Chapter 29

I Told You So.

Clove POV

My feet are swollen, my back hurts, I can barely move, not to mention that I can't sleep at night but its all worth it because soon I'm gonna have my baby in my arms.

-"Babe are you ready?!"- Cato yells from downstairs, I look at the clock in the nightstand God I am 10 minutes late already, I quickly finish my make up and run downstairs, well rather wobble downstairs.

-"Sorry it took me a while to put on my shoes since I can't see my feet anymore"- He looked down at my golden flats and giggled, Cato was wearing a black tux with a pale pink tie that matches my dress.

-"You look lovely as always Clo!"- We were about to kiss when our kids came to rush us and pulled our hands to get us out of the house.

It's a beautiful summer day, perfect for the wedding of Alec and Jo; they decided to have the ceremony inside of the victor village at the garden that's placed right where the last house ends. Caden is wearing a black tux just as his father except that his tiny tie is lavender to match his sister's dress, simple tulle with cap sleeves and a purple ribbon around the waist. My dress was above the knees, with empire waist and a tiny golden belt, and my hair was up in a messy ponytail.

-"I'm so glad that you are finally here!"- Alec yelled at me, he was in the middle of the aisle walking nervously from one way to the other, he looked really handsome in his tux but of course as every other man he was about to faint because of the nerves.

-"Okay breathe calm down, can you do that? If Johanna sees you like this she is gonna think that you are not sure and she is gonna kick your ass Alec"- Cato took the kids with Finnick and Aiden to give me some time alone with Alec.

-"Of course I'm sure I want to marry her Clo, she is the love of my life I honestly don't know what I did to deserve someone like her"- It almost made my cry hearing him talk like that and seeing his so happy; Alec truly deserves to be happy and I'm sure that Johanna is just what he needs.

-"Then come on! Your bride is waiting for you"- He hugged once again and I gave him a reassuring smile.

It was a small wedding with few guests, Annie, Finnick and their kids, Enobaria and Brutus, Mags, Beetee and Wiress which were old friends with Jo and Finn, Alec's cousin Eileen and her boyfriend, Cato, me and the kids.

We all turned back to see Johanna walking down the aisle with Finn by her side, her dress was delicate and beautiful, v-neck with cap sleeves and a deep back cleavage then it flowed in A-line all the way down to her feet. I turned around to look at Alec's expression and believe me it was priceless, he was stunned but after looking at her for a few seconds a wide smile appeared on his face, there was love, tenderness, excitement, happiness and a lot of emotions in his eyes; finally Finnick placed Jo's hand in Alec's hand an the ceremony begun.

Annie and Finn tied a knot around them as they did on our wedding; Cato and I were next so we stand up and handed to each of them half of an agate which is a bronze colored gemstone that we choose because it will reminded home to Johanna, at the end of the ceremony they planted a tree just outside their new house, Jo explained to us that is a tradition back in district seven and the tree symbolizes their marriage, they have to take care of it to continue growing.

-"Well now we can go and celebrate!"- There were tables installed in the other part of the garden just under two big trees that were covered in twinkling lights.

-"Good because I'm starving"- Finnick and I said at the same time causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Annie, Enobaria and I were sitting eating in one of the tables, Jo was talking with Eileen and the guys were gathered in the garden talking as they watched the kids.

-"Where is Brutus? I haven't seen him since the end of the ceremony"- Annie and I looked expectantly at Enobaria, she chewed her food slowly and shrugged.

She tried to change the subject asking Annie about Arielle but by the way she looked nervously at me I can tell that something is wrong. I was about to ask her when a pair of arms wrapped my waist, next thing I feel his warm breath in my neck and I can't help it but smile.

-"May I have this dance?"- I gladly accept his hand and we make our way into the improvised dance floor, Johanna and Alec were dancing slowly, her head resting on his chest and his chin on top of her head.

I know that the bridges that I've burned

Along the way

Have left me with these walls and these scars

That won't go away

And opening up has always been the hardest thing

Until you came

We start dancing slow; Cato places his hands around my waist and smiles at the touch of my growing belly. The song that is playing somehow reminds me of us, we have been together through everything, I was seriously messed up after the games, everyone else would have just pushed me away, but not him.

-"You do know how much I love you right?"- He whispers quietly in my ear, I pull him as closer as my stomach allows me.

-"Of course I know because I love you just as much"- He gently spins me around.

So lay here beside me just hold me and don't let go

This feelin' I'm feelin' is somethin' I've never known

And I just can't take my eyes off you

And I just can't take my eyes off you

As we dance I watch my kids, Claire is sitting in Enobaria's lap they are talking and laughing about something while Caden is playing along with Finn and Aiden; suddenly as if it was a reminder the baby kicks me and I laugh, Cato looks at me and I just place his hand on my belly.

I love when you tell me that I'm pretty

When I just wake up

And I love how you tease me when I'm moody

But it's never too much

I'm falling fast but the truth is I'm not scared at all

You climbed my walls

-"You are the love of my life Clove Fuhrman, I don't know where I would have ended if it wasn't for you, you have given me the most important things in my life"- He was about to say something else but suddenly he saw something that made him pale.

"I'll be right back Clovely, go and sit with Annie please"- He rushed behind one of the houses followed by Finnick and Beetee, as I walked towards the table I scoped to see Brutus walking a few feet in ahead of them.

Annie was also worried and Enobaria looked nervous, luckily Jo and Alec were talking with their cousins completely unaware of the situation. About an hour later Finnick came back and asked us to go to Brutus house as fast as we could.

-"He is scared"- Annie whispered in my ear as we walked our children to the house- "I can tell by the look in his eyes".

I was starting to get really worried, mainly because Cato wasn't here to tell me what was going on, when we made it into the house Brutus was standing in the middle of the living along with three man, two of them were completely strangers to me but I was trying to remember why the other one seemed so familiar; they were wearing suits like the ones from the peacekeepers but theirs were black with a 13 embroidered at the right side.

I was paying so much attention on the visitors that I didn't realized that Cato was sitting in one of the chairs by the fireplace with his head between his hands.

-"Honey what's going on?"- I placed my arms around his shoulders, he looked up to answer me but Brutus interrupted him.

-"Clove, Annie, Jo this is Plutarch Heavensbee he is a former game maker and the current head of the rebels"- I knew that I had already meet him somewhere; he was at one of the balls in the Capitol after we won the games.

-"I'm sorry to appear just like this and from keeping information from you ladies for a while, but this is an emergency, we need to get out of here as soon as we can, gather only your most important belongings, meet back here and there will be a hovercraft waiting for you outside"

It took us a while to process all the information that he said, a hovercraft? Leave? Cato was looking expectantly at me waiting for my reaction. I guess that Plutarch decided to give us more information since we were static on our places.

-"The rebellion has started"-

Cato POV

-"The rebellion has started"- as soon as Clove understood the meaning of those words I was able to see the confusion, fear and panic in her eyes.

Annie looks at Finnick like if she was asking him if this is real, he just nods and takes her out of the house along with the kids.

-"We´re going to pack really quickly and then we return here"- Finnick said before closing the door, it was obvious that he was just as scared as me but he's trying to hide it because of Annie, Arielle and Aiden.

-"Remember just bring the most necessary things and documents to prove your identity"- Brutus repeated to us.

Clove grabbed Claire's hand and I lifted Cade who was sleeping in the couch, she didn't said a thing on the way home, when we arrived she quickly went upstairs so I placed Cade on the living next to Claire and turned on the TV to keep her busy.

-"Clo are you okay?"- I opened our bedroom's door only to find her walking back and forth from the closet to the bed, packing our clothes in a big blue suitcase. She just nodded quickly without looking at me and continued with her chore.

When she was about to leave to get the clothes for the twins I grabbed her wrist to pull her close to me.

-"Honey please, I just want you to tell me…"-

-"Tell you what Cato? That I'm scared to death because I don't know what the hell is going to happen? That I'm afraid of losing you?"- she started shaking and sobbing and I was just able to hold her tighter.

-"You are not going to lose me Clove"- Her big green eyes were looking at me with new tears beginning to form.

-"Oh please don´t pretend that you don't know that they are going to send you in missions! They want us, all the victors to be the face of the rebellion Cato for God's sake!"- She was right and I knew it.

-"Do you really thing that after all we've been through I'll just let you alone like this? Well I'm offended because I won't and I won't let anything happen to you or our kids, I'm sorry Clo I know this is hard but I rather do this than bear to look how my kids grow in a place like this"- As soon as I finished talking she places her lips on mines and we share a kiss that means more than all the words that we could possibly tell right now.

When we get to Brutus house everyone is already there, as soon as we arrive they immediately start to get us into the hovercraft, the trip to district 13 is long, Clove and the twins are fast asleep just like Annie and Aiden, Finnick is looking out the window while Johanna and Alec are taking care of Arielle.

-"Are we there yet?"- My son asks with raspy voice as he rubs his tired eyes, I sit him on my lap and he rests his head on my chest.

-"We're almost there Cade, are you hungry? Do you want something?"- he shakes his head and straightens to face me.

-"Where are we going daddy? Why are we leaving home?"- A lump down my throat makes it hard for me to answer his question.

-"Because it's safer in district 13 Cade, and right now we all need to be safe, do you know why is safer over there?"- he shrugs- Because the city is underground, you'll see many many years ago there was a war against bad people, at the end of that war district 13 was destroyed with bombs, we all tought that they disappeared but through the years without anyone knowing they built the city again underground to be safe and hide from the bad people"- My son nodded, happy with the explanation and slowly closed his eyes again.

About an hour later we arrived to 13, as soon as we stepped out of the hovercraft a group of agents took us down to an office where Alma Coin and Plutarch Heavensbee are already waiting for us.

-"Welcome victors to district 13, we are glad that you are safe and we'll do our best to protect you from the Capitol, in her you will have food, clothes, medical aid and a place to live but as a payback we expect you to support us in the rebellion"- she looked at each of us as she spoke- "Of course miss Clove Fuhrman is excused as well as miss Annie Cresta, but the rest of you will start training tomorrow you may go to your dorms right now".

Nobody added another word and we headed to our assigned rooms, Finnick and his family were in the room next to ours, Jo and Alec were in front, Enobaria, Brutus, Mags, Beetee and Wiress were one floor above us.

The kids helped to unpack and about two hours later we finished, the room was good sized, there was a bed for me and Clo, two little ones for the twins, a couch, a little fridge, microwave, two small nightstands with lamps and a wardrobe. That first night we all slept together in one bed.

-"Clo you have an appointment with the doctor later today"- Enobaria informed one morning when we were eating breakfast, we had been here for almost a week now.

-"That's okay but why?"- Clo was eating her breakfast rapidly as if the food was going to run out of the plate.

-"They want to be sure that you and the baby are healthy, after all you aren't to far from the 36 weeks dear and Cato you are dismissed from training today so you can go with her"- When we finished we took the twins with Annie, she offered to watch them while we were with the doctor.

We arrived to the medical area and a nurse took Clove's vital signs, then she wrote something in a sheet of paper and told us that the doctor will be back soon.

-"Cato and Clove Ludwig"- someone called a few minutes later, a middle aged man poked his head out of the consulting room, he was tall with black hair and brown eyes.

-"Doctor Aurelius! It's so good to see a familiar face here!"- Clove exclaimed as we made our way into the room.

-"Well is a good thing that I know about you and you baby already, you are about 30 weeks right?"- she nodded- "We'll let's take a look shall we?"-.

She lay in the examination table and pulls up her green blouse, her belly is big and round, the doctors put on some kind of gel on it and then slides the device around until our baby appeared on the screen.

-"Here it is, as you can see the legs, arms and tips are complete now, the heartbeat seems just fine and the weight and height is the right one for 30 weeks"- I squeezed her hand gently as we looked at our baby.

-"Now do you want to know if it's a girl or a boy?"- asked and Clove looked teasingly at me.

-"My husband here is a hundred percent sure that is a girl"- I rolled my eyes at her, call it paternal instinct but I'm sure that we're having a girl.

-"Well why don't we find out now?"- We both nodded at the doctor and he started sliding the device once again until he found what we were looking for.

-"Clove, Cato congratulations you guys are having a girl!"- I jumped, yelled and almost dance from the emotion; I'm going to have another princess to spoil.

-"I told you so honey, I told you so"- I teased her as I leaned to give her a quick kiss.

-"Now we only have to decide between your top five choices for her name honey"- The doctor give her vitamins and told us to come back in two weeks to check on them.

As soon as we arrived to the dorm we informed to everyone that we were having a girl, Johanna and Finnick started teasing Claire about her not being the only girl anymore, but my princess told them that she was happy to have a little sister to play with, we were talking about names and stuffs when Plutarch assistant knocked at the door.

-"I'm sorry to interrupt but Mr. Heavensbee wants to see Mr. Odair and Mr. Ludwig in his office right now"-

-"What for?"- Finnick asked as he hugged Annie tightly.

-"He wants to talk about your first mission, is urgent, you will have to be ready and trained to go to the Capitol in one month"-

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