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The Dream Eaters Names
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Hey, Riku."

"What is it, Sora?"

"I named some Dream Eaters after you." Sora commented

"What kind?" Riku asked curiously.

"One of them is the Frootz Cat." Sora informed him and he saw Riku shaking his head.

"I named the Komory Bat after you because your batty at times." Riku said causally and Sora just rolled his eyes at him.

"The other is Pricklemane and I named him…Pretty Riku." Sora said calmly and there is a wide grin on his lips after seeing Riku's expression.

"What?" Riku asked and he stared at Sora.

"I couldn't exactly have two Dream Eaters with the same name because they would get confused." Sora told him. "It would have been confusing."

"Like you."

"I was going to name the sheep Dream Ea-"

"Sora, You mean the Tama Sheep."

"I was going to name the sheep Dream Eat-"

"Tama Sheep."

"Whatever, Riku…I was going to name him Sleepy Riku, but nope I decided to name him…Ditzy Riku!"

"You're the ditzy one, Sora. Trusting complete strangers and-"

"Neku had asked me…Do you trust every total stranger you meet?" Sora commented and he looks at Riku.

"Yes you do, Sora."

"I'm a risk taker, okay..My strongest Dream Eater was Pretty Riku and he reminded me a little of you." Sora said calmly.

"How?" Riku asked while raising an eyebrow.

"When you got a bad haircut!" Sora replied cheerfully and Riku snorted.

"Like you can honestly talk, Sora."

"My hair style is always the same."


"My hair is naturally spikey."

"It defies gravity."

"Hey, Riku. What is gravity again?" Sora asked him. Riku sighed and thought for a moment before speaking.

"Maybe you should have stayed in school." Riku commented jokingly.

"Saving the world and finding you is always going to be more important than going to school, Riku." Sora stated firmly and then he grinned at him. "Besides going out to see the world is a lot better than being in a classroom!"

"I agree."


"I still read books. When was the last time you read an actual book not a Journal?" Riku asked teasingly and Sora rolled his eyes at him along with muttering 'Whatever, Riku'. "What kind of Dream Eater was your favorite link up with?"

"The frootz cat was fun because with him..I get to dance and there is some awesome music playing too!" Sora replied cheerfully and he crossed his arms. "The frootz cat I named him after you."

"I know…You told me."

"Just reminding you, Riku."

"Your such a ditz, Sora." Riku said teasingly. Sora glared at him and after ten seconds jumped him. Riku laughed.

"Stop calling me a ditz." Sora stated firmly and Riku grinned at him.

"You are the ditz." Riku told him, Sora puffed out his cheeks, and he let down his guard. Riku flipped Sora over and he has Sora pinned. "At least I didn't name any of my dream eaters with the word Pretty in it."

"You are sensitive, Riku."

"What if I had named one of my dream eaters…Adorable Sora or Pretty Sora or something."

"That would be hilarious."

"What about Ugly Sora?"

"I would still laugh, Riku."

"What about Slutty Sora?"

"Hey, Riku."

"Yeah, Sora."

"What's a slut?" Sora asked curiously and Riku stood up then ran. "Hey! Come back here and answer my question, Riku!"

"I'm not taking responsibility, Sora!"

"For what?!" Sora yelled and he almost caught Riku.

"I don't know for what!" Riku yelled back.

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