Danielle wandered the Manson mansion looking for something to keep her from dying of boredom, "There has to be something to do in this place," looking around her eyes locked on to a door which she assumed led to the basement.

"Well I guess I could find some old trunks to rummage through." She opened the door, walked down to the basement, and got quite a shock. On the wall was a giant flat screen TV surrounded by curtains attached to it a rack full of movies and on the other end was a counter with junk food galore.

"Whoa, thank you Sam."

Casper High

Sam was walking through the halls of the school recognizing everybody but the one person she was trying to find.

"GO, GO, GO" she heard the jocks shout from the gym, and upon looking in she saw the jocks gathered around someone doing push ups.

"You're almost there dude, just one more." said Kwan pushing the person to go on.

"Don't you dare quit on me now after you've come so far." Dash said in a commanding tone. "Come on Nathan you're almost there."

"Go Nathan go, Go Nathan go." the jocks started to chant over and over again.

Even after six months Sam was still amazed at how high the confidence and maturity levels went up because of Danny. For example, Nathan, once one of the nerdiest people in the school was now on his way to being part of the football team. Dash Baxter, who use to beat the snot out of those weaker than him after just failing one of his tests, was now helping guys like Nathan get stronger. In fact the jocks and the nerds weren't so separate from each other anymore, the jocks studied more and got their grades up. The nerds in school stopped thinking as much and gained enough backbone to talk to girls.

"One…hundred!" Nathan said pushing himself up from the floor. The jocks began to cheer and pat him on the back as he got to his feet.

"Hey guys." Sam said walking into the gym

"Hey Sam" all the guys said in unison, they stared at her like she was a prize to be won. After Danny's secret got out others soon followed, like the fact that Sam was filthy rich. With Danny as her boyfriend Sam took her place as queen of the school, which came in handy when it came to spiting Paulina and knocking her bloated ego down a few notches but other times it was just annoying. They didn't like her for her but for her money.

Sam snapped her fingers a few times to get their attention. "My eye's up here!" Sam said sternly pointing to her face.

If there was one thing they all knew it was not to get Sam Manson angry.

"Have any of you seen Danny?"

"I saw him head for the cafeteria a little while ago." Kwan answered.

"Thanks Kwan." Sam said making her way out of the gym.

As she entered the cafeteria Sam looked around until she found her boyfriend at a nearby table with Valerie. Sam wasn't angry to see that her boyfriend was with another girl especially Valerie, she knew there wasn't anything going on between them, aside from them being partners in ghost fighting and the fact that their parents worked together from time to time at Axion to improve security. As she approached the two she noticed they were reading a newspaper.

"I knew he was crazy but I never thought he was that crazy." Danny said holding the newspaper up.

"Do you think we'll ever run into him?" Valerie questioned.

"Run into who?" Sam questioned surprising the two. "Is something wrong?"

"Sam, checkout today's front page story, you are not going to believe it." Danny said handing Sam the paper. After a quick scan of the article on the front page her eye's widened.


Former circus owner 'Frederich Isak Showenhower' was found dead in his prison cell last night, hanged by his bed sheets in an act of suicide, with a note found on his person stating, I'LL BE BACK.

"What!" Sam shouted. "Freakshow actually killed himself?"

"Uh huh, and if he's a ghost now he's probably either still in our world or in the ghost zone." Danny thinking back to what Freakshow was like when he used the reality gauntlet to turn himself into a ghost, but what would he be like now?

"Does Tucker know?" Sam asked Valerie. She and Tucker started dating for real when she started teaming up with Danny.

"Tucker was the one who told me about it." Valerie replied "Didn't you say Freakshow had ghost envy?"

"Yeah, and aside from a lot of therapy, killing yourself is the only possible way I can think of for dealing with it." Sam said rereading the article "You think he might have actually become a ghost?" she asked Danny handing the paper back to him.

"If he did I bet Lydia's never been happier." Danny joked remembering the tattooed ghost lady and how protective she was of the ringmaster.

"Well as long as we're talking about ghost there's something I need to tell you." Sam said thinking now was as good a time as any.

"I'm all ea-" before he could finish his sentence a blue wisp came out of his mouth at the same time as Valerie's ghost scanner. "On second thought it'll have to wait"

He then transformed into his alter ego Danny Phantom while Valerie suited up.

"But Dan-" Sam tried to tell him about Dani, but she was interrupted by a large figure who had phased through the floor faster than anyone could blink, grabbed Danny by the throat, and pulled him down through the floor before he could even flinch.

"Danny!" Sam and Valerie shouted in unison

The Basement

Danny was pulled completely through the floor and held in the hands of a hulking ghost he had not met before. He had red eyes and was dressed in a dark metal suit of full body armor.

"So you are the great Danny phantom, savior of the earth." The new ghost said in an intimidating tone.

Danny struggled to break free of the ghost grip, but it was no use. "You know who I am, why don't you tell me who you are."

The new ghost held Danny high above his head. "I am Breaker, the Ghost Zone's mightiest worrier."

"Wow, and here I thought Skulker had a big ego."

"INSOLENT CHILD!" Breaker shouted in Danny's face then threw him against a nearby wall with great force causing him to yell out in pain and fall to the ground with a thud.

Danny was seeing stars, this ghost meant business. He shook his head and once his sight cleared he stood to his feet and focused on the hulking ghost above him "Okay Breaker, What do you want world domination, the enslavement of all mankind, or do you just want to make life hard for people."

"Long ago I roamed the Ghost Zone searching for opponents that could satisfy my hunger for battle, as time moved on the numbers of my victories as well as my power increased, however the sweet taste of victory turned bitter as none could provide a challenge. Ever since then I have waited in the farthest depths of Ghost Zone listening to the whispers and waiting for a challenger worthy of my time. When I got word of a human ghost hybrid saving the human world from a giant asteroid I assumed that maybe this could be the challenge I have been searching for."

"So what you're saying is you're here to fight?"

"If you prove worthy of my time," said Breaker before he moved in front Danny quicker than lighting, Even Danny had to admit that he was a little scared of the large ghosts speed. Breaker stood right in front of the young hero and spread out his arms "Now Danny Phantom, take your best shot."

"Excuse me?" Danny questioned.

"Strike me with all of your strength."

"You're seriously asking me to hit you."

"Do it, and do not hold back."

"Well you asked for it, literally." Danny said before charging his fist with ecto-energy, reeling back his arm back and delivering a powerful punch to Breakers stomach. Pain coursed through the halfa's knuckles causing him to hiss in pain. "OW, dammit that hurt."

"Is that really all you can do?" Breaker said unfazed by the punch.

'That punch would have sent Vortex flying, who is this guy?' Danny thought to himself rubbing his still aching hand. Suddenly a pink ectoblast past by Breakers face, they turned to where the blast originated to see Valerie 'A.K.A the Red Huntress' pointing her wrist ray at Breaker.

"Is this a private fight or can anyone join in." she said as she approached.

"Thanks Val, but be careful this guy's tougher than he looks." Danny warned her, still trying to shake off the pain in his hand.

"You should know better than anyone that I can take care of myself ." Valerie said standing by Danny's side. He thought it best not argue with her.

"I take it you two know each other?" Breaker said looking at the two.

"We use to date." Valerie said bluntly.

Danny couldn't help but think of when he first talked to Valerie after his secret got out. She nearly lost her voice screaming at him and chased him nearly all over town. Thankfully she mellowed long enough for him to explain, At least until she sucked him into a Fenton thermos and wouldn't let him out for at least an hour.

"In any case, I have seen what you can do Phantom, and I must say I'm not impressed." Breaker said floating off the ground. "This was a waste of time." In an instant the hulking ghost was gone.

"Danny!" Sam shouted as she ran in and up to her boyfriend and cupped his face in her hands. "Are all right?"

"I'm fine Sam." Danny replied taking her hand into his.

"Who the hell was that?" Valerie asked

"Breaker, apparently he's the Ghost Zone's mightiest worrier and he wanted to test my strength."

"Let me guess, you flunked?" Sam asked

"Yes he did." Valerie replied, the girls got a good chuckle out of this, Danny however was not amused

"It's not funny," the girls were shocked by how serious his tone was. "I punched him as hard as I could, even charged my fist with ecto-energy, but it was like punching a brick wall, this guy is defiantly going on the ghost's not to anger list. I just hope he doesn't run into Danielle."

"Actually Danny, that's what I wanted to talk to you about before we were interrupted." Sam said thinking now would be a good time to tell him and from the look on his face she had his full attention.