Chapter twenty six

After training that morning, Harry sent everyone off for lunch then he made his way down to the ministries dining room and saw Nora sitting with Hermione, Neville and Luna. Harry kissed his wife, then kissed her stomach making the others laugh.

'Does he do that a lot Nora?' Neville asked.

'Always, but it's so sweet. So how was it sweetheart?'

'Tense at first, but I've just had them all training. Hermione, why are you sitting here and not with Ron?'

'After I spoke with you and Nora that day at the house, I told Ron that she was lying, but he refused to believe me, so we haven't been seeing each other since then. He refused to listen to anything I had to say, that's not a relationship.'

'I didn't want to cause problems for any of you, I just wanted the truth known. But I'll just get some lunch, I'm starved.'

Hermione, Neville and Nora watched Harry walk over to get his lunch and a drink. 'How is he really Nora, because he's acting fine?' Neville asked.

'He's okay, but all this has really hurt him, he just doesn't like to show it.'

'That is a lot of food Harry, you are not normally a big eater,' Luna said.

'Working and training makes me hungry, ask Nora. After I'd get home after work, the first thing I did was raid the kitchen, it's a wonder I'm not double the size.'

'That is also due to training, you work it off.'

'That's true,' Harry started eating.

'So do you know if you're having boys, girls or one of each?' Hermione asked.

'We don't know, we decided to just see when their born. But I think their going to be quidditch players, they never stop moving lately and I keep getting kicked a lot, oh like now,' Nora wince which made Harry put his hand on her stomach straight away.

'They really are moving.'

'Do you mind if I feel Nora?' Hermione asked.

'No, I don't mind Hermione, all of you can if you want because it's an amazing feeling.'

Harry and Nora watched as the three friends put their hands over her stomach feeling the two babies move.

'They are going to be healthy and strong, but very brave like their father,' Luna said as she kept her hand on Nora's stomach.

'Good to know Luna,' Harry grinned, 'I'll explain later,' Harry said to Nora who looked confused, 'Luna just has a way about her.'

'Harry, I just wanted to say how sorry I am, we all are,' Bill said as he stepped beside Harry with Charlie beside him.

Harry stood up and faced the two eldest Weasley boys who both had their hands out, so Harry shook them.

'Understandable Bill, you trusted and believed your sister. I know I went a bit hard last night, but I can understand you supporting her over me, she is family, I'm not.'

'You are family and we're sorry Harry, we should have listened to both sides before this got out of hand,' Charlie said.

'Yes you should have, but it's over now and Nora is safe. So is that why you both came in here, to see me?'

'Yes, but we just left St Mungo's. After you left last night, Fleur went into labour. We have a little girl we called Victoire since she was born on the anniversary of our victory over Voldemort.'

Harry hugged Bill, 'Congratulations, tell Fleur I'm happy for her.'

'I will Harry and again we're sorry. Now we'll let you get back to your lunch,' Bill and Charlie both patted Harry on the back gave the others a smile before going over to speak with Ron.

'Everything is going to be fine Harry, just give Ron time. He's more embarrassed than anything else right now and you know why,' Hermione said, 'I might be angry with him, but I do understand him.'

'I know Hermione, but three times he's done that to me, there won't be a fourth. I said to Nora last night, I don't think I could trust myself to get close to him anymore. So even if you two make this up, I'll see you both, but mainly talk to you.'

'Okay, we get that, but now eat, you have to get back to work and you'll need your energy.'

'That's true,' Harry started eating again but kept talking to his wife and friends. When he finished he kissed his wife, 'Please be careful heading home.'

'Hermione is coming with me, she won't take no for an answer.'

'She never did and thank you Hermione, Nora shouldn't be traveling alone right now. But I have to get back to work,' Harry kissed Hermione and Luna on the cheek then hugged Neville, 'I'll see you all later,' Harry again kissed his wife then her stomach before headed back to his office.

Over the next couple of months, the tension in the auror office had finally gone. Ron was talking friendly with Harry but kept it all professional and nothing personal was ever brought up. He even asked Harry how he got so good and finished his training so fast. Harry explained that having Kingsley, Gawain and David all train him alone made all the difference, but he also had those three men on their backs and disarmed every time making all the trainees laugh. Harry even explained that Minerva McGonagall helped out sometimes, then some of the other stuff and he also told them about Minerva being his hostage he had to rescue. When they started talking about that, laughing about what Harry had done to the minister, his former boss, his new boss and the headmistress of Hogwarts, everyone noticed a difference in Harry and Ron's tense relationship, but they also noticed that Harry still keep a certain emotional distance from Ron and they knew that wouldn't change even if he was friendly with Ron.

Harry was again sitting with his wife having lunch when David joined them and the three of them talked quietly why they ate, until Nora groaned and grabbed her stomach.

'Oh shit, it's time, David, sorry but I have to get my wife to St Mungo's.'

'Go and I'll drop by after work,' David and Harry helped Nora stand then watched as Harry and Nora left but all eyes of everyone in the ministry were watching as well because they realised Harry Potters children were about to be born.

After a lot of hours of Nora's screams and Harry panicking, the Potter children were born. The healer worked over the mother then the children before giving the parents some time alone. A few minutes later, she stuck her head back in the door to tell them that a huge crowd of their friends were in the waiting room. So after Harry bathed and dressed his children, he had one in each arm and walked slowly out into the waiting room to be surrounded by a large group of people.

'Nora and I would like you to meet James Potter and Sirius Potter,' Harry placed one of his son's in David's arms, 'Say hello to your godson David, that's Sirius by the way.'

'Blimey Harry, godfather, thanks mate.'

Harry placed his other son in Kingsley's arms, 'Say hello to your godson Kingsley.'

'I'm honoured Harry, so James is my godson.'

'Yep, Luna and Hermione, you're both godmothers, so you'll get your hold in a moment,' Harry smiled at the two young woman then they both hugged him, 'Trouble breathing you two.'

'Sorry, but I can't believe you named us godmother's.'

'Who else would I want, you two are my best female friends and both of you will bring a lot of different things to your godchildren. Andromeda, why don't you go in and see Nora, she's still awake if not a little sore.'

'Thank you but Teddy doesn't seem to know what's going on.'

'I'm sure he find out very soon,' Harry kissed Teddy on the head, 'I'll always love you Teddy.'

'Love daddy.'

'One day Teddy,' Harry gave him a small smile then watched as Andromeda and the little boy walked away before he turned back to his children, 'Just so you're wondering, Hermione is godmother to James, Luna to Sirius. Oh I never told you there middle names,' Harry grinned, 'James Neville Potter,' Harry smiled at Neville who stood there with his mouth hanging open then Harry got hugged and again he had trouble breathing, 'Sirius Albus Potter,' Harry smiled at Minerva who was also with the group, 'What do you think he'll say to that Minerva?'

'I think you will make him speechless Harry, something that has never happened. But congratulations on your sons,' Minerva hugged Harry and again tightly making Harry laugh. Then he watched as Kingsley and David placed the two baby boys into Hermione and Luna's arms, but Harry also saw Ron smile and nod at him letting Harry know he understood, Harry smiled and nodded back before watching his two female friends hold his sons, then slowly they got passed around so everyone got a hold of the Potter children, even Ron go to hold James. Then Harry took his son's back in his arms, said goodbye to his friends then went back into his wife. The family stayed together for the rest of the night. Nora and Harry smiling as Andromeda held her two grandsons but asked for a granddaughter next making them both laugh. Teddy had stayed sitting on Harry's lap as he watched the two little baby boys, but he kept a tight hold of Harry and they all realised he was a little jealous, but Harry was going to make sure his godson never had anything to worry about. Why Harry was smiling at his family, outside, the wizarding world was celebrating the birth of their saviours children, so Harry Potter's name again was being spoken around the wizarding world, but also the name of his children. Harry Potter finally had the one thing he had always wanted, family.

The end: