Hello people of the world...Joking, I mean the people of ! I am back and I have a new installment to my stories! I was in the middle of writing one of my other stories when this idea popped into my head...no...that's not right...Oh yeah, I was on vacation when I was at the beach, the idea for this new story just popped into my head. So please enjoy all you Takumi-kun fans!

NOTE: For those you like ShingyojixMisu pairing, I honestly am not going to write too much but there is no guarantee that I will not write will right like A LOT. I am more of a TakumixGii person. Sorry to disappoint you guys. But seriously I will write about ShingyojixMisu.

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Chapter 1:

In Japan, deep in the mountains lie an all boys boarding school named "Shidou High Class Academy." Here we find the students from wealthy family attending the school. Among those students, there is one student who is a little different; yes, his name is Hayama Takumi. He wasn't like any of the elite students in the school which made him an outsiders to most of the students, accept for one person, his name was Saki Giichi, nicknamed Gii. Not only was Gii smart but he also had the looks. He was also the son of a top business CEO and going to inherit his father's fortune. Everyone in the school knew about this and respected Gii very much. Even though he had a lot of admirers, there was only one person who had his heart and it was Takumi himself. But I guess everyone already knew their past so let's move on.

Now that Takumi and Gii have been dating, the students on campus have heard the rumors; while others got slowly accepted the fact, others grew jealous and their hearts were filled with hatred for Takumi. Many have tried to make Takumi break up with Gii but they've failed so they ended up giving except one person. That student still holds a grudge against Takumi for all the times he escaped from a plan. That student was a kohai from the 10th grade and his name was Tsubasa Kaito. Though he was already popular in his grade, things weren't enough for him. He was a greedy child and wanted a lot of attention just for himself. With that personality like that, of course he would chase after Gii.

Takumi and his friends aren't surprised by Kaito's actions anymore for he and his minions is the only group out to break Takumi and Gii up. Shouzou has made many attempts to report the boy but with his father's power in the business world, Kaito only got minimal punishment. But now that they have a good idea of what Kaito's plans are like, Gii made sure that Takumi wouldn't fall for Kaito's tricks.

Other than a small bullying issue, Takumi was more than happy to be with his lover. As if things couldn't get any better, Takumi and Gii were about to celebrate their two year anniversary together. Before they could plan their 'date', Gii had received news from the board of directors that he had won an award for placing first in the All-State test.

After hearing the news, Gii immediately went to see Takumi in his dorm room. Even though he was in a hurry, Gii walked through the dormitories with grace and calm. Once he reached Takumi's room, he made sure no one was around and then he knocked. After waiting a few minutes, the door opened and there Gii saw his lover's bright, smiling face. Gii quickly came in the room and heard Takumi say:

"Gii, I heard the news. Congratulations on placing first. You are so smart."

"Thanks Takumi. It's all thanks to your encouragement when I was studying. With you pushing me forward, I can do anything," said Gii as he gave his lover a hug. "But that's not what I wanted to see you for. Oh right, where's Misu?"

"He's in the library studying with Shingyoji-kun. Or at least I think he is," laughed Takumi.

"Okay...haha...no back on topic. What I wanted to talk to you was about this upcoming Sunday. You know what it is, right?" Asked Gii.

"Of course I know what it is," said Takumi as he kissed his lover on the lips. "It's our two year anniversary. How can I forget something so important?"

"I know, I just wanted to make sure," said Gii.

"So you don't trust me so remember things?" Asked Takumi with a questioning look on his face.

"No, no that's not at all what I meant. Anyways, I wanted to tell you that we should meet up at the greenhouse," said Gii.

"Okay, the greenhouse. I'll meet you there," smiled Takumi.

After a brief conversation, Gii left the room, leaving Takumi to think to himself. He sat at his window sill, staring out into the distance with a smile on his face. Looking down, he could see the rest of the campus with students walking around. He then saw Gii walk out of the dorms an immediately like moths attracted to light, students swarmed around Gii, giving him congratulations. Takumi rolled his eyes and gave a small chuckle then went over to his bedside desk. Takumi opened the drawer and took out a piece of paper. On the paper it read an address for a cake shop and jewelry shop. After looking at the paper, Takumi put it back safely and hidden in the drawer. He then went back to doing his homework. He was so excited for their anniversary. And the date was drawing closer and closer. What will happen on that day, he wonders.

Indeed...what will happen on the day of their anniversary? Will Gii and Takumi spend another incredible and magical night together? Find out next chapter!