Aí brisingr Hjareya

Ch.1 Childhood Dreams

Two five year old kids were sitting out on the stone wall of their school at recesses talking. The first was a little boy with long red hair and bright green eyes. His best friend was the little girl with black hair and red eyes. The red haired boy said "Jamie let's stay friends when we're big." Jamie said "You bet Lea!" the bell rang.

It was fifth grade and the two eleven year old friends had survived one last year at the elementary school. They swore to each other to be together all through school. They walked home only to find a odd sight at Lea's home. A For sell sign in his lawn. His mom was waiting for them. She said "Lea honey your dad got a new job, out of country and were moving he agreed to let you finish elementary school."

Lea was crushed he looked at Jamie who was sad but said "It's for the better right. Oh by the way... can borrow him for awhile Mrs. Galenedel?" Mrs. Galenedel said "Well it was agreed he was to spend one last night with his friend. Go on you two and behave you hear me?" They both said "Yes"

Jamie took Lea to her uncle Bonezs armory shop and saw the grizzled man turn and say "Ah Jamie and Lea. Why the long faces?" Jamie sighed and said "Lea's moving and remember what you promised him?" Bonezs smiled and said "Ah yes, the Chakarams. Here you are young man. Now this normally would have been given to you on your 16th birthday but we won't see you. So here take good care of them. Lea smiled never forgetting his best friend Jamie...