So I had to do this for a project in my English class after we saw the play. It was pretty good so I thought I'd post it. It's just Jordan's thoughts about what happened between her and Nick after he left. Review and let me know what you think! Sorry that it's kinda short :P It was longer on my paper.

It wasn't cheating, not really.

The ball was hardly away from the hole, less than a quarter of an inch. It had just stopped rolling when the hem of my dress brushed it, sending it into the hole and making me win the game. I was a stroke up, but had my dress not kissed the ball softly it was possible I could've lost. Did I report it? Of course not! That game was everything to me. To win the championship was all I'd wanted since I'd been a little girl, holding my daddy's golf club, listening to him tell the story of how he'd made it that far only to lose, while I practiced my stroke. Calling foul on myself for a move no one else had seen made no sense in that moment, when my pride and lifelong dream were on the line. I simply let them all think I'd won, fair and square. There's no spice in life if you don't take a risk and cheat in a game once in a while, my mother always said.

But safety does have its appeal. Nick Carraway showed me that. His honesty about everything fascinated me. That someone could tell the truth so openly and despise lies so much…it drew me. I was a moth going to a flame. I wanted his honesty, his ease of speaking truthfully. He was so sweet and caring, contrasting my wantonness and twisted mouth. He was cautious about everything, not liking the way I drove willy-nilly, not paying attention to the pedestrians. His caution was adorable and only made me want him more.

But that blasted Tom! He told Nick of my deception, how I really had won the championship. How could I deny those soulful eyes, questioning me? How could I lie to such a sweet man when the truth was in my heart? How could I deny him the truth he so loved and cherished? It was impossible. I admitted, I told him of the deception, and he shunned me as someone of high class would shun a peasant. I no longer had his trusting heart, though unbeknownst of him, he held mine when he left that day.

Life with spice makes it hot and fun, but sometimes stopping for a little sweetness and safety is pleasurable, too. Nick taught me that.