Set a few years after the series ended. Pretend everyone's age ranges from 15-17, and they were pre-teens in the show. Please read and review(:

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Kimiko sat up, her back aching. A thin mat was the only barrier between her back and the floor. Though she had lived at the temple for three years, getting used to sleeping on the hard ground was impossible.

She brushed her ebony waves out of her face and grabbed the buzzing PDA on top of her checking her messages and searching the internet, Kimiko made her way toward the bathroom to shower. The mirror was covered in steam as she put on her red training robes. Carefully adjusting the black waist band and black wrapped shoes, the Japanese teenager prepared for just another day of warrior training. Recently, Kimiko had traded pigtails for her hair down, only emphasizing the fact that she was developing into a beautiful young woman.

The past two years had been mildly calm. The dragons still fought the Heylin side for Shen Gong Wu, but no climatic events had arisen. Each week seemed to go by as if on schedule: chores, train, find Wu, have a Xiaolin Showdown. The monks were older and stronger, but still the same personality-wise. Raimundo was the arrogant leader, Clay the sweet, metaphor-quoting cowboy, Omi the naïve boy with a big ego, and Kimiko the fiery-tempered girl.

Walking to the dining room, Kimiko was surprised to find all three of her teammates at the table eating. It was before sunset; usually Omi was the only one awake at this time. Her rosy lips turned into a smirk as she noticed the bags under the other monk's eyes.

"What is going on? You guys look like the people from Goo Zombies!"

Raimundo turned away from his steaming meal with a serious expression. His tan face was creased with a frown. "Did you have weird dreams by any chance?"

"No, why, was I supposed to?"

The boys looked at each other with confused expressions. Omi yawned, his arms stretching above his large, yellow head. His red robe was full of wrinkles; his voice flat from exhaustion. "It seems that last night, I had a nightmare about Jack Spicer building some sort of machine. What is most odd is that both Raimundo and Clay had this vision also!"

Clay nodded, his hat and blonde bangs momentarily concealing his piercing blue eyes. "Maybe this is some sort of coincidence, though how all three of us had the same exact dream is more unlikely than a cow milking out orange juice."

"I probably had the dream, but I guess I forgot it?" Kimiko said quickly, feeling left out that she had not had whatever vision they were speaking of.

"That is most improbable, as it was not a dream one forgets. Though, I have heard that women are most forgetful."


Master Fung strode in, the green dragon, Dojo, coiled around his neck. "Young monks, cease your bickering. I believe this vision is an omen of the upcoming future, for which you must train even harder to prepare for. I fear that Jack Spicer is returning to his evil ways."

"Either that or I need to stop using expired corn in my Brown Surprise Soup." Dojo muttered to himself. "I've been having odd dreams too."

The dragons sat in thought about their previous rival, Jack Spicer. He had been an annoying obstacle, but his failures had become a great entertainment to the monks. If his albino skin and made-up eyes had not made him odd enough, his affinity for his wimpy 'Jack-bots' had made him more of a clown than an enemy.

One day he had snapped and attempted at taking his life. He was unsuccessful, and suddenly disappeared from the picture. Apparently he had been sent to a mental facility to recover; his parents feeling that his evil adventures were over for good. Feeling slightly responsible, the monks had gone to visit him, only to find Spicer loathed them in every way, blaming both the Xiaolin and Heylin for his flaws, and promising his revenge.

That had been years before. From what Kimiko had read on the internet, Jack had been released from the hospital a few months later, his mental instability cured. Using his mechanical genius, Jack became the creator and president of a successful international weapons and robotics company. In no time at all, Jack had made a fortune, making him the richest teenager on the planet. Even so, Jack Spicer cut off all ties to the Heylin side.

"That little snake! He is still insane; probably planning to murder us in our sleep!" said the cowboy.

Raimundo shuddered, remembering the utter hatred Jack's blood-colored eyes had held at the hospital. Though he had been weak, Spicer had looked more dangerous than ever. "Master Fung? How does Kimiko fit into all of this? She didn't have the vision."

"Her destiny is not intertwined with you, Clay, and Omi's. Whatever fate you three share, it does not seem to involve Kimiko."

"But I'm a Xiaolin monk too! Why am I not included?" Kimiko questioned her eyes full of worry.

"I do not know my dragons. You must continue your training if you wish to be ready to face this threat."

After hours of intense training, Raimundo excused himself from free time to do some online studying. He ran his fingers through his hair as he tried to recall the object Jack had been putting together in the dream. His fingers flew across the keyboard of the computer. Emerald eyes watered as he stared at the glowing screen. None of Spicer's basic inventions were similar to the dream machine.

Using basic hacking skills the Japanese girl had taught him, Raimundo found a site that contained pictures of the most dangerous weaponry on earth, all created by Spicer's company. From what he could remember, the object had been sleek black, and huge. It had to have been over a hundred feet tall, with a red pointed warhead and multiple red wings at the bottom. Scrolling down, Raimundo gasped as he clicked a picture that held the miniature mirror-image of the dream object.

The Apocalypse is the most dangerous missile created by Jack Spicer. Even at only one foot tall, the Apocalypse contains enough explosive to destroy an entire city. International nations have forbidden the sale of this missile and the only known copy in existence was destroyed in 2011.

If this miniature version could destroy a city, what could a full sized version do?

It suddenly clicked. Jack Spicer was planning to destroy the world or a big portion of it at least, and it was the monks' responsibility to prevent that from happening. Only one question circled in the Brazilian's head.

How does Kimiko fit into this?