Final Destination

Destination Unknown.


Nathan Romareo

Olivia Freued

Ashley Freued

Mia Castle

Oliver Todd

Daniel Ball

Charlie McKinley

Final destination: Destination unknown

Is about a group of college students who have planned to go to Los Angeles but one of them sees there train crash and gets the group off then they start dying in mysterious and rather unusual deaths

Chapter 1

Train ride of doom

It was the six week holiday as the seven friends boarded the train to go to LA, it was a collage outing as the rest of the group got on Mia saw something. Just as the train set off the floor collapsed and the front half of the train fell in to the electrical cables running underneath them, Ashley screamed for help as she was hanging from the edge of the second half of the train as her grip loosened Olivia her sister grabbed her hand as they fell they screamed as they where blow to smithereens, Charlie got decapitated as a one of the doors swing lose and fell towards him, Nathan got crushed when a ultra violet lamp that came loose fell on him, Mia herself got incinerated when her section of the train set on fire, Daniel got impaled through the stomach by a flute that a 5 year old child was learning to play and Oliver got killed when he got hit by a second train that was coming the other way. Then Mia gasped it was just a dream as the train was about to leave she panicked as the train conductor took the group off she saw her vision come true.

Chapter 2

Olivia's death

After Mia's premonition of the train collapse Ashley and Olivia saw Mia as they raced over to her to comfort her then Olivia remembered that she had a dance class on so she went to the studio a few meters away, when Olivia arrived at the studio Dante as she entered one of her friends said to her "Olivia we would have been crushed without you it's the big dance off today thank goodness your back." And back at the station Mia realised that the first person to die was Olivia, as the duo got to the studio they raced inside to see Olivia dancing in a dance off they saw the disco ball weaken just as Olivia finished the ball fell crushing her flat before Mia and Ashley could say anything.

Chapter 3

Ashley and Charlie...

After seeing the death of her sister Ashley started to freak out and started to shout at Mia for not saying anything to save Olivia from her horrible death, then Mia suddenly realised that she had seen something like this before she was there at the phoenix tanning salon and at the LASIK eye clinic and she remembered seeing something about a flight 108 to Paris had exploded in mid air, of course all of the events where linked she told Ashley to keep away from anything dangerous so she cancelled her appointment for the hangliding and her hair cut which was probably the best thing (not trying to do another Samantha lane death see the final destination.) because it was every Sunday they trimmed the lawns outside the salon. Mia went to find Charlie knowing that he was the next person on deaths list so she hurried to Charles flat but he had gone to a race track and was sitting right where the was going to be a crash and as she got there she just watched Charlie get obliterated by a flying tyre so that was 2 down and there were 5 survivors left who was going to be next.