Chapter 11

She was tugging on my hair. I knew where she wanted me to touch her. I pushed her dress higher, exposing her legs even more. Her gorgeous legs would make any man lose his sanity; luckily I was the one with the right to touch them, and beyond them. I kissed her thighs. I was nearing that tempting spot. She didn't have any idea how much I wanted her body. I closed in on it. My fingers glided over her soft skin. My tongue followed the trail left by my fingers. She panted. I could see that she was feeling something she'd never felt before. I continued to touch her where she wanted me. My fingers found a motion which she enjoyed, and followed it.

The more she enjoyed it, the sweeter the act became for me. The taste of her is all I remember, along with her reactions to it. She was getting closer to the edge. I wasn't going to stop until she got there. She moaned louder than I'd ever heard her moan. She was biting her lower lip. She looked so sexy. She was so appealing. This was something right out of my wildest fantasies.

"I love you…" She managed to say, breathlessly. "Don't stop…please …don't stop…" I told myself to concentrate, because a part of me wanted to get completely undressed. That part of me wanted to be in her right now, and wasn't really happy that I was wearing pants now either. It wasn't very convenient, or comfortable.

I continued and with one last caress, her body twisted. She moaned. I saw her chest heaving up and down. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks were glowing red. I stopped. I went near her face and kissed her lips. She looked peaceful and satisfied. I smoothed her hair. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She looked a little sleepy. She smiled and held my face.

"I love you…" I told her. "I want you…all night long…" Her eyes light up when I told her this. I could feel her hand sliding down towards my pants. She turned towards me and unzipped my pants. We got on our knees. I took her dress off. We were both undressed now. I crushed her against me and sucked on her neck. The smell of her skin drove me wild. How could I explain the scent? It was so feminine. My mouth watered. It was soft and delicate and it was everything that made the man in me wild with lust.

We kissed. I sucked on her lips. Her hands were on my stomach and going lower. She didn't have any pity on me. She knew the condition I was in. I pushed her back against our headboard. I wasn't going to let her dominate me tonight. I kissed her collar bone and went down to her chest. I kissed her between her breasts. She was so beautiful. This softness, this alluring delicacy, it wasn't something I could ever understand. I'd never been so susceptible to anyone's beauty before meeting Nidhi. Now I felt like she owned me. She could control me with it. She was the one woman in the world with the power to make or break me.

I kissed the curve of her breasts. She moaned contentedly. My body begged and pleaded with me for some mercy. I needed a release. Everything I'd been feeling had to come out. She put me in this condition, and now she'd be my cure as well.

Our bodies found each other. Our desires met. Our eyes locked and I enjoyed that indescribable pleasure that she always gave me. She was against the headboard. I pinned her against it and held her. We were both sweating. Our movements were frenzied. I was hoping we wouldn't break the bed. I was close now. She was caressing me while I made love to her with everything in me. She told me she loved me again and again. I heard the devotion in her voice. It sounded like she worships me. I crashed against her and felt that sense of release and satisfaction. We looked into each other's eyes. She looked more in love with me than she'd ever looked. We lay next to each other and Nidhi hugged me tightly. We kissed as long as we could, but eventually sleep overtook us both. The angel in my arms fell asleep first. I drifted away soon after.