A.N-Okay, this was sort of inspired by other fanfictions, and just reading about Khione. It's short, I know, but I think it shows the goddess' thought pretty well. Sort of one/none-sided Khinoe/Phobos and one/none-sided Khione/Deimos.

She wants to encase them both in ice.

The Roman who defied her and would not submit to her, the handsome son of Jupiter who could do so much better than a pesky daughter of Aphrodite — and what is a Roman praetor doing with a nobody Greek anyway? Don't any interactions between the races cause bloodshed and war?

Anyway, she doesn't care if Zethes wants the girl, as long as she can keep Jason. What beauty, what power. He can be useful, too, to the Mistress. She prefers to keep him as a statue, but she will obey Gaia. She just wants him back, at the end, her pretty little pet in his pretty little cage. Frozen in time, her immobile prize.

(She doesn't want the Fire One in ice — she just wants him cold and dead, and his fire extinguished.)

And she wants the other boy — the one she hasn't met, but that Gaia talks about constantly. Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon. When she heard his father's name, she bristled, becoming colder. So the demigod shares a father with her child, her beloved Eumolpus who she had to give away. She hates Poseidon, and by default she hates his son. But his son is beautiful and powerful, things she is attracted to. Yes! She will have the two Big Three sons at her feet, frozen and cold and hers alone (she doesn't care if Polybotes wants him — her son's brother is hers).

(Should she freeze their cousin, the third Big Three son? Hades' child? She never cared for the Underworld or its ruler, but it would make her collection more complete. Maybe she could keep the girls frozen too, Thalia and Hazel. Won't their fathers be so shamed!)

Yes, yes, when all the other pesky demigods are gone, she will round up Zeus' and Jupiter's children, Poseidon's son, and Hades' and Pluto's kids, and she will freeze them, make them hers, keep them as statues. Maybe she'll unfreeze them from time to time, just to see their reactions. Mmm, what a perfect idea. And maybe she can show them their deepest fears — Phobos, that foolish lust-driven boy, he can do that. He will do that, for her, and probably for the thirlls it brings. In fact, he has history with Poseidon's son, doesn't he? Perfect. As long as he doesn't hurt the boy's pretty face. That needs to be intact. She wants to lose herself in green eyes and blue eyes, Percy's and Jason's, her captive heroes.

"Aren't you coming?" Khione is shaken from her plotting by a voice. She turns, annoyed, to see Phobos and his brother waiting for her. She rolls her eyes and hisses at them,

"Yes, just wait a moment." Deimos growls and Phobos scowls, but they turn around and go back into the room. The ice goddess feels nothing but disdain for those sons of Ares, and likely they feel nothing for her either, so it works out — because she just doesn't 'do' relationships — but they are so impatient it drives her crazy. She turns to look out the window again and sighs, wishing she had her ice boys now, her pretty little pets in their pretty little cages, but right now she doesn't so she'll just have to wait.

"Alright, I'm coming," she calls.