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If You Wish

"I can feel Amina, she's getting close." Lysander said in a huff. He was flying through the air on a slab of rock, while Chase Young sprinted across the ground in reptilian form, Kimiko on his back.

Sniffing the air, he growled, "I smell Hannibal. And Wuya?"

"What? I thought they were dead?" Kimiko screamed over the rushing wind, her fingers wrapped around Chase's neck. It was one thing that she was messing up her hair from this crazy reptile ride, but Hannibal and Wuya being reincarnated would make this the second worst day of her life.

They arrived at the clearing of the demolished Xiaolin Temple, face-to-face with a smirking Hannibal Bean, a whining Wuya, and a sneering Amina.

"Took ya long enough! I guess that girl weighs more than she looks." Amina whipped her ratty hair out of the way, batting her lashes at the two men behind Kimiko. "Well hello there, Lysander and Chase Young." The warlord had morphed back into his human form, and his body lacked a shirt, revealing a toned abdomen. Hannibal had to snap his fingers a few times to distract Amina and Wuya from their drooling trance. The bean-girl gave an evil smile. "SPHERE OF YUN!"

The sphere entrapped Kimiko in an unbreakable bubble, which she pounded and kicked to no avail. Chase got into a fighting stance, though Lysander stood petrified.

"My dear Lysander, why have you allowed your rotten sister to take the glory when you are the evil one? Amina, give your brother the Shen Gong Wu before you mess this up!" Wuya said. All eyes looked at Lysander, who forcefully grabbed his sister's magical items.

"C'mon mom! You never gave me any credit, because Lysander was your pretty little warlock!"

"Shut up!" Wuya growled.

While they argued, Lysander deactivated the Sphere of Yun, and entrapped his father, Hannibal Bean in the sphere. In a flash, he encased Amina in a rope of green light, where she fell onto the ground motionless. Lastly, he aimed the Rio Reverso at Wuya. "You may have created me, but you do not know me!" Wuya stood with a shocked expression. "Take away my connection to Amina or I'll turn you back to ash." He tossed the bag of Shen Gong Wu to Chase Young, who watched the argument with a smirk.

Looking at Kimiko, Chase said, "I'm starting to like this kid."

Wuya grinned at Lysander's request. "If you wish." Her hands lit up a brilliant green as she chanted magic words. Green mist surrounded Lysander and Amina, and both began to writhe in pain. Falling to the ground, Sander and his sister began to shrink.

Kimiko screamed at her boyfriend's pain, and fell to the ground when all that was left was a heap of clothing. Chase glared at the witch, unable to understand what had been done.

"It is done."

In a burst of fury, Kimiko grabbed the Yin Yoyo, and opened a portal to the other world. The circle of black sucked in the wicked witch, the entrapped bean, and the pile of clothes that had once been Amina Bean. As soon as the three were gone, the entrance disappeared into nothingness.

Crying, she attempted to pick up the remains of Lysander, only to find none. Chase wrapped his arms around the monk, comforting her with his warmth.

Why must all my loved ones leave me? She wondered.

He pushed back her hair. "Kimiko. This may not be the correct time but, I love you."

She managed a small smile, kissing him gently on the lips. "I love you too, Chase. Promise me you will stay with me forever."

He nodded with all sincerity. "If you wish, my love. I give my word."

They proceeded to leave the temple ruins in each other's embrace, hoping this visit would be their last. Before they teleported home, a small cry forced Kimiko to stop. Turning, she found the piles of Lysander's clothes were moving.


Chase moved with unnatural quickness to discern what was inside the pile. To his surprise, it was a fair-haired baby boy, with the most beautiful emerald eyes. It was obvious that it was Lysander, and his ability to stay in the regular world if his parents and trace of Amina were in the Yin-Yang universe proved he was now cut off from their control.

Kimiko lifted up the drooling child in glee, smiling with tears. "Well, Chase. I guess we are gunna have kids a bit sooner than we expected."