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In a galaxy far far away, deep in the Outer Rim laid a planet named Rekkiad. This frozen, terrestrial planet represented the bane of all life. It allowed no native life to survive and it plagued foreign life with a vast variety of challenges, each one having the potential to be deadly. Far to the north of the equator were two towering spires of ice, each appearing as if crafted by artisans. Known to the True Sith living in the nearby systems as the Twin Spears, they held the location of the tomb of Dramath the Second, a long dead Sith Lord. Ever since its creation, it has only been breached once by a pair of men about to make their reappearance onto the galactic stage. Today, it was opened once again by two men, one who happened to be one who came before.

Inside the crypt of the tomb stood two men. One, the older, had graying black hair and steel eyes mounted on a head that looked like it was carved from beskar. He stood taller than his companion and his expression revealed nothing about the man's thoughts. His features, scars and all, betrayed the veteran warrior, the Mandalorian that he was. His armor was adorned with dents and scratches, and the heavy blaster he carried like a mere blaster rifle demonstrated his strength.

The other, however, completely outdid his companion's appearance. He was shorter than his companion and his muscles were not as defined. However, his apparel was where he triumphed over his companion. He was completely adorned in black and blood red armor, its metal plates looking pristine despite its age. It was the ultimate suit of armor, drawing from Echani, Republic, Mandalorian, Sith, and Rakatan designs, just how its user had wanted it to be. Multiple lightsabers hung from the man's waist, betraying his capability to use the force. His face was covered with a mask of similar colors, salvaged off the ruin that was known as Cathar. If one could looked beyond the mask and see the man's face, they would see the intense focus, the utter determination the man put behind his every action. People had claimed that he looked like the Dark Lord that had supposedly died a couple years back. It was ironic to the man, because he was that very Dark Lord.

Darth Revan, the Revanchist, former Supreme Commander of the Republic Fleet, former Jedi Knight, Dark Lord of the Sith, the Lord of Revenge and the Prodigal Knight, approached the crypt of the tomb, his steps echoing throughout the enclosed space. As he reached the coffin, his right hand slid out and moved to Revan's right, calling upon the Force in order to open the coffin before him. The coffin complied, silently opening and revealing its contents to Revan.

Revan could feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction as his remaining memories come back to him, memories stolen from him by the worthless Jedi Council. He saw himself, a much younger and headstrong version; approach the very same crypt he stood over now. As Revan watched, he saw himself deposit an old steel helm that represented the pinnacle of Mandalorian craftsmanship. To most members of the galaxy, that was all it was, an old helm only worthy enough to be displayed in a museum. To any Mandalorian though, it displayed who was the leader of their people, the one who would defend their customs and traditions against encroachment from anyone who dared to mess with them. It had been lost for years, last seen when Revan himself took it from the corpse of Mandalore the Ultimate. And today, Revan was bestowing it to its next successor.

Canderous Ordo, Mandalorian General, stood stiffly as Revan approached the warrior, helm in hand. As he came closer, Canderous couldn't help but marvel at the sight Revan portrayed. He actually look like the Devil himself, the man who would come down and punish all that stood in the way of galactic stability, mainly the corrupt weak. Canderous could remember the absolute power that Revan possessed as he stood over the headless corpse of Mandalore the Ultimate. All Mandalorians that day saw Revan as the personification of battle, the pure essence of war contained in one person. They called him Revan the Butcher. The name fit.

"Canderous Ordo, General of Clan Ordo, kneel." Revan spoke, his voice mechanically distorted by the vocalizer in his mask. Never taking his eyes off Revan, he did so, slowly lowering himself into a kneeling position.

"As of today, I hereby, as the killer of Mandalore the Ultimate and therefore heir to the title of Mandalore, grant you the helm of Mandalore and name you Mandalore the Preserver! Rise, Mandalore, and take the helm that is rightly yours."

Canderous stood back up and accepted the helm from Revan's hands. As he held it, Canderous unconsciously noticed all the scratches and dents that the mask had, each one with a history of its own. He could feel a sense of awe bubble inside him. This was the icon of Mandalore, first worn by Mandalore the First. Every Mandalore had worn this mask, and now it was his. Canderous slowly lifted the helm and placed it over his head, hiding his old features behind a mask of steel. As the environmental seals connected and sealed Canderous inside his armor, he slowly began to chuckle, a noise amplified by the mask's voice recorder.

"I think things are going to get real interesting in the galaxy, Revan." Canderous, now Mandalore the Preserver, replied. He could swear that behind the blood red mask Revan was smiling too.

"As if it didn't when I retook control of the Sith." Revan replied, a false jovial tone lacing his words. He gestured to Canderous and began to walk toward the exit. "We have work to do, Mandalore. Work that needs to be done by the likes of you and me if the galaxy is going to survive the coming years." He turned back to Canderous, who wasn't moving, as he reached the exit of the crypt.

"Something wrong?" Revan inquired.

"Just wondering what comes next." Canderous said, turning his body to face Revan. "The Republic is practically dead, has been since you retook control of the Star Forge. Yet you never attacked the Republic's infrastructure, even if it would of helped you conquer the Republic. You needed it for something; something that was to occur after you conquered the Republic. What was…"

He was cut off by the crypt's door suddenly opening, revealing a humanoid figure. The figure was armored in rust colored plating and stood much taller than the shorter Revan standing next to it. Red photoreceptors emitted from the droids head, adding an element of deadliness to the being. To the common person, it was the personification of death, an instrument of chaos. It was ironic, for that was what the droid loved to do the most.

"Speedy Salutation: Hello, Master. Something has happened."

Revan turned to the Droid and replied, "Of course something did. Nothing ever goes right. What happened, HK?

"Response: The Lightning has detected Republic meatbags emerging from hyperspace. Estimates put the enemy force at fifteen meatbag ships, Master. An interdictor was also spotted. The captain is asking for orders. Can you have him order me to kill something, master? I haven't terminated any meatbags for such a long time" HK-47 responded.

Revan stood silently, his mind rapidly processing the available options. He only had a measly five ships; Revan wasn't expecting the Republic to find him here while he obtained Mandalore's helm for Canderous. And being outnumbered three to one with an enemy interdictor preventing him from running?

"Tell him to form a defensive phalanx around my flagship while I return to the fleet. Tell them to do power up all systems, but not provoke the Republic fleet. I need to be the one giving the orders if we are going to get out of this mess alive," he responded.

Revan quickly motioned for the two to follow him as he left the crypt, heading for the small shuttle outside the tomb. Canderous and HK-47 followed, thoughts of battle and carnage already circulating through their brains/processors. They couldn't wait to crack some Republic heads and both wondered how the coming fight would progress.

As for Revan, he already knew that the next few hours were not going to be pleasant in the least bit.

Far above the surface of Rekkiad, Admiral Allian Thrantos stood aboard the Republic Ship Prosecutor, silently observing the small Sith fleet already mobilizing to their presence. Surrounding her were dozens of navy officers completing their duties, their features showing their intense fear, yet determination for the battle ahead.

Thrantos's eyes drifted to a certain Sith vessel parked behind the other four. It appeared to be a standard Sith Interdictor, one of the thousands being produced by the Star Forge now. However, one could easily see the additional armaments and defensive modifications that marked that ship as the Reclaimer, Darth Revan's flagship.

She couldn't believe the intelligence was right. Days ago, a defector from the Sith Empire reported that Revan would be visiting this world and was only bringing four other ships with him on some secret task. Intelligence was almost sure that the information was a trap, but the brass refused to let a chance to take down Revan go to waste. She was assigned to take fifteen ships with her and kill Revan if he was indeed there. Apparently, the bastard was.

Thoughts of Revan's actions caused her to clench her fist with fury. He should have died when the late Darth Malak betrayed him. When the news had come, the Navy had rejoiced for a time, glad that the conqueror had met his match. Thrantos should of known it was too good to be true when they discovered the source of the Sith's power and launched an assault to take it down. The Republic had expected a lot of different scenarios to occur at that battle, but it wasn't even considered that Revan would miraculously reappear, with a fallen Bastila at his side, and regain control of the Sith Empire. The Republic was crushed, leaving it defenseless from the soon to follow Sith counterattack, with Revan and Bastila's Battle Meditation at its forefront.

After that devastating defeat, Intel had projected figures that the Republic would fall within a month if Revan was not taken down. If Revan was, the resulting power vacuum would allow the Republic to catch its breath and be able to prepare for the battles to come.

"Admiral, Captain Galligan of the Justice on the line," the comm. Officer called out as she was shaken from her stupor. She nodded to the officer and said, "This is Thrantos, go ahead." A hologram sputtered to life, revealing a male human in his lower forties. His black skin was matted with sweat and a look of nervousness was evident on his face.

"We have visual confirmation of the enemy fleet. The Reclaimer has been identified as the ship in the rear of the formation. The other four ships are forming a defensive phalanx around it. One more note, intercepted communications suggest that Darth Shan is also present aboard the Reclaimer. Orders?"

One of Thrantos's eyebrows rose at his statement. It would be much harder to take down the small fleet in front of her with Bastila's battle meditation thrown in. However, the possibility of taking down both Revan and Bastila in one swoop was too good to pass up. She needed to move quickly if she didn't want Bastila to be a problem.

"Tell the Gatekeeper to turn on its gravity well generators to full power. Tell the rest of the ships to surround the ships and prevent them from getting away and fire when they get into position. I do not want Revan or Bastila leaving this battlefield alive, do you understand?"

Galligan nodded and replied, "Of course, ma'am." The hologram winked off.

Thrantos turned to her crew and yelled, "You heard me! Get this ship moving. We only have a short time before Bastila starts using her Battle Mediation!" The crew around jumped into action, their minds abandoning any whims or concerns.

They had a Dark Lord to kill.

"Sir, Republic forces are surrounding the fleet! Enemy Interdictor has powered up their gravity well generators! We aren't going anywhere!" A young Sith lieutenant yelled, his anxiety beginning to take control of him as he began to shake. The rest of the bridge crew gave him funny looks, but kept their silence as a fist solidly planted itself right on the right cheek of the offending lieutenant.

Standing over the now prone lieutenant was a man in his late thirties. His blue Sith uniform was adorned with metals, showing his military skill. The bars of the rank of Captain rested on his right shoulder. His features look like they were chiseled from stone and his dark eyes betrayed no emotions. He looked down at the lieutenant with an expression of scorn forming on his face.

"YOU ARE WEAK! A true Sith would never act the way you just have, let alone one of the Lord's bridge crew. Get out of my sight!" Captain Eldric Dominic screamed. He watched as the lieutenant slowly whimpered and left the bridge, the shame clearly boiling off his body. He turned to face the rest of the bridge crew.

"Any more questions?" He whispered, and nothing moved.

He waited a couple seconds and nodded. He continued, "Get Revan up here as soon as he docks. He'll think of a way to get us out of this. Get Darth Shan up here to. Let's move, people!"

The bridge turned and resumed their duties, and Dominic didn't have to wait long for someone to say, "Revan has docked and is on his way to the bridge along with the Mandalorian and his droid. Darth Shan is almost here." Dominic opened his mouth to reply right as the door to the bridge opened, and Darth Shan walked onto the bridge.

She was not tall, shorter than Revan. Her body was thin and lithe, perfect for the type of warrior she was. Her brown hair was shoulder length and her grey eyes looked like violent thunderstorms. She was attired in the classic clothes of a Sith Master, and a lightsaber dangled from her waist.

She approached Dominic, her steps silent to the unassisted ear. Her eyes never left Dominic's own and she stopped only a few feet away from Dominic.

"What is the status of the fleet, Captain? And why have you summoned me here? I should be below decks using my battle meditation," She said. Her voice projected sweetness, but barely concealed annoyance.

"The fleet has formed the defensive perimeter, just as Lord Revan ordered. The Lighting, Guardian, Convergence and the Indomitable report systems at 100% effectiveness. As for calling you up here…" he paused for effect and motioned to the incoming Republic fleet, "You won't have enough time to muster your Battle Meditation before this battle is over. You might as well be up here alongside the Dark Lord."

Dominic saw Shan's now golden eyes narrow and her right hand drifted toward her lightsaber, probably wanting to punish Dominic for his insolence. She stopped suddenly as that one charismatic voice rang out, the one that always inspired the Sith to press on. It was the voice of their glorious leader, the one who defied everything, even death, in order to strengthen the galaxy. It was the voice of the Dark Lord, his Lord.

"He is right, you know."

Both Bastila and Dominic turned to see Darth Revan, the Lord of Revenge, walk onto the bridge. He was flanked by a Mandalorian and a rust-colored droid, both obviously important in some way to be able to personally travel alongside the Dark Lord. Dominic immediately saluted while Bastila bowed, both of them expressing their subserveity to Revan.

Revan didn't spare them another look as he walked passed them, his total focus directed against the Republic fleet which has enveloped his fleet. His tactical mind began to play through the possible ways he could counter this threat. Standard engagement tactics were out the window; he was outnumbered three to one. He couldn't just flee; Rekkiad had him cornered and the Republic Interdictor had its gravity well generators up. He could feint and prolong the inevitable, but in the end, that Interdictor had to go or everyone he brought to this planet, including himself, would be dead.

Revan chuckled softly. Good thing he always planned for the worst. He turned to Dominic and Bastila behind him and said, "This battle is going to be fast and brutal. There won't be enough time to muster the focus needed for Darth Shan's battle meditation. Standard tactics are not an option. We're outnumbered and surrounded, and reinforcements are too far away to help. The best we can do in this situation is to feint and take down the Interdictor so we can retreat back to Sith space."

Dominic nodded and replied, "You have a plan, my Lord?"

Revan laughed, drawing the attention of the entire bridge crew. He raised his hands in mock surrender and said, "Of course I do. After all, I'm a talented individual." That remark caused the bridge crew to laugh, causing them to momentarily forget about the situation they were in.

Revan turned to the comm. Officer and said, "Tell the Lighting, Convergence, and the Indomitable to charge the Republic lines. Have Convergence and Lightning aim at the most dense clusters of enemies and have the Indomitable aim at the Republic Interdictor. Have the Guardian and the Reclaimer move upward and starboard out of the Republic kill box."

The officer nodded and stuttered, "Of… course, Lord Revan."

Revan did not reply. He merely turned to face the transparisteel window surrounding the bridge; leaving three individuals wondering what Revan had planned.

What fun was it to tell what he was planning, Revan thought. Why shouldn't he just show his proverbial skifter up his sleeve?

"Ma'am! Sith ships are charging the fleet! Profiles suggest standard Interdictors! Orders?" The comm. Officer yelled. Thrantos turned her head to confirm what the officer said. He was right; three Sith ships were charging their fleet.

Thrantos's mind tried to make sense of Revan's unorthodox tactics. What was he thinking, throwing away his ships like that? "Take them out once they are within range. What is the status of Revan's flagship?"

"It, along with the last cruiser, is attempting to flee the engagement area." The officer replied.

Thrantos then understood Revan's gambit. He had hoped to be able to feint and bait her fleet by sacrificing the majority of his fleet, giving his flagship enough time to escape. Cowardly.

"I want the Prosecutor and four other ships to pursue Revan's flagship. The others are to engage the charging ships and take them down through any means necessary. Two ships will be easier to kill than five."

The officer nodded. "Of course, ma'am. I'll relay your orders."

Thrantos did not spare him another glance, merely returning her gaze to the Sith forces attempting to avoid fate.

"I have you now, Revan." She thought.

"My Lord, I read five Republic ships pursuing the Reclaimer and the Guardian. The remaining ships are holding to eliminate the three charging ships." a Sith officer announced to Revan, who spared him the frugality of an acknowledgement.

"Perfect, they fell for it." Revan remarked. He turned to face the officer and ordered, "Have the three open fire within range. However, once they have sustained enough damage to make it look real, I want them to pretend they are dead in the water, but drifting in the paths I ordered them too. If all goes well, most of that Fleet will not become privy to the conclusion of this engagement."

He strolled over to the officer, who was by no means relaxed. Here was his Lord, standing over him during what could be their last engagement. It certainly did put a perspective on life.

Revan ordered, "Open a communications channel to the three charging ships. I need to give them personal orders." The officer complied without comment, and three holograms flickered into view.

The three officers, two human, one Twi'lek, instantly saluted as the Dark Lord came into view on their respective view screens. "What is your command, my Lord?" the younger human asked.

Revan did not reply for a couple seconds, the silence hanging ominously in the air. After some nervous shuffling on the Captain's part, Revan finally stated, "I am intrusting in you three the responsibilities of following my orders to the very letter, am I clear?" The three nodded, fully loyal to Revan. They do anything for him. Revan moved his hands behind his back and continued, "Open fire once you are in range of the Republic fleet. Try to take down as many as you can. However… as soon as you take enough damage to make it look like you're out of action, shut down all non-critical systems and drift to the designated positions I sent you."

He continued, "Once you do so, you are to release all safeties on your reactors. When I send the signal, you are to manually detonate said reactors."

Dead silence followed Revan's last statement. The bridge crew of the Reclaimer as well as the three captains just stared at him, uncomprehending. Revan wanted them to blow their reactors while they were still inside?

"I sense much hesitation in you," Revan stated, his tone even and neutral, betraying none of his inner emotions. After a two second pause, he began, "Today is an important day, one that will show the true strength of the Sith empire. An empire that can survive while being surprised by a force three times our own size. This battle…will show who is truly the strong ones in this galaxy."

"However, our empire must be crewed by the strong, ones who can make sacrifices in order to sustain the strength of the whole. If an empire is crewed by the weak, it invites chaos, destruction, corruption and the eventual collapse of order."

"The Republic is crewed by the weak and the corrupt, ones undeserving of the gifts life and freedom has given them. They are unable to fight the strong, resorting to cruel and inhumane tactics such as raping one's mind and using their own knowledge against them." Revan's voice hardened at this last statement, and everyone knew what he was referring to.

He continued, "Today is the chance to prove that you are one of those strong individuals, one who is willing to fight and sacrifice everything in order to serve our glorious empire, and cast down the weak to the menial positions they belong to. You may cast aside your lives and ships today, but rest assured that your service and sacrifice will never be forgotten by the Sith Empire and myself."

Revan raised his fist, now glowing with Force energy, and his voice escalated as he finished his miniature speech. "Are you not weak? Are you willing to prove to the Republic that you refuse to play by their rules of warfare? Are you willing to cast your chains to life aside and prove that you are one of the strong, one who is willing to cast everything aside for the benefit of the whole? Are you ready to enter galactic history? ARE YOU SITH?"

"WE ARE, MY LORD!" every single member of his bridge crew yelled, followed by every single crew member in the Sith Fleet all moved by the natural charisma Revan had exhibited.

Revan lowered his hand and crossed his arms, showing an attitude of doubt and distrust. "Prove it" he stated

The three captains bowed and immediately answered at once, "At once, Lord Revan," The holograms winked off, and the three charging ships began opening fire on the Republic fleet in front of them.

Revan simply stood there, silently staring at the starting battle.

"Excellent Speech, my Lord. I wish I had a voice recorder on me." Dominic stated, a sense of reverence lacing his speech. He had just seen Revan in action, one who could inspire the most unlikely people to do the most unlikely things.

Revan did not respond. Instead, he turned to Canderous and HK-47 and stated, "That was interesting…"

Canderous laughed, catching the entire bridge crew off guard. "Interesting? You just made three ships desperate to commit bloody suicide just from you delivering a simple speech! That is just way too funny. No wonder we lost in the Mandalorian Wars if you could inspire this kind of rabid behavior in soldiers…" he said, the last whispers of his laughter still audible in his speech.

A second of silence passed after Canderous had finished speaking. It seemed the humor of the situation had passed, but HK-47 suddenly said, "Eager Query: Oh, Master. You must teach your technique of inspiring meatbags to kill themselves to me someday, preferably now. The ability to have meatbags want to kill themselves and then watch them kill themselves? Oh, the ecstatic joy of that very thought! I would never be bored again!

The two men erupted in laughter, actual real laughter, the thought of HK-47 delivering a speech being too much for Revan and Canderous to handle. After several seconds, they ceased laughing, and Revan walked back to the front of the bridge to give further orders to the nearby Guardian once the Republic ships stared firing on the Reclaimer.

Revan knew he had made a good decision when he decided to build HK-47.

The Lightning, Convergence, and Indomitable charged at the Republic line, firing everything they had at the Republic ships. Lasers of green and red light flew between the two fleets, damaging whatever they hit.

After several minutes, the three Sith ships stopped firing and began to float uncontrollably, seeming as if they had been taken out of the fight. The Republic ships, falling for the ruse, moved to mop of the floating ships while the others began to prepare to chase after Revan.

Three stars suddenly erupted where the Sith ships were, sending shockwaves flying out in all directions. When the shockwave hit the nearby ships, they abruptly stopped, fried from the EMP. It just so happened that the Interdictor keeping Revan in the system went down as well.

"What the hell happened?" Thrantos yelled as she watched the majority of her fleet get fried by the EMP.

"It seems that Revan sent the ships and told them to self destruct, so that he could take as many ships as he could out of the fight, including our Interdictor" Galligan said nervously.

Thrantos didn't register the man's comment. She solely focused on the two ships currently escaping the battlefield, one hiding the VIP from their guns. Revan had tricked them, and she fell right into it.

"Fire everything!" she yelled, and her remaining fleet obliged.

Dominic's eyes narrowed as he saw the remaining ship's open fire on the Guardian. "Sir, the Republic ships are attempting to shoot through the Guardian to get to us."

"It will not matter, we are fifteen seconds to lightspeed," Revan replied, his tactical mind thinking over the engagement. He did not like that he was caught so flat-footed like this. He would have to tighten security in his Empire when he returned to the Star Forge.

Alas, that was not to be.

The flurry of laser bolts impacted the Guardian's shields, which were faulty due to an malfunction that was forgotten to be repaired the last time the ship was in port. The shields abruptly went down, and the crew of the Guardian had no time to react as they were ripped apart by the lasers. A lucky shot impacted the Reactor, causing a shockwave similar to the other three fallen Sith ships to be created.

Revan scowled as the shockwave drew closer, they were already entering hyperspace, and this explosion could mess their route up. Revan hoped, something he rarely did, that they would not be driven to much off target.

The Reclaimer entered into disturbed hyperspace and escaped the system, much to the anger of the Republic fleet there. However, as the weeks went by, reports came in that Revan never returned to known space, and that the Star Forge stopped working due to the absence of its master. The Republic could hardly believe their luck, Revan had been killed by a faulty hyperspace jump.

Over the course of several months, the Republic managed to destroy the now fractured Sith Empire after the death of Revan. However, they could not find the Star Forge, as the coordinates had become lost yet again.

As the years passed after the Jedi Civil War, the citizens began to forget the existence of the Star Forge and the specter that was Darth Revan. Soon, nearly four thousand years had passed, and while the Sith and Jedi still fought, they non longer had the inkling of remembrance for the one Sith Lord that nearly destroyed the Republic, the tactical genius that basically won two wars on his own, the one that belonged neither to the light or the darkness yet commanded both. He had been reduced to a tiny footnote in the annals of history.

However, one should never forget the past, as it has a tendency to strike back at you when you least expect it.

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