"How can you say that?" her voice was small, quivering just like her bottom lip.

"How can I say the truth? The truth that I didn't ask for a tomboy fiancé whose cooking could kill King Kong and would also beat him in a thigh measuring contest. Or a fiancée who is always jumping to conclusions because self conscious because she is so uncute as well as manly like a gorilla, built like a brick, as well always hovering over me? Because no, I didn't ask for one, so stop getting in my business" he growled gritting his teeth and flaring his nostrils at her.

Her head dropped looking away from his thundering gaze as she absorbed his words. She had just asked why he wouldn't eat her cooking but would scarf down Shampoo's and Ukyo. Now it has lead them to a total argument and now to this; him enraged with a fiery hate for her and her falling deeper into her depression. She bit her bottom lip to keep from breaking out into tears in front of him. While he waited for her to break out of her mallet and mash him with it instead he just heard her mumble a bit of small words.

"You're right, no fiancée like that would be worthy of you" she muttered.

Then she turned on her heel and softly went up to her room and closed the door so soft it almost didn't make a sound. He stood downstairs looking down the hallway she had gone down. Her voice seemed empty almost dead as she spoke those words. He had no chance to see her face before she had swiftly left, but he knew that she was probably really sad right now. He sighed deeply leaning against a wall raking a hand through his hair.

Why did he have to say such a thing? He felt like such a dick now after insulting her like that. He knew now he was going to have to apologize big time and well as kiss her feet and maybe even throw in a servant contract. Looking down the hallway, he sighed letting her have the time to herself why he kicked himself for being such a douche. He cursed under his breath thinking that the mallet to the face was better than the silence.

There she was, lying on her bed crying into her pillow. Crying into her pillow hadn't been an uncommon thing to happen for the past month since the failed wedding. Since the wedding, she found herself crumpling onto her bed in tears falling deeper into her depression. She seemed to be drowning in her sorrow from the insults of her body, the insults of her cooking, and the scenes of Ranma with his other fiancés. How she envied them from their skills in culinary but also martial arts. But was jealous of how bodacious they were; large developments, slender lean legs, curvy torsos, rounded buttocks, even their small hips. How she wanted to have their tall slender bodies and not her small boyish figure. But the worst thing that seemed to be pulling her further down in abyss was the wedding.

How happy she had been on that day. She didn't think she had been any happier in the time she knew Ranma than that day, when she saw herself in the mirror. The only thing that would have completed it would have been her mother there to tell her how happy she would have been to see her youngest married. But when the wedding was crashed and ruined, it was like she was her life; happy in the beginning but then crumbling down into one big mess.

Akane was just so tired, tired of everything. She was tired of all the fiancés, all the chaos, all the fights, all the enemies, all the curses, of everything. It seemed like her life was just going to keep on going on being one big chaotic mess. She had dreamt her life would be normal with her learning martial arts, going to school, inheriting the dojo, maybe having a boyfriend, and teaching class in the dojo. No, she didn't expect a man to come into her life and be made her fiancé. She didn't expect to almost die in her young life, didn't expect fiancés wanting her dead, didn't expect to be kidnapped so much, didn't expect so many enemies in her life, didn't expect to deal with such curses, didn't expect so much drama, and didn't expect to feel this tired.

She sniffled sitting up taking a tissue from the tissue box on her desk to clean her face. Once she was sure the tears were gone, she threw the tissue in the waste basket and looked at her face. Puffy red eyes, red runny nose, tear streaked cheeks; that's what her face was right now. Sigh a small sigh; she sat at her desk looking out the window at the sky above seeing the twinkling stars of the night sky. How she remembered her mother humming to her on nights where she couldn't sleep as her small eyes gazed through the window of her parent's room. She remembered one night where she told her mother she had a pretty voice and should be a singer. She could still hear her mother's response.

"I wanted to be one since your uncle, mommy's brother, is working on being a music producer but instead I chose to marry your father and be a mommy"

How she wondered what it would be like to be a pop star and be admired everywhere. How it would be like to see her name is big flashy lights and hear everyone scream her name with so much love. How it would be like to have people want her autograph, have her picture, hear what she had to say. How it would be like to sing for a living and wear nice fancy clothes and eat gourmet meals all the time. What would it be like to just get out of here?

Her eyes snapped open with an idea. Her uncle was a big music producer in Korea, she had seen some of his music videos on the TV Korean channels with his name. Her mother's side of the family had lost touch ever since her mom's death, when they said they didn't like Soun. With every detail, she grinned at her idea. She could go live with her mom's family in Korea and get away from all this. She popped up from her desk and ran out of her room down to the front door where the phone was.

On her way, she had past by Ranma who jumped back think she was going to clobber him now. But seeing her run past him with a grin he scratched his head wondering why she was so happy now. He could hear her pick up the phone and dial in a number but after that, everything was a whisper. Trying to be sneaky, he tip toed to the front door where the phone was and could hear a bit of her whispers as she had covered her mouth. His ear enlarged trying to hear what she was saying when he heard the phone click meaning she had put the phone down. Think she was going to find him, he hurried off silently back into the living room.


"Hello is this Koga Matsuhara?" Akane asked praying she got the right number from the phone services.

"Yes, may I ask who is calling?" the man on the other side asked.

"Hello um did you have a sister named Sakurai Matsuhara married to Soun Tendo?" she asked knowing she probably sounded creepy.

"Yes and if you don't tell me who you are, I'm going to hang up" the man warned.

"No, don't I'm her daughter Akane" she quickly answered.

"Akane? Little Akane Tendo?" the man asked sounding almost surprised.

"Yes Uncle Koga" she almost nodded.

"Well what can I do for you, you sound so much older than last time but it's been nearly ten years" the man laughed.

"WelI I'm sorry for asking but I was wondering if you can do me a favor?" she twirled her fingers around the cord.

"What is it sweetie?" he asked sitting up from his chair.

"Can I come live with you in Korea for a while?" she quickly asked making a face waiting for the rejection.

"Why sweetie? Is something wrong, your father won't mind?" he asked leaning on his desk.

"Since when have you cared what my father minded?" she asked.

"I was being sarcastic, but why do you want to live with me?" he asked making her smile a bit.

"Uncle Koga it's a bunch of things with a really long story that just exhausts me from telling it, better yet living it, and I want to get away for a while. Vacations already started and I don't have to worry about school for a while, so I thought it would be worth asking" she sighed deeply.

On the other line, her uncle could hear the sadness in her and the exhaustion in her sigh. Wondering what has happened the past few years, he looked at the photo of Sakurai and him. Remembering how much his little sister wanted to be a star and giving it all up for a guy had angered him so much. And now here was Little Akane asking to come live with him. He remembered how much she looked like Sakurai and now he could protect her from a man like Soun. He knew that Kasumi was old enough to have made her own decisions and that Nabiki's scary nature would convince her father to let things go her way. They would be okay, but Akane she was too honorable to go against her father.

"Of course, I'll buy you a one way ticket, mail it to your address, and then you can come live with me" he smiled.

"Really? Oh thank you so much Uncle Koga" Akane almost jumped.

"Just give it a week or so and you'll have your ticket to the earliest flight" he smiled hearing the joy in her voice.

"Thank you so much Uncle Koga, I'll see you in a week or so" she smiled.

"See you" he smiled.

She hung up the phone feeling so happy that she would get away for a while. With a smile she almost skipped to the kitchen to grab a snack when Ranma stopped her. Remembering the fight they had almost half an hour ago, her face went soft seeing his hard look at her. She softly smiled which took him off guard as he expected her to blow him off or give him a snide remark. Not wanting to blow his cover that he was listening to her conversation, he didn't mention it. Instead he decided to apologize to her.

"I'm hungry, I'm going to go get something to eat" she said before he could say anything.

"Here's some money for catering if you want, but I'm going out and getting some fresh air" she continued placing a handful of money on the table.

"I'll be back later" she said before disappearing.

Ranma raised an eyebrow wondering what had just happened. She had just left him looking like a fool as he stood there with his mouth open his apology locked up in his mouth. He face planted wondering how he could be as so slow and let her run away before he could apologize. He had been practicing it while she was upstairs hoping he wouldn't stutter or say something stupid. But now he had just let her walk out the front door without him even saying a single word.