Author's Note: Ok, I had to kind of think out this second part before I typed it but here it is. Thank you for the reviews! I hope you guys enjoy this next part.

Promises- Part 2


I went through the back door to avoid everyone. I needed to go and do this on my own. I headed out to Masijid, or in english terms mosque. It's a place of worship for followers of the Muslim religion and it was only 1 mile away. I didn't know if anyone would recognize me. I was always forced to come when I was a little girl, but once I got older, my parents said my beliefs are up to me. Shocker right?

Anyway, I took my time walking, allowing myself to become deep in thought. I thought of everything. And the more I started to think about it, the more I thought how much of a miracle it was that I hadn't gotten pregnant. I felt like I really needed to thank Allah. Once I was there I drew in a deep breath. I opened the door but to my surprise there was no one there. I thought they would have some kind of service, especially since the door was open. There were tons of stairs and higher levels to the place, but I chose to just stay downstairs, there was probably a session going on and I didn't want to interrupt.

It was dark, only a dim light flickering on and off could really be seen. In the faint glimmer, I made out the statue of Allah and I touched the statue with my hands. Slowly running up and down the statue. I closed my eyes, and I felt in my heart that I was doing what was right. I prayed silently to myself.

Allah...thank you so much. I can't even thank you enough for what you've done. I promised you that if I wasn't pregnant I would come here, and try to be a better Muslim. So here I am, praying to you once again. I'm not saying that I'm going to be a strict and comitted Muslim like most of my family, but I do have at least a little faith in you. It's still hard Allah, but I am trying my best and I hope you understand that.

"Alliah, honey?" I heard my moms voice and I instantly gasped and let go of the statue, my eyes widened.

"Mom, w-what are you doing here?" I asked her, suddenly nervous.

"I followed you here, Clare told me you had someone to thank." She said, smiling at me.

I nodded, "Um, why isn't their anyone here today?"

"There are different parts of the Masijid. Right now, you are in the prayer hall." She told me, and I gave her a smile, "Oh."

"So what has caused your sudden belief in Allah my dear? I am very happy for you, but I am also a curious mother." She said, laughing a little bit as she bowed before Allah. I bowed with her and the tears started coming out of my eyes all over again.

"Let's just say that I'm realizing that a little faith can't hurt anyone." I said, feeling at peace with myself.

"That is great honey." She told me, and catching me off guard she gave me a hug.

"Mom?" I looked toward her once we departed from the hug.

"Yes, Alliah?" She said to me.

"Can you teach me... about Allah?" I asked her eagerly. I wanted to know about him. I wanted to remember the things that I had learned when I was a little girl.

"Of course." She told me, and both of us smiled.

Later on in life Allah helped me with other things. He helped me to see that all things happen for a reason. He helped me to be at peace with myself, and those around me. He helped me to forigve and forget. But most of all he showed me what a little bit of faith and trust can do.