I begged Anji to let me go. "C'mon Anji, please! Lemme go already…I've been waiting to see him all day."

She agreed and I drove her home, said a quick hello to Baba, Dadi Bua and then drove home myself. I couldn't wait to burst through the door and run into his arms. All day, I'd been craving his touch. I wanted to look into his eyes again because as cliché as it sounds, it always felt like the first time. These days, I couldn't get enough of him.

I hurried up the entrance of our house and rang the bell. He opened it and I leapt into his arms. My bags all dropped on the floor. I held onto him tightly.

"Well…welcome home…" He was smiling and although I couldn't see his expression, I felt it through his voice.

"I missed you so much…I'm never going out again…unless it's with you…"

He held my face- the best feeling in the world. Finally, I was staring into his dark brown eyes.