The woman idolized Martha Stewart. God I couldn't take much more doilies and muffins. How did Taka Ahi determine that I needed little miss Suzy homemaker? I was hot blooded. I needed passion. I needed fire. I needed Bella Swan.

I thought about the day my wolf and I decided that we wanted Miss Bella. She was all fire as she threw a wrench at Paul who was ogling her ass while she was helping Jacob work on her truck. Of course Paul being the hot head he was didn't take kindly to having a wrench barely miss smashing into his face and he grabbed Miss Bella by the elbow and shoved her against the tree that her truck had been currently parked under blocking her in with his body. It was then she smirked and said "Are you trying to scare me stud?" Paul just looked at her. She smirked and while he was gob-smacked stepped around Paul and went back to her perch at the opened hood of the truck wiggling her ass as she bopped along to the music that was playing. Paul just stood there looking at the tree for about five minutes before he turned and with a look of determination stalked to Bella, he grabbed her, turning her around and picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they kissed.

My wolf was outraged by this. He should not be touching her. She was ours. I turned quickly and ran spraying fur before I even reached the tree line.

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