Chapter 28

What to expect.

Cato POV

-"Honey!", "Daddy!"- I was running back and forth in the Kitchen, two ladies were lying in the couch Clove with her round six months pregnant belly and my princess with her sprained ankle resting on a pillow.

My helper and I were in charge of taking care of them, Clove is in her third trimester and the cravings and pains are just starting, since she is so petite she quickly gets tired and her back and waist hurt from carrying the weight of the baby, I still don´t understand how she managed to carry the twins for nine full months.

Claire sprained her ankle last night, she and her brother were playing on the bedroom jumping from one bed to the other and in one of the jumps she didn't fully reached to get to the bed, she started crying and Caden quickly ran to get us; we immediately took her to the hospital and returned home two hours later with her leg in a splint.

-"Look mommy I helped daddy to make lemonade for you two"- Caden was happily taking care of his mother and sister always asking if they need anything else and bringing toys to Claire.

The last months have been an amazing experience for me, now I´m living with a whole new perspective; I have three, soon four persons to think about before thinking about myself, I watch my kids everyday and they amaze me every time they learn or do something new, living the pregnancy with Clove turns to be an adventure, I love her more each day although she is hard to keep up with…

The Morning sickness

Every single day until the fourth month Clove would wake up around 7 am to go and empty her stomach in the toilet, at the beginning she locked the door because she didn´t wanted me to see her but after a while she started to let me hold her hair and hand her a glass of water for her, I carried her to the bed again and she slept for a few more hours and then wake up hungry as a bear.

The Cravings

-"I'm hungry"- Clo whispered in my ear one night, I turned around to face her and took a glance at the clock, 3:30 am.

-"Do you want me to go down and cook something?"- I asked while I rubbed my eyes to fully wake up- "What are you in the mood for?"-.

She doubtfully tapped her fingers in the mattress; I was silently hoping that it wasn't some extravagant food or at least something that we have in the kitchen. Last month Clove swept with every existing chocolate bar in district two, she drank chocolate, eat it with fruits, bread and cereal, we couldn't explain how she eats so much and still be so thin.

-"I want something salty, soft but crunchy like mmm… oh I know I want cheesy buns!"- Jesus, I will have to go downtown to the bakery and wake up the baker and his wife, thank goodness that she is a friend of Clove and hopefully they will not be upset.

I got up and put on a pair of pants and head downstairs quietly to not wake up the twins, the night is warm so I decide to take a walk to the bakery, twenty minutes later after apologizing about 50 times with the baker I am back with a bag full of cheesy buns and some pastries for breakfast, I tiptoe upstairs skipping steps in twos only to find Clo sleeping soundly with a hand placed on her belly, she looked so beautiful with her long black hair falling messily in the pillow, I decided not to wake her up and placed the buns in her night stand just in case that she wakes up later.

The Sensitiveness

Two weeks ago Alec came into our kitchen while we were making lunch and announced that he wanted to propose Johanna, needless to say that we were in shock until Clove and Claire started clapping and jumping out of happiness.

-"Are you really happy? You are not gonna lecture me about how rushed this is?"- Alec asked as he accepted her hug.

-"I'm sure if you are sure, besides I have been looking at you and Jo and I can tell that you are exactly what each other needs"- Of course her eyes became watery and soon enough she was already crying and laughing at the same time.

I also congratulated Alec and the twins swooped on him, asking questions about the party, Claire asked if she would use a pretty dress and Caden was already asking how many babies they will have.

-"I want this to be a surprise for Jo so I'm thinking about having dinner tomorrow and I want you guys to be there, I know how important you are for her along with Finnick and Annie so what do you say?"- Alec was truly enthusiastic, he had that something in his face that was impossible to ignore.

-"You don´t even need to ask, of course we'll be there"- Clo said as he hugged him again, after he left she rushed to the phone to call Annie and they were talking about dresses and colors for about an hour until Clove fell asleep with the phone still in her hand, I took it and informed Annie that Clo was sleeping, she said goodbye and then I lifted my tiny wife from the loveseat.

The next day everything was calm and peace until about 5 pm, I was bathing the twins so Clove could do her makeup and hair, after 10 minutes of talks to get them to get out of the bath tub I wrapped them in towels and made my way to their bedroom, I left them choosing their outfits, or Claire picking for both, while I went to check on Clove.

Our bedroom was a chaos, blouses, skirts and dresses were everywhere I was about to call Clove but I heard an exasperated snort coming out of the walk in closet, I peered and found her trying to zip up a purple dress and I couldn't avoid to let out a giggle.

-"What are you laughing at?"- She looked extremely cute frowning.

-"Nothing love is just that I don't think that this dress fits you any more"- her growing bump was very visible because the dress was too tight around her belly, but it was impossible to zip it up because of her boobs.

-"That's the point! I look like a balloon, nothing fits me anymore!"- She ran to lock herself in the bathroom, she spend about 15 minutes inside crying while I was at the other side of the door telling her that she was beautiful and she looked perfect with whatever she was wearing.

Then she opened the door and looked at me with her big beautiful green eyes filled with tears, I opened my arms for her and she gladly accepted the invitation then we returned to the closet to look for something, she ended up wearing a white cotton dress with a navy cardigan, a thin red belt just below her breasts and red flats, her hair was in soft waves and she looked absolutely beautiful.

And of course she cried again when Alec proposed to Jo, and after she said yes they cried together again along with Annie, of course they were crying out of happiness.

-"Honey the movie is about to start come on!"- Her voice took me out of my thoughts; I grabbed the ice cream bowl and went to take my place at the sofa with my kids and my wife.

The twins were asleep before the movie ended so I took him upstairs to their bedroom, Clove changed them into their pajamas, we took them in their beds and kissed them good night.

As soon as we closed the door of our bedroom Clove started to kiss me impatiently, it tooked me by surprise but I deepened the kiss and drew her closer to me; she was already unbuttoning my pants and I was taking off her shirt, this was another symptom of pregnancy, her hormones were rioting and of course me being the perfect husband that I am I have to please her in whatever she wants.

After Clove fell asleep I continued looking at her, she was sleeping peacefully, then I looked down at her belly and suddenly the baby moved, it looked like a wave and I placed my hand on top of it, the baby was kicking very hard and Clo stirred in her dream, I leaned until my head was at the height of her belly and started talking to the baby, soon the kicking stopped and I placed a kiss on her stomach and her forehead before going to sleep.

Sure it was hard to keep up with Clo and her mood swings and cravings but it was all worth it for the little person that was growing inside of her, its funny how you can love someone so much without even knowing her, or him.

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