Amity Park. A great place to live, or so the billboard says. For most, it's a nightmare, or used to be, what with the constant threat of ghost attacks and life threatening danger. Much to the relief of many of the citizens, especially six months ago after the near destruction of the planet at hands of their FORMER mayor, Vlad Masters, thing's have calmed down in recent months, and been peaceful, with no ghost attacks.

Well, no attacks on the general public at least.

Danny Phantom, world savior and all around known protector of Amity Park, was being attacked by Skulker, the self-appointed greatest hunter in the Ghost Zone.

"I will have your pelt, Whelp!" Skulker shouted with an angry scowl, brandishing an Ecto-gun from his wrist and firing wildly at his fleeing target.

"Nice rhyme, but I'm definitely not in the mood right now Skulker!" Danny said, flying serpentine, dodging the blasts effectively. "Give me break can't ya, I've been fighting ghosts all day."

"That is of no concern to me Ghost Child, I will not rest until I have your pelt as a throw rug in front of my fireplace!" Skulker yelled at him for the hundredth time.

"You've said that before and yet I'm still here."

"It's a new day, my day." said Skulker

"We've been through this a million attack me I run 'or fly' for my life I get you angry with insults then I do THIS!" Danny said pulling out a Fenton Thermos only to have it blasted out of his hands. "Ok... did not see that coming."

"Prime difference between the hunter and the prey, the hunter always learns from his failed attempts." said Skulker aiming at Danny again.

"Too bad you never do learn." shouted a familiar voice.

Skulker turned back towards the ground to see Sam wearing with the Ghost Peeler armor.

"Ha! Do you believe that your inferior armor is any match for my state of the art battle suit?" He boasted.

"Coming from the same guy who stole a PDA and was running around looking for information on purple back gorillas, I'd say I'm not worried," she said as she charged the Peeler then fired at Skulker. His screams of pain were soon followed by the loud scraping of metal being ripped apart, peeling away and leaving only the small ectoplasmic form. "And now, you're not a threat at all," she said with a smile as she pulled out her own Fenton Thermos and sucked him into it before clamping the top on.

"Whew, thanks Sam." Danny said landing in front of her.

"Happy to help," Sam said handing him the thermos and deactivation the Ghost Peeler armor. Over the last six months Sam got tired of her old look and decided that it was time for a change. Her hair was now shoulder length and hung loose instead of the half ponytail she normally had it in, she wore a black long sleeve shirt with violet rings on the sleeves, and baggy purple pants with a chain on each side. "but seriously Danny these ghost attacks are getting out of control, we've only gone out on an actual date once."

"Yeah and we had to cancel right in the middle of it because Kempler wanted me to be his friend," Danny said then transformed back to human form. One of the up sides of the entire world knowing his secret, he didn't need to find a hiding place to transform anymore.

"Ever since you saved the world it's like every ghost is coming after you." The Goth said in a slightly aggravated tone.

"Not all of them." said Danny thinking of the one ghost 'well half ghost' he actually wanted to see.

"Your thinking about Danielle aren't you?" Sam asked.

"Yeah." Danny said in response.

"Danielle", Even though she was only a genetic clone created by his crazy, sociopathic arch nemesis, he always saw her like a cousin or little sister, but deep down he felt like she was more than that, but could never put his finger on what it was.

"Look Danny, I know your worried about her but she'll come to you for help when she needs it."

"I know, hey you wanna grab a bite at Nasty Burger I hear they added salads to the menu?"

"Thanks but no thanks I gotta go home and get some sleep."

"Why so early, I thought your parent and grandma were out of town?"

"They are but after running around town all day trying to keep up with you, I'm beat."

"The girl who passed the presidents fitness exam without breaking a sweat is beat?"

"Goths don't-" Sam started to say before Danny cut her off

"I know, they don't sweat they simmer."

Sam smiled and gave her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek, "See you tomorrow," she said and started walking home,

"Bye Sam."

Sam arrived at her house, opened her front door and let out a soft, quiet sigh of relief. Not only was it good to be home, but the fact that she had the house to herself made her feel even better. Especially since she wouldn't have to sneak in. As she walked into the living room, she heard the sound of something drop and roll. From the sound of it, it seemed to have come from the kitchen.

Sam felt a quick adrenaline rush as a bit of panic made its way threw her at the thought that someone had broken into her home. Her first instinct told her to check on who it was. The second told her to call for help, or more specifically, Danny. Though she knew it was stupid, she followed her first instinct. Well, that's Sam for you. She slowly crept to the doorway, trying to keep quiet so as not to disturb the intruder since it seemed they had yet become aware of her presence. Sam put her back to the wall, and looked carefully into the kitchen.

The Goth girl gasped at the sight of a small person in the dimly lit kitchen whorfing down any and all food stuffs within reach. from the size it was obvious that it was a child, the back door was open slightly quickly eliminating the question of how the small intruder got in. She felt bad that someone so young had to steal just to fill their stomach, but she wasn't just going to standby while someone broke into her house to steal her food. She reached for the light switch and turned on the light "HEY?" she shouted snapping into her tough domineer then gasped in realization once she saw the little girl in the light. "Danielle." She said walking closer to younger female, "What are you doing here?"

"I-I'm sorry," She mumbled. "I was just so hungry, I had no idea I was back in Amity Park and I just thought this was some creepy rich guy's mansion, I'll leave right now." She said, trying to get to the door only to have Sam grip her wrist.

"Hold it little missy you're not going anywhere."

"Please, don't tell Danny." the younger girl practically begged

"I'm not going to tell Danny but-" she stopped mid sentence and looked at her hand which now had dirt on it "Ugh you're filthy,"

"I had a bath... a month ago... in a freezing cold lake.

"And just look at your clothes." Sam examined the small duplicate of her boyfriend from head to toe. Her hair was a mess with small flecks of dried mud. she had dark circles under her eyes and a number of healing cuts and scrapes. Her clothes were a mess of dirt and stains, one of the sleeves of her blue hoodie was unravelling at the seams, and the pocket on the front was torn at one side. Her red camo-shorts seemed like they were holding up with the exception of all the grass stains and small holes, and her shoes appeared as though they were at their wit's end.

"God, you look horrible," Sam said sympathetically "Lets get you in the tub and I'll see if I can find you some of my old clothes, sound good."

"Why are you being so nice to me?" Dani asked, confused by the amount of care in Sam's voice. "I thought you hated me, besides I'm not even a real person just a carbon copy of the real Danny."

"I don't hate you Dani it's just... " Sam let out a sigh of exasperation be for continuing. "Whenever you show up Danny pays more attention to you than he does me, I guess I was just a little jealous."

"You were... jealous... of me." Danielle said in surprize. Getting a nod from the Goth girl.

"Lately Danny has been a little worried about you, what with all the ghosts attacking him, he thinks they'll come after you too."

"Because I'm his clone?"

"That, or since you're younger than Danny is they might see you as a weaker target."

"He's really that worried about me."

"Oh you have no idea, now go get in the tub, bathroom's up stares and three doors down on the left."

"Thanks Sam." Dani said happily

"Don't mention it," Sam replied, "and while you're getting cleaned up I'll get some things ready for you, there's no way your staying in those rags."

Danielle left the kitchen and went to the bathroom. 'Wow Sam's actually nicer then I thought.' Danielle thought to her self as she walked up the stairs and taking one last glance at the older girl. A few minutes later Dani had settled into the warm water. She sighed with contempt and sank a little lower letting all the caked up dirt on her skin dissolve in the water, as well as letting her stiff muscles go lax. Sam brought her some of her old clothes thanking her parents for not donating them to some thrift store.

Danielle then allowed her mind to wander to what Sam said earlier 'Danny's really worried about me, but why would he be? He knows I can take care of myself, so why worry himself' After Danny got all the ghosts to help him save the world she had always idolised him, in a way she looked up to him, but not in a way a sibling would. To her it felt like it was more than that, something she couldn't explain. 'Well whatever it is, it can wait, right now I'm just going to enjoy my bath.'

later Dani exited the bathroom, fully clothed. "Sam?" She called out.

"In here." Sam replied from another room.

Danielle walked into what she believed to be Sam's bedroom to find Sam dressed in her sleep clothes and lying a sleeping bag on the floor.

"What's that for?" Dani asked

"It's for you," Sam replied making Danielle very confused, "Your not going anywhere especially this time of night you can sleep in here for tonight."

"Wait you want me to stay?"

"Of course, I maybe a goth but I'm not heartless. You can leave whenever you want, but only after you get a good night sleep."

"Well, it would be nice to sleep in something other than a cardboard box." Danielle then slipped in the sleeping bag while Sam got in her bed and both girls let out tired yawns.

"Goodnight Dani." Sam said

"Night." the younger girl replied tiredly before falling asleep almost instantly.

Sam gazed at the form of the small girl with sad eyes. Even though she knew that Danielle was a strong person, she couldn't help but feel bad for her. Much like Danny, Danielle was stubborn, and it was this fact that worried Sam because no child should have to carry the weight the two of them did. She knew that they would always smile, especially when things were tough for them, but she knew better than to believe that.

She'd spent many afternoons watching Danny sleep after a battle, and every time, her heart swelled because she knew that when he was sleeping, he was truly relaxed and free of all his responsibilities of fighting ghost. Sam looked at the sleeping form of Danielle.

'She looks so someone who's seen things that someone her age shouldn't have...' Sam thought.

Quickly wiping a few tears that started to come, Sam smiled at the peaceful look on the young girls face before she too found the sweet embrace of sleep.