This is dragonball z and avatar the last airbender fanfiction

Disclamier:I don't own the avatar or dragonball z

Chapter 1 The Z figthers are back!

At the Fire Nation palace team Avatar meet the Z figthers again.

"Goku!"Said Aang

"So this is the world of Avatar."Said Videl

"Hey Gohan who's that girl."Asked Ty Lee

"I'm Videl and I'm Gohan girlfriend."Said Videl

"Hi I'm Ty Lee."Said Ty Lee

"We come here to invite you to-"Said Goku

"To what."Asked Katara

"the world matiarl art tournament!"Said Goku

"What is it?"Asked Toph

Goku explain the story of the world matiarl art tournament to team Avatar.

" I'm just interesting."Said Aang

"I'm the one who want to join."Asked Katara

"Me too."Said Sokka

"And us too."Said Zuko,Mai and Ty Lee

"And me too."Said Toph

"Okay follow us."Said Piccolo