Chapter one

A month after the battle of Hogwarts and after all the funerals were over for people that died at Hogwarts Harry was going to meet his godson for the first time. He had sent an owl to Andromeda asking her if he could meet Teddy and get to know his godson. She wrote back telling Harry he could come to her home but also asked if Harry would allow her to keep Teddy as he was her only family.

Harry apparated to the garden of Andromeda tonks' home, he stared around remembering the night he had crashed into the garden with Hagrid on Sirius' bike. Harry wondered what happened to the bike and thought about keeping it. He took a couple of deep breaths and knocked on the door. Then saw Andromeda a minute later then she opened the door for him.

'Mrs. Tonks,' Harry gave her a kindly smile.

'Come in Harry,' she said then gestured for Harry to follow her into the living room. 'Before you see Teddy, can you tell me what your decision is about my grandson?'

'He should be with you Mrs. Tonks, you're his grandmother and a witch, you can teach him and protect him. All I want to do is get to know him and be here for my godson. When I found out about Sirius, it was like I had a family for the first time in my life. I just wish I had more time with him, so I want to spend time with Teddy.'

'Thank you, I thought you might say that, but as I'm sure you know, not many people know what is true about you or not.'

'Almost everything written about me was a lie. I did want to tell you though, I saw your husband before he died. I would have liked to help him, but we realised we couldn't be seen and he was with others who were hiding. They were doing what we were, kept moving about, staying out of populated areas, we thought they would have been alright. I'm sorry we never helped.'

'Don't be because if you did and got seen, then you might not have finished him off for all of us. Ted would have wanted you to stay hidden so he could stop him which made Teddy's life safer as we all know what they thought of Remus.'

'Yeah, I heard them talking about Teddy, they didn't use his name, but I knew who they were talking about and what they wanted to do. But he's safe now even with a few left out there.'

'Both of us can always keep him safe, now I'll go bring Teddy out, why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable,' Andromeda smiled at Harry then left the room.

Harry looked around the living room and thought it looked really nice. He saw pictures all over the place, he smiled as he saw pictures of Tonks when she was young, but in a lot of pictures there was another girl with her, younger than Tonks and wondered if it was a friend who Tonks grew up with. Then Andromeda walked out with a baby in her arms and she placed the sleeping boy in Harry's arms.

'I can see both Tonks and Remus,' Harry gently brushed down the baby boys hair.

'Yes he does have a bit of both, but I can tell you've never held a baby before.'

Harry gave a small laugh, 'No, I've never been near a baby before so I need to learn a lot. So he's about two months old, is that right?'

'Yes, he was two months yesterday. I need to ask you Harry,' Andromeda sat next to him, 'Did you see it happen, who took my Dora?'

'I didn't see it, but I found out later what happened. Bellatrix killed Tonks, Dolohov killed Remus. Another auror saw them both fall, they were fighting together. Why did Tonks turn up Mrs. Tonks, she just had Teddy, she should have stayed with him.'

'She wanted to do her duty Harry, she was an auror and she loved being one. But she knew if something happened to her and Remus, I was going to be here and so were you. But she couldn't stay away, I did try and talk her out of it, but she wanted to be with Remus. So my own sister took my daughter, killed her own niece, but she would do anything for him that's why I haven't thought of her as a sister in a long time.'

'Yeah it's hard to believe you're related. I know you look alike, but you're nothing alike in temperament. But what you were saying about Tonks being an auror, makes me think about my future. I always wanted to be an auror, so I know I'll be in dangerous situations, not like that night, but still dangerous,' Harry stared down at the baby again, 'I would hate to leave a wife and my children with no father. Growing up with no one was hard, not having anyone to talk to. That's why I want to be here for Teddy, being a boy, he can at least talk to me about things if he doesn't want to talk to his grandmother.'

'You never had a man around to talk to, did you Harry?'

'No, but I did have a few times with Sirius, there was just too much going on, so we never really talked, same with Remus, we never got a chance to talk, not about anything personal that I wanted to talk about.'

'Then you being his godfather will be good for him, for more than one reason. You will be there for him to talk to about anything boys might need to know, but you also know what it's like to lose your parents when you were so young, just like Teddy.'

'Yeah, I do, but now it's over and Remus is gone, I have no one left to tell me anything about my parents. At least Teddy will know all about his parents, so he will have that,' Harry moved his hand to the baby's face, 'Oh, does that mean something, because it looks like he wants to eat my hand?'

'He's hungry, I'll get his bottle for him.'

Harry gently stuck his little finger in the boy's mouth then laughed as Teddy started to suck his finger.

Andromeda came back and handed Harry the bottle, 'You said you need to learn, no time like the present.'

Harry nodded and put the bottle to Teddy's mouth who instantly started to suck making Harry smile. When he had finished the bottle, Andromeda took Teddy into her arms.

'Since you will need to do this, I'll show you first,' she put Teddy up on her shoulder, 'See, it's easy as long as you make sure he doesn't fall back.'

'Well it looks easy,' Harry kept watching then heard his godson, 'Sounds like a lot of blokes I know.'

'A normal thing for babies, some are just louder than others.'

'I did want to ask you something though, the bike, what happened to it?'

'Ted put it down in the shed, he thought maybe you or Hagrid might want it back. We found out from Arthur that it belonged to Sirius at one time.'

'Yeah, the night my parents died, he arrived on the bike, but let Hagrid take it so he could take me to Dumbledore. Then he went after Pettigrew before he was blamed for betraying my parents, ended up in Azkaban. I'd like to keep the bike, but I haven't got a home yet, so would it be alright to stay here until I do.'

'It's fine to stay here, but where are you staying then?'

'At the Burrow with the Weasley's, but after the last year, I'm so used to having my own space, so I use a tent down in the orchard. Mrs. Weasley didn't like it at first, but I explained how I like my space and time alone. It took Mr. Weasley to get her to agree and to remind her I'm not a kid anymore. I love her to bits, but she does tend to treat all her children as kids, even Bill and Charlie.'

'Yes, Molly is like that. Tell you what, the bike's safe in the shed, you can look at it or work on it here. It's not like I'm going to need the room down there, that was Ted's space and since he was a muggle, he has a lot of muggle things down there. So you can use it whenever you like.'

'Thanks and about that, there are things I grew up with I would like to have in my home one day. Will it be alright for me to show Teddy things from the muggle world?'

'Yes, Ted was going to do the same. He tried to teach me some things, but I could never get the hang of them, so I left it to him. It will be good for Teddy to know both worlds.'

After that Andromeda tonks and Harry had lunch but they mainly talked about Teddy and the future. The two very different people got to know each other a little, Andromeda finally seeing what Harry was really like and Harry seeing what Andromeda was like and that was nothing like her two sister, Bellatrix and Narcissa. She was completely different to them and Harry found her to be a nice woman that adored her grandson.