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The Star Forge

Anonymity. That's all they were able to use.

Revan sat cross legged, eyes closed behind his mask, meditating. His mind did not match his exterior, for it was furiously calculating plans, contingencies, tactics, and strategies. Any lesser man would have quit Revan's duty long ago, but Revan would not. He had sacrificed too much to stop now, despite all the setbacks he had suffered.

The Dark Lord sighed, standing up and walking to the window of his private quarters, staring at the stars surrounding his station. They twinkled and shined, always unchanging and static in a world that always changed.

Revan's fist tightened, a familiar anger pulsing through his veins. Why, after everything he had done, had he been reduced to such a pitiful state! To be taken from the seat of victory and thrown off the ladder to the depths of defeat, forced to start over on his quest for galactic peace and unity? Why!

His fist began crackling with lightning, Revan's fury reaching new heights. Why did the Force screw with him in such a way? Why, when he was so fucking close!

Revan closed his eyes and breathed, simmering the raging fire within him. In. Out. In. Out. Deep breathes.

Revan sighed and stepped away from the window, taking his mask off to stare at it once again. It's hidden depths connected with Revan's soul, calming the Dark Lord.

What can I do... Revan wondered. Despite his power, he was still a servant of the Force in the end. Nothing happens without a reason. Everything has a purpose.

But what was that purpose? Revan didn't know.

Shaking his head, Revan walked to his private terminal, waking it up from its standby mode. He had some work do and it wasn't going to be pleasant in the least bit for his stressed mind.

As Revan began to work, his mind drifted to what he had been thinking about earlier. Before the accident, Revan had had a fleet. He'd had infrastructure. He'd had billions of men at his command. His subordinates and subjects had admired him, his allies had respected him, and his enemies and rivals had been terrified of him. Revan's greatest dream had been only inches away from his grasp.

Now though, everything was ruined. He had no fleet, no infrastructure, no army that could match his desires. Nobody remembered him and he couldn't use the fear or the respect his presence had once commanded to achieve his desires. If he was discovered by any opposing force, he would lose everything, despite his skill and power.

Even ants could bring down giants.

So where did that leave him? His new Empire was in its infancy, and could easily be destroyed by opposing forces. Secrecy and time were his greatest weapons. If he lost them, everything he had worked for would follow. His situation was far more risky than Revan would have liked.

But still, he hadn't had a challenge since he had regained his memories. This might actually prove to be somewhat entertaining for the Lord of Revenge.

Revan blinked as his work finished, ready to be reviewed. The Dark Lord shook his head and read the material, his body giving away no sign of emotion as he replaced his mask.

Before him sat the orders he would give his men later today. Revan himself would go to Dathomir, home of the filthy Nightsister Clan. He would rather not associate with the cutthroat politics of those witches, but their skill combined with his his situation demanded his involvement in their affairs in order to gain their allegiance. Revan knew that he had to show strength and prove to the Nightsisters that when dealing with the Lord of Revenge, you obeyed or you died. Of course, convincing the clan of witches to submit to him would be difficult as he was male, and Dathomir was a planet where females were dominant. Fortunately, Revan was confident that he was up to the challenge.

Mandalore was to simply divert the Republic's, the Jedi's, and the Sith's attention while preparing the Mandalorians for war. Mandalore was a great man and an even better soldier, but he was an inexperienced statesman who had the capability to cause massive blunders that could expose Revan's existence and ruin everything. Revan knew that his old friend was relying on former Duchess Satine for help, and in truth, Revan was hesitant over such a move. Satine was definitely experienced at the intricacies of politics, but her view on life and the Republic left much to be desired. She had potential, but Revan feared that Canderous would not be able to draw the former duchess over to his side. It was out of Revan's hands though; the challenges of Mandalore, the Death Watch and concealing Revan's growing Empire were on Canderous' shoulders now.

Dominic was to remain at the Star Forge and make sure the station remained operational, as well as prevent any pesky rebellions by anyone stupid enough to challenge the Dark Lord's authority. Revan had full faith in his admiral to do his job promptly and efficiently; he had served with Dominic since the Mandalorian Wars.

HK-47 and Cad Bane were to distract the Jedi by leading them on a wild goose chase for the stolen Jedi Temple data, as well as drop Plagueis' name to further distract the Jedi and the Sith from Revan's existence. HK would definitely prove his worth, but Bane was yet another wild card. Revan had done his best to choose someone who would work nicely with HK and keep his mouth shut afterwords the way a professional would, but Revan didn't have enough time to completely gauge the Duros' character. He could only hope that Bane was the man he thought he was.

And finally, there was Bastila. The woman who had Revan worried the most. She was supposed to go into non Republic space and ally with groups that weren't affiliated to any group that would face Revan's wrath in the future. The Hutts, corporations, and such, Bastila was assigned to take care of. However, these alliances required diplomatic savvy and patience, something Bastila did not have. She was falling to the deepest depths of the dark side, and was becoming more short-tempered and violent every day. Did Bastila have the required mental acuity to pull this off? Revan didn't know. In fact, if it weren't for Bastila's obsession with her master and the loyalty that came with it, she would have been locked up in the deepest dungeons in all the Star Forge, only to be let out if the Rakatan space station ever came under attack so she could utilize her Battle Meditation.

However, he couldn't afford her suffering from a chronic lapse of common sense and ruining everything he had done. So he had to keep her busy, had to make her feel important, so that she wouldn't suffer a severe relapse of idiocy.

Revan sighed, pushing his body away from his desk. He was worrying far too much over things he simply could not control. He had done what he could, and it was time to entrust the future of his Empire to his subjects and the Force.

Revan hated leaving matters in the hands of others.

But something more important was on his mind, Revan noted, remembering the alert he had received hours earlier. That someone may be trying to find out who he was... and that this person could be the greatest ally he could find besides them. The ones who would always support him, who had raised him until Kreia had come and taken him away.

Jedi Knight Serra Keto. Young, passionate, a bit rebellious, quite strong given the pathetic standards of the current Jedi, and most importantly, her blood. Her blood was the main reason she had even attracted Revan's attention. Such connections between the present and the past could give him allies that he would have never had before. She would prove most useful.

Hell, if she was strong enough, and if she had the right personality, … she might just be enough to replace Bastila as the apprentice to The Lord of Revenge. His current apprentice was becoming a liability despite her Battle Meditiation. He hadn't needed Bastila's skills for quite some time, and the probability was high that she would go rogue eventually, ruining everything.

Revan pondered the thought, analyzed it, and came to a conclusion. He would test Serra Keto, commune with her under the guise of something static and artificial, mould her into the apprentice he deserved and guide Serra along the path to awakening her true potential. HK would be able to handle this task with excellent finesse.

A holocron communicator would do nicely...

"I am truly fortunate to have encountered a Sith Lord whose plans involve more than killing everything in sight,"

Revan smirked as he turned towards the ghost of Plagueis, who was watching him. "Who says I am? For all you know I could be nothing more than a mindless brute eager for his next adrenaline fix."

Plageuis snorted and replied, "Oh really? Then I supposed I just imagined watching you expertly use your resources to distract my former pupil and the Jedi simultaneously. I then hallucinated the fact that you have written out plan after plan, contingency after contingency. I also made up everything that I've ever read about you and your successes during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. You were the best of us, Lord Revan, the one who came the closest anyone ever has to making our dream a reality. Sidious did not believe in the past, only believed in the strength of the future. Unfortunately for him, Sideous didn't realize that the past is something that should never be forgotten, which works to our advantage."

Revan nodded, "True. Too true" He got up from his chair and began to pace, his mind idly using the Force to lift random objects and move them around the room. "So, Sidious is a manipulator?"

"Yes. Sidious loves to play everyone from behind the scenes and making other people do his dirty work. He is strong in the dark side of the Force though, so he can fend for himself. But he can be beaten if forced into a direct engagement. However, he is such an excellent puppeteer that getting to him to fight you directly is almost impossible, and when it does, it is on his terms. And he is willing to betray anyone when it is most convenient... Like myself," Plagueis muttered darkly.

Revan laughed. "I've dealt with many a manipulator during my quarrels with the Senate during the Mandalorian Wars, but nothing on this scale. This will be an interesting test of both my wit and my patience."

Plageuis stayed silent for a second before smirking. "My former apprentice will never know what hit him. He will crumble in the fire and ashes of his dream's destruction, Lord of Revenge.

"No, Plagueis," Revan told the ghost. "Revenge is a dish best served cold."


Mandalore walked through the halls of the Royal Starport, intent on his destination with Satine and his personal guard in close pursuit. The guards and technicians around them skirted out of the way of their leader who commanded the hallways with his indomitable presence. Mandalore was not happy, but he knew there was nothing he could do to avoid the inevitable.

The Jedi and Republic had managed to sneak their delegation in without informing him, despite the fact that he was the head of a sovereign nation. Supposedly some bureaucratic bullshit allowed them to make a snap inspection of Mandalore for up to a couple months. Mandalore was not prepared for their arrival and had been put on the defensive. Besides, months? Mandalore was going to go insane dealing with Jedi and politicians.

"How far out are they?" Mandalore growled to Satine as he paced through the halls.

"Ten minutes and counting." Satine replied, reading a data pad as she followed Mandalore the Preserver. "I have already dealt with the minute details of their arrival. They are requesting full access to everything we have. I have also taken the precaution to tell the media to not come today and only start reporting tomorrow."

Mandalore sighed in relief, glad that Satine was on top of the details that would have eluded the old soldier. He would have never thought to take care of the media and deal with the small, necessary details, which would have proven to be a costly blunder in the long run.

"Thank you." Mandalore said frankly. "You and I will greet our guests now, and then we will give them a tour of the major governmental buildings. While I delay them, I want everything scrubbed and deleted, particularly the communications relays." Mandalore left unsaid that he wanted no chance to have Revan's existence exposed. That would ruin everything.

Satine nodded her head as they reached the landing pad door. "Of course, sir. It's already underway."

Mandalore blocked the entry way before Satine could open the door. Satine looked up in disguised anxiety as she stared into Mandalore's mask. Despite having worked with Mandalore, his helmet still creeped her out. She had no idea who the man inside was, and that scared her. For all sentient being, the unknown was a frightening thing.

"A few things before we enter." Mandalore said, staring the Duchess down. "You will be leaving Mandalore shortly for Roche to propose an alliance with the Verpine. You will stay there until you have an agreement in writing. Is that clear?"

Satine nodded, noting the trust that Mandalore was putting in her, something that Satine did not understand. "Yes, but what about you, Mandalore? Are you certain that you'll be able to handle the Republic and the Jedi yourself while I'm gone?"

Mandalore chuckled at her statement. "I'm actually going to miss you, Satine." A pause. "In answer to your question, I'll be fine. I'll get a droid to help me not make any drastic actions if necessary. You won't have to worry about me."

Satine raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

Mandalore shrugged. "I'll be fine, really. It'll take far more than the Jedi, politicians, public and the Death Watch to break me."

The conversation lapsed into an uncomfortable silence, each person pondering what had been said. Mandalore pondered the feelings that he was currently experiencing. Even though she had only been working with him for about a short amount of time, Satine had integrated herself into Mandalore's daily life to the point where the two were almost always together when in public. Revan was the most important person to the Mandalorian, but Satine was rising on the chain of importance, quickly enough that it was concerning to Mandalore. No matter how well they worked together, it shouldn't have gotten this personal.

Satine on the other hand was currently focusing on the fact that Mandalore would actually miss her. Her. The Republic loyalist who had shown little evidence to prove that she was now loyal to the new regime. The one who had only helped Mandalore get used to his new role.

Mandalore the Preserver... would miss her.

Appreciation grew inside her, causing Satine to smile. He cared. He really did. There actually was a man underneath that mask.

Mandalore nodded and stepped aside, allowing the door to open to reveal an empty hanger, ready for the Republic's delegation. Bourne was already there, robes fluttering in the windy air. His eyes were set on the easily seen transport in the distance, growing larger every second as it approached.

"Well, Mandalore." Bourne began, "I look forward to the two of us working together to ensure the continued prosperity of Mandalore."

Mandalore didn't bother looking at the Jedi, already noticing the double meaning in the words. This was a battle, a test, a war of attrition, to prove he was the top dog here, while simultaneously building up the Mandalorian forces for the war that was sure to come, and keep the current powers of the galaxy focused on him, leaving Lord Revan free to do as he pleased.

And Mandalore the Presever would meet this challenge head on.

"So do I, Jedi." Mandalore said gruffly. "So do I."

Jedi Temple, Coruscant

As the sun rose, the Jedi Council met yet again, this time having discovered critical information that required immediate action.

"As you all may be aware," Mace began, "we have discovered that the data stolen from our servers will be auctioned off in a week's time on the planet Taris. We need to immediately send Jedi to secure the information in order to be certain that nobody else can use it for nefarious purposes"

"I agree" Plo Koon began. "Have we discovered who is auctioning of the data?"

"The owner of the data was kept anonymous, and has stated that he not be showing himself at the auction for safety purposes. Smart man" Mace replied. "But this gives us an opportunity to find out who took our data and stop him."

"Who do we send?" Eeth Koth stated. "We need to be absolutely certain that we get that information back."

"Any ordinary Jedi would be seen coming. We should make use of the element of surprise. This is too important to risk." Mace stated, pondering an idea.

Every other Council member tensed, beginning to understand what Mace was suggesting. "You aren't honestly suggesting that we use the Shadows, are you, Master Windu?"

Mace nodded. "I am. They are fast, quiet and deadly. Perfect for a mission like this."

"But the Jedi Shadows were never intended for this sort of purpose!" Plo Koon protested. "They are supposed to go after anything related to the Sith, not some common criminal"

"For all we know, Master Plo, this could very well have Sith involvement. The timing of recent events cannot be a mere coincidence. It would seem that our enemy has become quite bold or quite desperate after the death of their apprentice on Naboo. We need to take all possible precautions that we reclaim the data that was stolen from our archives. All in favor of sending a Jedi Shadow team to Taris?"

Silence. "...Agree, I do," Yoda announced. The rest of the Council soon followed the Grand Master's decision.

"Very well," Mace said. "The Jedi Shadows shall be deployed to Taris immedia-"

The Force rippled, causing the Masters of the Jedi Council to freeze as they were all immersed in a vision.

Rage. Wrath. Vengeance. Despair. Death.

The galaxy was smothered in all of these things, falling to an never ending wave of pure darkness. No one could stand against it and its desire for revenge.

Shadowy figures rose up against the darkness, doing everything they could to turn the tide. All were swept aside. Like specks of dust before a hurricane.

At the vanguard of those who resisted stood Serra Keto, uncertainty in her eyes as she straddled the line between the light and the darkness.

Behind the armies of darkness existed a brilliant spot of grey, causing a figure to be highlighted. No features could be seen, but the Council could clearly see the figure pull out and ignite a brilliant orange blade, which was then pointed directly at Serra Keto.

The vision ended, causing the Jedi Council members to blink as they returned to reality.

"Speak, the Force does. Affect the future, Knight Keto does." Yoda replied.

"She clearly straddled the line! She is a threat! A danger!" Oppo snarled.

"Knight Keto has been nothing less than an outstanding Jedi Knight throughout her entire career. She doesn't deserve such scrutiny." Plo Koon replied.

"The Force cannot be denied." Mace hesitantly said, "There is some truth to the vision, but we cannot simply ignore Serra Keto's history of service. I propose we send her with the Shadows to be sure of her loyalties."

"Why do you want to send her away from our sanctuary? Where our eye is most prevalent?" Eeth Koth pointed out.

"Simple. The Shadows will be in contact with Sith artifacts. The Shadows will be able to keep an eye on her and take note of her devotion and determination towards our cause. Whichever way she turns, we will have our answer, and we will then be in a position to take appropriate actions."

"I agree." Yoda replied.

Seeing that the Grand Master had accepted Mace's proposal, the rest of the Council quietly murmured their assent.

Nodding, Mace called in a young Padawan who served as the Council's messenger. "Call Serra Keto up to the Council Chambers."

Why is everyone being so obtuse? Serra raged internally as she rode the elevator up to the Jedi Council Chambers after she had received word of her requested presence.

She had tried everything to find more about Revan. Searches on the HoloNet, third party sources and databases, context clues in other works by Mandalorians and more... and she had come up with nothing. Nothing! All she had was one reference in a datapad with the highest level of security she had ever seen. Since Revan had been referenced in the Temple Archives, then he must exist. But she couldn't find out anything about him!

Why? The Jedi wondered. Why would the Jedi purposely hide knowledge? Why would the Republic itself not have information of such a character in their databases? It all reeked of corruption. And that scared Serra.

What could be so valuable and so threatening that both the Republic and the Jedi Council had eliminated all traces of Revan except for one ridiculously secure data pad? What did the Republic and the Jedi want to hide so badly?

The elevator she was on dinged, indicating her arrival into the Council Chambers. Serra took a deep breathe and entered the Council Chambers, removing any trace of her doubts and confusions. She needed to be stoic and in control of her mind when she was before the Council.

"Knight Keto, we have been expecting you" Master Windu stated as she entered the room.

Serra nodded in respect. "What is your will, Councilors?"

"Spoken, the Force has. On the horizon, darkness is. A key role, you shall play." Yoda replied.

"You mean... there was a vision? With me in it?" Serra said, shocked. Ever since she had found that data pad with that brief mention of Revan in it, her life had become a lot more interesting.

"We believe that the Sith have made their move, and we have tracked down where our stolen data currently is. Because of your new role in fate, we have decided that you shall accompany a Jedi Shadow team in recovering the information that was stole from our archives."

Serra nodded, her internal mind now in a whirlwind of thought. She had never been granted such an interesting and important mission like the one in front of her now. She had barely heard of the Jedi Shadows even though she was a history nerd. All she knew were that they were special groups dedicated to removing Sith influence from the galaxy. And now Serra was going to see them in action.

And with them, she just might be able to learn something about the mysterious Revan.

"I'd be honored to join the Jedi Shadows in their mission, Councilors." Serra said, bowing in respect towards the Masters.

"Good. Please report to Hanger Two. You will meet your new teammates and you will be briefed there. Good luck in your mission, Knight Keto, and may the Force be with you."

The female Jedi nodded and swiftly left the Council Chambers, heading towards the hanger. After she exited the room, the Masters were silent for a moment.

"Fear for her sake, I do." Yoda commented.

Mace Windu nodded. "I concur. The lure of the dark side is difficult to resist. I fear that on this mission, she may be led down a path that has been the downfall of many great Jedi."

"We can only hope that Serra will do what she feels to be right." Plo Koon declared.

Silence came over the Masters. Hope could give a person immeasurable strength. It was what inspired people to do great things, and allowed tiny ants to be the downfall of mighty dragons.

Yet at the same time, hope was such a fragile thing.

Revenge... now that's a different story.

The Star Forge

Dominic stood amongst his most valued crew, looking at every single one of them with a vigilant eye. The men in front of him were the best of the best, the top performers, the ones Dominic trusted above all else.

"Now, Republic forces envelop the same fleet in a spider web maneuver shown in this picture." Dominic flashed to the next picture of his evaluation. "Bastila has been rendered incapacitated by exhaustion and Lord Revan is busy on another front. You are the person in command of the fleet. Your objective is to defeat the enemy fleet while suffering as few losses as possible. What would you do?"

One of the officers raised a hand. "Would it be possible to break free of the spider web by focusing on a few points of the web and regrouping behind the astroids here?"

Dominic shook his head and replied. "An officer should always be confident of his plan, Trent. And that is a valid strategy... if you wish to sacrifice a third of your fleet to enemy fire before you seek cover behind the astroids, after which your position would become untenable, and much more likely to lose."

"But what about using the z-axis and going above and below the enemy ships so their fire is split?" Another officer said.

Dominic sighed "Your firepower would be split as well, and you may easily hit your own ships. Such a maneuver holds an element of risk that shouldn't be courted."

"Vent your primary coolant in a cloud around you to protect you from the first volley, then move out of the cloud and use your now overheated reactors to pump extra power into the turbo lasers, making them powerful enough to gut the Republic ships after just a few shots" A third officer said.

Dominic smiled and nodded, "Exactly, Jorrac. Information gathered about the current Republic forces suggest that they changed the frequency of their turbo lasers to make their shots more powerful. Coincidentally, our Rakatan-based coolant has a refraction index high enough to break the turbo laser blast into its component parts, rendering the gun ineffective until the cloud dissipates. And since you no longer have any primary coolant, your reactors will be overcharged with energy, energy that should be dumped into either the turbo lasers or the shields depending on your objective. However, this strategy drastically reduces your engagement time as you now depend solely on your backup coolant. Therefore, this strategy should only be utilized as a last-resort tactic."

Dominic then checked the time and realized that it was getting close to Lord Revan's departing speech. "Lord Revan will be speaking soon. All of you are dismissed. Go get changed into your ceremonial uniforms in preparation for the speech."

The officers nodded and left the room, leaving Dominic alone. The human admiral sighed as he approached a nearby window, staring out at the stars. As an adept navigator, Dominic knew each and every star, the planets around them, and the distance between them. Dominic begin mentally naming the systems that he could see.




Solis Magna...

"I thought you would be here, Admiral."

Dominic tensed as he heard Darth Shan walk up behind him, walking around like a predator stalking its prey. Bastila had become increasingly fanatic regarding her Sith teachings, yet even that was nothing compared to her complete adoration of Lord Revan. It had begun to disgust the older man, but he had to hide it. He didn't want his neck snapped because of "insubordination" and "cheek".

"I couldn't say the same about you, Darth Shan," Dominic said neutrally, turning to see the younger woman whose eyes now flashed yellow and whose skin was far paler than normal. Dominic had seen Malak go through the same changes; it was disconcerting to see Bastila fall. Lord Revan had to know what his apprentice was experimenting with.

Bastila laughed, a disturbing cackle that raised Dominic's nerves. "Oh, Dominic, I'm allowed to go wherever I want, whenever I want. When you think about it, you should never be all that surprised by my presence."

Dominic raised an eyebrow and responded, "That sounds remarkably arrogant. Would you say that if Lord Revan was here?"

Bastila scowled, "Such loyalty should be commended, Admiral. And watched for."

Revan's apprentice approached Dominic, eyes flashing with some unidentifiable emotion. "Change is coming. It has been predicted since we arrived in this time. We must be ready. For your sake, I hope you are." with her piece said, Bastila turned and left, leaving the human admiral alone.

Dominic scowled and turned back to the window, memorizing what Bastila had said to him. Lord Revan needed to be informed. Bastila was slipping, and she wouldn't be worthy of the Lord of Revenge's trust much longer.

Sergeant Lavernius Blackthorn stood silently with his squad, awaiting Lord Revan's words. Once his fellow soldiers had gotten over their grief, they had thrown themselves into training, trying to become the best soldiers Lord Revan could hope for as they became embodiments of his desire to enact vengeance on the Republic for sending them back into the past. The benefits of their new training were minute at the present, but Blackthorn could tell that they would become the best soldiers possible if they continued with this level of training.

Delante and Ullia stood behind Blackthorn, one squad amongst many, as Lord Revan took the floor. As always, he looked absolutely inspiring in his blood red and black armor and appeared even more threatening in his newly updated and enhanced armor, its design containing traces of Mandalorian influence. He was their Lord, their Emperor, the one who would lead them to victory, just as he always had.

"My fellow soldiers," Revan began, "I come to you not as a Lord or a leader, but as an equal. We are all soldiers, each of us united in our goal to fight the corruption of a decadent and dishonest Republic.

"Time and time again, there is a civil duty among the constituents of a civilization to keep their own government in check, to prevent it from taking advantage of the people it swore to protect. This duty evolves to whatever is required, from protestation to revolution.

"I saw the necessity of this duty on the Senate floor, watching them argue amongst themselves and sacrifice millions of lives for the continued comfort and security of those whose lives had not been scarred by the horrors of war. I saw that the system needed to be changed for the greater good of the galaxy. Too many times I've heard of the abuse that galactic civilians go through day after day. Slavery is still rampant in the Outer Rim, corporations have direct political votes, and not a single soldier stands ready to fight in the name of the Galactic Republic.

"Action is demanded. Change is required. The Force deems it so. Four thousand years ago, on this very station, on this very deck, I swore to bring balance to this galaxy, to bring change to the galaxy. I became Darth Revan on that day and dedicated my life to this task that has become my goal and my dream. And even Time will not stop me.

"Today, each of us will part ways with one another so that we may all perform our duties amongst the stars. I know that all of you will do whatever is required to accomplish this dream that all of us have come to share. And understand that although we may stand alone at times, we will always stand strong. For we all stand united by a single purpose that defines our very existence.

"And so until the next time we stand together my brave soldiers, I leave you these simple words: May the Force make you strong."

"MAY THE FORCE MAKE YOU STRONG!" Every soldier yelled out, ready and willing to do whatever it was that Lord Revan asked of them.

Revan nodded in appreciation and departed for his personal shuttle, HK-47 mirroring his every step as the assassin droid boarded his own shuttle. It was time to move on to the next step.

Across the galaxy, multiple individuals turned to say a simple four words. Revan, Cad Bane, Bastila, HK-47, they all said the exact same thing.

"Jump to light speed"

Revan's shuttle jumped to Dathomir. HK and Cad Bane's ships both jumped to Taris. Bastila's fighter jumped to Nar Shaadda.

And thus this chapter of fate ended and the next began.

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