Well hello to all of you! I know it´s been a while since the last time that I updated How I´d Wish and first of all I want to apologize with all of you guys, I´ve been crazy with school this past months and I haven´t been able to even sleep decently but now I can finally say that I made it! I finished my first semester of med school!

This vacations I plan to finish all of the things that I left because of school and of course this story i son top on my list, you won´t believe me but just this past week I was able to read a ton of PM´s that you guys sent me and I was so excited to know that you are still following me and asking for an update

SOOOOOOOO! *drums please*

The epilogue will be up by next weekend and it is going to be amazing to make it up for this months of waiting

Let me know what you think pretty please!

All my love