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A surprised teenager spun around towards the source of the voice, only to be tackled into a fierce hug by a yellow blur. A muffled "Oof" escaped the victim's lips as she tried to keep steady.

Once she was balanced, said girl hastily pried off the blonde and gave a groan of disapproval.

"Rin! What the heck do you think you're doing?"

The blonde girl bowed playfully towards her friend and cheerily exclaimed, "Oh, so sorry; didn't mean to ruin your morning, Miku-sama~!"

Miku shot a glare and started off walking, her friend following closely behind.

"Don't call me that! You didn't ruin my morning. Just… why are you so excited?"

Miku scanned over Rin quickly: Her characteristic white ribbon band held back her short, blonde hair, accompanied with four white bobby pins which split her bangs; sky blue eyes gleamed with seemingly endless energy; honey-coated skin made the girl appear active; her messily worn uniform complimented the short teen's slim figure quite nicely; still, it was apparent that she was as flat as a board, which extremely annoyed the girl if one were to tease her about it. Overall: Cute.

Rin stared at Miku, perplexed.

"Are you serious Miku-chan? I think most freshmen would be pretty thrilled if not nervous for their first day of high school!"

While patiently waiting for a response, the blonde acknowledged her friend's appearance: Two black and magenta hair ties kept incredibly long, silky teal pigtails to the side; equally teal eyes shone with curiosity, as well as a hint of mischievousness behind messy locks of hair; beautiful sun-kissed skin practically screamed that the girl was no stranger to the outdoors; her uniform hid the teen's petite body rather poorly, all the more showing that the tealette had noticeable curves. Overall: Pretty.

Teal eyes blinked once, then twice.

"I guess you're right Rin-chan, demo nee, maybe you're overreacting just a bit?"

Rin pouted, waving around her schoolbag like a weapon.

"Mou~! Why do you always treat me like a little kid? I know you're just as excited as me. I can see it in your eyes you know."

Giggling, Miku poked her friend's cheek and said, "Hai, hai. You got me. Let's just hurry up, we're gonna be late for Homeroom, if not the opening ceremony! That reminds me, where's Len-kun?"

Rin paused and gazed off course, trying to remember where her twin brother's whereabouts were.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. He took a different route with one of his sophomore friends. Kaito-senpai, I think it was? We should be able to see him later."

Miku nodded.



Miku joined her friends for lunch after class and sat down.

"Uwahhhhhh, I'm starving! Finally, we get to eat. Itadakimasu~!"

Rin quickly opened her bento and started shoveling food as fast as she could.

"Rin, no matter how much you eat, there are certain areas that will never grow," said an identical fair-haired boy with a smirk adorning his almost feminine-like features.

Rin kicked him in the shin harshly and smiled sweetly.


"Len, do me a favor and buy me some juice."

Her sibling cowered in fear but nonetheless stood up and asked, "Would you like orange juice?"

Miku glanced at Len: His trademark white band kept his medium golden hair neat, a small ponytail holding the excess in the back; baby blue eyes seemed unusually muddled, as if he was tired or stressed; peach skin suggested that he was as active as his sister; his uniform looked a bit too large for the short, slim male, the sleeves drooping slightly over his knuckles; he didn't appear to be too athletic, but more as vulnerable, especially today. Overall: Cute.

Rin nodded and asked Miku if she wanted anything.

"Ah, I'll have a vegetable drink, one preferably with leeks. Thanks."

Len nodded and sprinted off to avoid the evil aura of his twin.

"So…" Rin turned towards the tealette. "I noticed that you've been a bit day-dreamy ever since the opening ceremony. You're always spacing out. What happened? Ara! Don't tell me! Is it a cute boy, girl, … teacher?!"

Miku blushed profusely at the blonde's bold statement and whacked her on the head.

"Y-yada! Nothing like that Rin-chan, mou," Miku stuttered.

Rin rubbed her head soothingly, "Eheh, ja~ what is it?"

The pink hue on Miku intensified while the embarrassed girl muttered, "W-well… it's just that I bumped into someone shortly after the ceremony. She was super pretty… a-and I completely made myself seem so uncool in front of her!"

"Really now? Ha ha, Len isn't back yet so you can tell me!"



Miku yawned and rubbed her eyes tiredly, stepping out of the auditorium behind several other students. She had felt suddenly lethargic during the principal's welcoming speech, and had pretty much closed her eyes and snoozed for the rest of the assembly event. Someone had to nudge her awake to inform the sleepy teen that everyone was headed for their first class. Still dizzy, the tealette kept walking in no specific direction, wondering when lunch time was.

Just as she turned around a corner, Miku collided with an unidentifiable object. Her face had come into contact with something comfortably warm and soft, a pleasant scent of lavender filling her nostrils. Through instinct, Miku simply attempted to burrow her visage further into the wonderful plush, her bodily greediness blinding logic.


A sudden jolt of electricity seemed to strike the teal-haired girl. She leapt backwards, tripping in the process which resulted to an unfortunate fall upon the unforgiving marble floor. Alert and thoroughly mortified that she had just snuggled with a stranger, Miku looked up in a feeble attempt to apologize.


Teal irises locked with magnificent, deep azure ones. What struck her, however, was that she could just make out a tint of teal shadowing within.


Miku couldn't help but gape at the goddess standing before her: A brown headband gilded fancily with golden twists rested upon lengthy (but not as long as Miku's), luscious streaks of pale pink hair; azure and teal eyes hazy with maturity beamed beneath a full fringe; startling ivory skin made the female appear elegant, as if she were a descendant of royalty; her uniform was neat and prim, all the more making her equivalent to that of a princess; anyone could tell easily that the girl was fairly tall and had a busty and generously curvaceous body, the envy of all models. Overall: Beautiful.

Wait a minute. Did she just cuddle with her chest then?

The pink-haired goddess cleared her throat, snapping Miku back to reality. The girl offered a hand towards the tealette, politely asking, "Daijoubu desu ka?"

Miku's face felt hot. It burned with an uncomfortable heat. She was suddenly all too aware of the blood rushing to her head, the erratic heartbeats thumping in her ears, the lovely fragrance of the person in front of her, a dryness in her mouth which left her yearning for something else besides water.

All of these new, unfamiliar feelings confused Miku. She didn't know what to do, what to say. It was as if she had become mute! Forgetting mutual respect and how to communicate, all she wanted to do was escape this weird predicament.

So she did.

The tealette got up from the ground quickly and sprinted past the other teenager, not looking back once.

-End of flashback-

Rin stared at Miku.

"Sooo, she had pink hair, blue eyes, and ivory skin?"

Miku nodded.



"You're an idiot."

The surprised twin-tailed girl just gave her orange-loving friend a confused look.

Just as Len returned with two bottles of juice in one hand and a banana in the other, Rin slammed her hands on the desk and stood up dramatically, drawing attention from other students.

"Miku-chan! That was the Megurine Luka! The Ice Queen! Heck, how could you not have known her? She's the student council president who gave that speech earlier!"

The shocked tealette could do nothing but attempt to close her jaw. "B-but, I was asleep, and… and…"

Rin just shook her head and sat back down.

"Mou, just forget it."

Len, who was still at the doorway with the drinks and a banana peel, strolled over to the girls. He decided to forget what he just saw and passed out the drinks, earning thanks from both of his unusually silent friends. The blond decided to break the silence.

"So, eto, do you guys want to check out the clubs after we're done eating?" He nervously scratched the back of his head, not wanting to provoke anyone.

As if bipolar, Rin beamed with sudden excitement and exclaimed, "That's a great idea! How about it Miku? We should all join the same club!"

Miku perked up as well, anticipation running through her veins.


Len observed the two girls and sighed in relief.


After visiting many clubs ranging from basketball to flower arrangement, the twins had decided on which clubs they wanted to join. A certain tealette, however, was still in consideration.

"It's decided! I'm going to join the volleyball team. That green-haired senpai was super cool," Rin announced. The blonde looked at her brother expectantly.

"W-well I want to join track and field! Kaito-kun… err senpai, encouraged me too, so…" the boy trailed off, not knowing what else to add. Miku could make out a faint blush painting Len's cheeks, though she didn't know why.

The twins then turned to Miku.

"How about you, Miku-chan? We may have different clubs, but have you found one that you liked," Len asked.

She shook her head and looked back at the list of clubs she was holding. Her friends waited patiently to see if there was one Miku would pick or want to check out.

Swimming? No, that would ruin her hair. Softball? She didn't really like the sport. Tea ceremony? Way too boring. Literature club? Nah. Drama?

She thought about that one carefully. Maybe, if she was desperate.

Miku sighed in defeat and crumpled up the sheet.

"Nothing?" Rin sadly asked.

An impromptu outburst of eager yells, shouts, and screams interrupted the trio's peaceful walk. Len was able to pin-point the source of excitement and had the girls follow him outside of the school building.

Before long, the three teenagers encountered a large horde of students, both male and female, ranging from freshmen to seniors, surrounding a traditional Japanese building and a large piece of land, a short chain link fence keeping them from coming closer. A series of "Kyaas", "Cools", and "Sexys" could be heard from the crowd. Still, Miku, Rin, and Len couldn't find out who or what the students were cheering for.

Rin squirmed her way through, dragging Miku and Len behind her.

Once they had reached a good spot, Miku looked up just as a swift blur of brown hit the center of a target across the wide plain. She had been so close that she could feel the gust of wind from the arrow.

Kyudo! She realized.

Rin and Len shifted their sight to the one who had made the perfect shot. "Oh Kami-sama," muttered the blonde.

The tealette followed the twins' gaze. She gasped as pink flooded her vision.

There, in all her full glory, was Megurine Luka. Her hair, now tied back high into a ponytail, fluttered gracefully with the wind. The female was wearing a cream and cerulean hakama, a tan glove on her right hand, a black strip of leather covering her ample chest, and long white socks accompanied by wooden sandals on her feet.

The pinkette had now taken a break, a fine bead of sweat rolling down the side of her face quite attractively. The kyudoka relaxed her toned arms and lowered her bow. Not too long after, a kouhai offered a water bottle and a small towel, which Luka gratefully accepted.

"Wow, the seito kaichou is also the buchou of the Kyudo club?! What can't she do?" Rin had to practically yell over the noise of the students around her.

"That's it," Miku suddenly shouted.

Rin and Len turned to Miku. "Nani?" They both asked at the same time.

Miku met her friends' eyes confidently.

"I am going to join the Kyudo club!"

Annnddd, finished! Phew, all in one day! Actually, I think it's still too short. (T^T) How is it so far? Don't worry, more drama, comedy, romance, and possibly more will occur in the next chapter! You can bet your truffles (mushrooms, remember that!) that a ton of more characters will see you there as well! I'll try to update quickly, since it took me long enough just to type up this one anticipated chapter. /flipstable

There may have been confusion when I refered to one of the twins using "blond" or "blonde". I use "blond" for Len and "blonde" for Rin. Hope that clears things up.

I decided to add in all the Japanese terms I used. Warning, the list is long. It just seemed a bit overwhelming. Also, while I was describing Luka in her Kyudo gear, I was going to use a lot of special terms instead of just "glove" and "strip of leather". What changed my mind was that Miku doesn't even know all of these yet (since it's through her eyes), so I'll probably introduce them next time. She does know "hakama" however, because it's naturally well-known traditional clothing.

-chan- an honorific used between friends

-sama- an honorific used to show respect for someone of great power or nobility

demo nee- a phrase that means "but"; no, not THAT type of "butt" you pervert!

mou- a commonly used expression similar to "geez"

hai- can mean "yes", "okay", and others along that line

-kun- an honorific used mainly for males, although I've seen it used on girls

-senpai- an honorific used to refer to a senior student by a junior student

Itadakimasu- a saying Japanese say before eating, equivalent to "thanks for the meal"

itai- equivalent to "ouch"

ara- a saying hard for me to explain; close to "oh"

yada- a strong "no"

ja- a saying also difficult to explain; close to "well"

eto- "uh"

ano-san- "um" (used to get someone's attention in this case)

sumimasen- "excuse me" or a more polite way of saying "I'm sorry"

Daijoubu desu ka?- It's not the full proper sentence, but basically means "Are you okay?"

nani- can mean "yes" or "what"

kya- I don't think I have to explain this, ha ha.

Kyudo- a modern Japanese martial art, typically known as "archery"

Kami-sama- "God"

hakama- a type of traditional Japanese clothing, worn today by both sexes, commonly worn by practitioners of any martial arts; tied at the waist and fall to the ankles; worn over a plain kimono

kyudoka- a practitioner of Kyuudo

kouhai- reverse of "senpai"

seito kaichou- the"student council president"

buchou- my preferred way of saying "club president"

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