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Amity park

"Well I got those two back together, and destroyed the portable ghost portal. Hopefully Paulina is alright now." Danny thought as he flew towards the knocked out Paulina.

'Good she is ok. Now all I need to do is take her to her home before she wakes up, and I am… Oh great she is waking up. Hopefully she doesn't remember anything.' Danny thought before he spoke.

"Hi do you know who I am by any chance?" Danny asked the conscious Latina girl only for her to wrap her arms around him and begin a make out session.

The kiss lasted for about a minute before Paulina released him from her kiss.

"Sure you are the one who saved me from those ghost police. I am guessing you saved me twice now Danny Fenton." Paulina said causing Danny to gulp.

'Oh great she knows my secret. I was so hoping that she didn't have this knowledge. How am I going to handle this?' Danny asked himself.

"The last thing I remembered was looking in the mirror at myself with Star by my side and then it went blank with the exception of a clear image of you turning into the one who saved me. So tell me Danny what has been going on between now and then?" Paulina asked.

'I guess the truth is the only thing that can help me here since she knows my secret.' Danny thought to himself before he spoke.

"I am not going to lie to you. Paulina you were overshadowed by a ghost from the ghost zone. When this happened she was using me to make her boyfriend jealous by using your body to hide in while dating me. I recently convinced her that she still loved her ex, and she is with him now." Danny answered.

"Ok Danny, there is one thing that I won't undo that she did, and that is having you as a boyfriend. I know you desire me more then anyone in the school, and believe it or not, I find myself being so into you. Well your ghost half, but now that I know that the personally that comes with him is you I can accept you as well." Paulina said just before she push Danny up against a tree before once again starting a make out session with Danny.

'Oh god I can so get used to this. Paulina actually wants me willingly without being overshadowed, and I have always wanted her. Can this day get any better?' Danny asked as he began to kiss back only to fall to the ground with Paulina on top of him.

Paulina still feeling in the mood for romantic went back in for another make out session only to be interrupted by Danny best friends Sam and Tucker.

"Oh great we have company Danny, I was so hoping that we could get past first base, but I guess it will have to wait." Paulina said in a disappointed tone.

"Danny, why are you making out with a Kitty possessed Paulina? Don't tell me you fallen in love with a dead girl!" Sam hissed causing Tucker to frown.

"How do you know that Kitty is still overshadowing Paulina Sam? For all we know that could really be Paulina." Tucker said causing Sam to frown.

"Last I checked Paulina doesn't like Danny. Last time she did anything like this with him she was using him to get to me." Sam said remembering the school dance.

"Ok Goth geek, One I am not being overshadowed by a ghost, and two you interrupted my make out session with my new serious boyfriend!" Paulina said causing Sam a momentary shock before the green eyed monster came out.

"I don't know what your game is Paulina, but if you do or say anything to hurt Danny there will be nowhere you can hide from me!" Sam said in a threatening tone.

"I don't care what you think about me or my actions Goth geek. All you need to know is that Danny is mine, and I am not going to let him go." Paulina replied in her normal tone.

"Danny while we all know Paulina is queen b of the school, just be careful to not get stung." Tucker said causing Sam to face palm herself for the lame joke.

'I know that Goth geek has eyes for Danny, heck everyone other Danny can see that. Well time to show you what happens when you mess with the queen b.' Paulina thought to herself just before she once again decided to put Danny's lips to use again.

'If this is a dream I don't ever want to wake up. I can so get use to making out with Paulina as much as Kitty and Johnny 13 do. Now if this is what it is like to get stung I wouldn't mind getting stung a time or two or three.' Danny thought as he once again began to kiss back causing Tucker and Sam to feel jealously but in different ways.

'Even if she is most likely trying to use him I wouldn't mind being used like that myself.' Tucker thought to himself.

'She is now doing this to piss me off. Well guess what it worked!' Sam thought as her face became redder then a ripe tomato.

"Sam I think we should leave the two 'love birds' alone for now." Tucker said while dragging Sam a safe distance from the two before saying, "Don't worry when Paulina shows her true colors Danny will leave her, and we will be back as the three musketeers."

"I still wish that Danny could see through whatever scheme she is planning before he in your own words gets stung." Sam said in a jealous tone.

"Sam you really need to admit your feelings to Danny. He is completely clueless, and I will tell you 9 times out of 10 if a attractive female comes up to him and asks him out he isn't going to reject them." Tucker said stating the obvious.

Back with Paulina and Danny

"Wow I am the luckiest guy in the world." Danny said only for Paulina to put her finger on his lips.

"Yes you are Danny. Now I can't wait to tell everyone I am dating the ghost boy." Paulina said only for Danny to speak up.

"Paulina you can't do that. If you tell everyone I will have to leave you and not of my own will." Danny said causing Paulina to frown.

"Why would you have to leave me Danny? Besides if I tell everyone the truth about you, you won't have to worry about getting picked on my Dash, and the other jocks." Paulina replied.

"It would also mean that my enemies would try to get to me through you Paulina. I can't let that happen. It would also mean that every ghost hunter in town will try to capture me, and turn me into a lab experiment. Remember I am now public ghost enemy number one." Danny said causing Paulina to sigh. "That leads me to another thing. I know you don't like them all that much, but could you please try to be nicer to my friends, or at the very least don't say anything mean to them at all? As you can tell, Sam isn't your biggest fan."

"I know Danny, and I don't care if she doesn't like me. So for the sake of you Danny, I won't say anything to them since I know I won't be able to be nice to them." Paulina answered. "Danny, would you walk me home, please?"

"I would be glad to Paulina." Danny said as they packed up the remains of the picnic, and began to walk back to Paulina home.

On their way back, Paulina saw out the corner of her eye Sam, and Tucker spying on them, so at this moment she grabbed Danny's arm and placed it around her hourglass waist while snuggling into Danny's chest while walking with him.

"Tucker best friend or not, I am going to rearrange his girlfriends anatomy!" Sam hissed giving Paulina the exact reaction she wanted.

'Danny you are walking on pretty thin ice here and hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.' Tucker thought to himself as he watched Paulina and Danny walk out of the park.

Stage out

I wrote this one since I had to remove my other Danny/Paulina fanfiction from this site due to the story purges. This one will stay rated T and won't go M for that purpose. Also it will be following some of the event of the seasons with a small twist on them. R and R people.