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Previously- Silently cheering on his protégé, as he freed himself from the fountain, the older man could only watch as the pirate from before appeared behind Nate with a 2x4. Nate turning just fast enough to see the beam of wood coming but not to do anything to stop it. Victor didn't even get chance to think, here we go again, before Nate crumpled to the floor and Sully's world went black again.


Sully knew nothing but the darkness again for who knew how long. Eventually the darkness gave way to little spots of light and then that was yanked into brightness when a bag was removed from Nate's head. Seeing as he was not concussed, unlike his protégé, Victor Sullivan was able to take in the surrounding room and its occupants a lot quicker than Nathan Drake. The room was made entirely of metal and there were several large metal containers in it, Nate was tied to a chair with some rope and a group of pirates were standing around him. He had heard of pirates operating in the area but he hadn't thought that they would be in league with Marlowe. Just when I thought things couldn't have gotten any worse! Neither he nor Nate had the best track record with pirates.

Looking back to Nate he could see that the younger man had composed himself and was now glaring at the leader of the pirates who was speaking Arabic, straddling a chair just in front of his friend. He knew that Nate didn't speak Arabic and could see that he had no idea what was being said but kept staring coolly at the man all the same.

"Remember me? Ramses" Well add that to the list of people Sully wanted to get back at for hurting Nate. Ramses the ridiculous hat wearing pirate you'd better be far away by the Victor Sullivan got back to Yemen.

"You should thank me my friend" Nate scoffed under his breath before replying in a voice heavy with sarcasm, "Right…'thanks'" Damn it Nate! Why do you always have to wind up the people who capture you?

"No, really. The English lady paid me to get rid of you" And sully did not like the hand motion that went with that sentence one bit. The pirate slid one hand across his neck with and evil grin. "But me? I'm a nice guy. I saved your life."

"It would never have been in danger if you hadn't whacked him over the head!" Yelled sully annoyed at Nate being in yet another dangerous situation where he could do nothing but watch. Was the kid even planning on telling him that this had happened?

"Right now, I am the only friend you got"

"Uh-huh. And now you figure I owe you something, is that it?"

"Smart guy. I like that" replied the pirate with a nod "You are way ahead of me. It is really a simple question…Iram of the Pillars,"

Nate sighed again and Sully echoed it, how in the hell did these guys find out about Ubar?

"Of course" muttered Nate

Ramses leaned right forwards "Where is it?"

Shaking his head Nate looked up at the pirate captain "I don't know buddy"

"Bullshit!" The anger could be heard in his voice and Sully couldn't help but growl slightly in the back of his throat, Nate really didn't know, the kid was useless at constellations and could only just find the north star.

"Look, even if I did know, my life wouldn't be worth very much once I told you know would it?"

"You insult me"

"You're a pirate" Nate's tone was incredulous.

"And a good business man, give me some respect" Ramses stood up, moving the chair to the side and slamming it on the floor with a loud bang that echoed in the metal room. Before moving to circle ominously around Drake. "Let's try this again" he stopped behind Nate and leaned down to talk in his ear. Nathan turned his head away instinctively and Sully took a swing at the pirate, despite knowing from his earlier encounter, trying to punch Talbot, that it would do nothing. "

"Where is Iram Nathan?"

"Look you can torture me all you want-" Nate didn't get very far before he was interrupted,

"Okay" "No!" yelled Sully, going over the injuries real Nate had and trying to remember if he had seem any indications of torture. This was not something that he would be able to watch! Nate's panicked look at the quick response was already increasing Sully's heart rate. He would not be able to take actual torture! Ramses was now walking away and two of the other pirates were advancing on Nate. "But I can't tell you what I don't know" tried Drake.

The pirate captain turned around, holding his hands up to halt the other pirates, " Maybe so, We'll see if your friend is more…cooperative"

Hang on, what friend? Thought Sully, unless he meant Elena? But surely she hadn't been captured too? He'd left her at a safe house they'd established as soon as they'd arrived. No way Marlowe had found that! Quickly glancing back at Nate he could see the worry and anger warring in his eyes, the kid was pretty laid back most of the time, cocky even. But threatening someone he cared about was a bad idea.

"What? Who?" demanded Nathan.

"Your friend- Victor Sullivan" Damn it all to hell cursed Sully, "I'm not there Nate don't listen to this asshole!" he moved to stand in front of Nate , hating the way his protégés eyes looked straight through him.

"I don't want to do this, at his age, it may be too much for him" he turned to start walking out again,

"Wait!"spoke Nate.

"No, no no" replied the pirate raising one hand as he continued walking out in a mockery of a casual goodbye. He turned as he approached the doorway "You have given me no choice, perhaps your friend will be more…grateful for his life" and the Ramses was gone, leaving Nate yelling "Wait, leave Sully alone" to his retreating back, surrounded by pirates. With a smirk the face of Ramses reappeared around the door frame. "Bye Nathan" before closing the door and leaving Nate with the pirates. "You don't touch him!" yelled Nate. Before his view of the door was blocked by a pirate wearing a garish orange jacket, who laughed as he raised a fist "This is gunna be fun"

At the first punch Sully could see that Nate wouldn't be able to take this for long. Needing all the time it took for the pirate to circle his chair before his eyes even focused on the room again.

"Don't want to tell us what we want to know huh?" asked the pirate. Nate remained silent and the pirate knelt down to yell into his face. "I'm talking to you boy!" Before he could say or do anything else Nate head-butted him, sending the pirate stumbling backwards, before surging to his feet and bashing another man into a container, breaking the chair and freeing himself from his bonds in the process. "Atta boy Nate" Barely able to watch the following fight, Sully had to keep reminding himself that Nate was alive and they had both made it. Once the group of pirates, Sully counted 8 unconscious bodies on the floor were dealt with, a huge mammoth of a man dropped down from on top of one of the containers, smashing a crate in the process. He made Nate look like a child.

"Oh shit, where did you come from?" muttered Nate, raising his fists again. Unable to look away Sully, watched as Nate was sent flying by a kick from mammoth-man. Quickly rolling to his feet just in time to avoid his face getting stepped on Nate kicked the man in the nuts to bringing his head down to within punching distance. Although he was at a disadvantage height wise, Nate had always been fast and wasn't above fighting dirty. Something Drake said he'd learned living on the streets, and that was all Sully had gotten from him about it. After nearly getting strangled Nate, kicked the guy down to his knees again and with a double fisted hit that left both of them of the floor, finally took mammoth man down.

"And stay down…please" said Nate, Sully barely catching the last word and inwardly cringing. The kid may have meant it to be funny, but he could hear the exhaustion in his tone. After trying the door, and finding it locked, Nate's eyes went up, as they always seemed to wherever they were, Nate seemed to associate height with safety and whilst Sully would admit the kid was the best at climbing pretty much everything, he didn't seem to be in a very good state to be climbing anything at the moment. Be careful, he thought watching Nate make his way up to an old looking crane, that immediately started to give under his weight, and dropped onto the floor, the second he let go. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sully couldn't bring himself to care about the pirates that it might have landed on. Nate grabbed his holster from the wall outside the room he was held in and it became obvious that he was on some kind of ship from the door, a very old ship judging from the rust and the way Nathan was struggling to open them. Drake gave a huge shove and nearly fell off the floor as it disappeared down onto the metal skeleton of a ship several metres below. What the hell have you gotten yourself into now kid? Muttered Sully worried at the fact that Nate must have been well and truly out, for the pirates to have gotten him all the way to wherever here was. "Crap, where the hell am I? Look at this place. Here goes nothing" not sure if he should amused or concerned that Nate was talking to himself, Sully tried to figure out where Nate thought he could go from here.

Impressed and terrified at Nathan's leap onto an old rope and his route through the wrecked ships and down into the sea. Surfacing with a gasp Nate's "Freezing… Shit" made Sully's worry spike again, what had his superior in the navy told him about people surviving in the open water again. Was it days or hours, he couldn't remember. Either way, Nate needed to move, following him as he dived under some more wreckage, Sully noticed that he was underwater too, but wasn't wet or cold. It was a weird sensation.

After several minutes of swimming and climbing Nate came upon an area that was heavily guarded.

"All right Sully, you're out here somewhere" Anger at Ramses surged forwards again at Nate's words, he knew how he would feel if their roles had been reversed. But knowing that Nate had believed that Sully was being tortured, it was an unpleasant feeling, and despite Nate seemingly handling it all very well, he could see by the tight lines on his face and the stubborn set of his shoulders that he was worried.

But watching the younger man fight his way through the never ending number of pirates he couldn't help but feel a touch of pride. The kid that he'd found in Cartagena was still in there, the same brilliant, smart-mouthed little kid, but he'd help mature that kid into the man he was watching. The man who was risking his like, and behaving more recklessly than usual to save him, and whilst there would still be a lecture later on reckless behaviour, and despite Drake saying it to himself as a joke he was going to make sure he got that tetanus shot. But Nathan had a plan, and he was better at hand to hand fighting than Sully had ever seen him. As he watched his protégé make his way to the radio tower he couldn't help but think, that out of all the criminal things he had done in his life, here was one thing that he had done right.

When Drake finally made it to the radio tower, Sully couldn't help but share Nate's disappointment that the radio was trashed, but within seconds the younger man had another plan. That was another thing Nate had always been good at, Improvising. Sully's small moment of pride was quickly extinguished when Nate only just dodged an RPG and lost a fight against a pirate that left him falling into the sea through several weakened wooden floors. No wonder he was so bruised, thought Sully, fall like that!

Quickly winning the ensuing gun fight Nate started to make his way towards Ramses' ship. Shoulder barging though a door, the first thing Sullivan noticed was the change in the weather. In his time in the navy, there had been several storms that had come up from nowhere like this one had, and they were always the worst ones. The make-shift platforms that the pirates had constructed floated on the waves but Victor knew that once the worst of the storm got here, they would no longer be safe. Quickly and quietly taking out the guards Nate made it to the gangway leading onto a small boat, and Sully thought that he would make it. Nathan must have made it to the boat or he would never have met Sully in the desert. Breathing a sigh of relief Sully assumed that the worst must be over.

"Hang on Sully, I'm on my way" muttered Drake, and Sully was getting more worried about the talking to himself after so many hits to the head. Looking ahead of his protégé Sully saw the RPG coming and again felt the frustration swell within him that there was nothing he could do but watch. Drake jumped off the gangway, just in time as the platform that it was attached to exploded. The storm was getting worse and now Nate was in the water. Cursing both their lucks he floated above the scene trying to remind himself that Nathan made it, he was alive.

Drake crawled up a gangplank towards the another boat. "Don't leave without me boys" and Sully couldn't help the grin that snaked across his face. Even soaked to the skin, concussed and in the middle of a deadly storm, Nate was still Nate. Another kick to the face caused him to lose the grin as Nate lay sprawled on the platform, for several seconds. Letting his eyes leave the prone form of his protégé. Sully saw the wave coming before Nate had even dragged himself to his feet. "Aw Crap, Move it kid!"

He knew the moment Nate saw it too, the look of utter shock on his face would have been comical in any other situation. "Holy Shit!" Turning to run, despite probably knowing it would be pointless Nate's "Big wave, big wave!" was lost with him as Sully lost sight of Nathan under the torrent of water. For several heart stopping seconds, Sully couldn't see Drake anywhere. He makes it though, this, I know he makes it though this, was repeating through Victor's mind.

Suddenly movement and Nate's voice brought him back to what was happening. Drake had made it out of the water and was sprinting towards the final boat. "Can't let you boys leave me behind" With one final leap, Nate was on the boat and moving away from the platforms doomed by the storm.

The following boat battle, put any James Bond boat chase to shame. Fighting against all the odds, and going from surrounded by pirates to taking down a pirate ship with an RPG, proved to Sully that the kid loved him. Sure part of his was for survival, but if survival was all Nate was thinking about he could have hijacked one of the other boats and been far away from here by now. The fact that he was trying to get onto Ramses' ship to rescue Sully when he wasn't even there, proved to Sully that he wasn't the only one who had found family in Cartagena all those years ago.

With the boat he was on going down, Nate made a last minute jump onto a ladder running up the side of Ramses' ship, the huge waves submerging him more than once as they smashed into the ship's hull. Clambering to the relative safety of the lower deck, Nate once again told Sully to hold on before jumping onto the rear lifeboat and just barely managing to climb up its support system to the upper deck. Silently taking out two guards and making his way over some cargo containers onto the main deck of the ship. Watching Nate duck out of sight behind a crate on some scaffolding. Sully left Nate to try and figure out how he'd get past the latest bunch of pirate goons. And instead looked around the ship, it was big that was for sure, and he couldn't help but wonder where the pirate had gotten it from. He hadn't bought it that was for sure, must have stolen it. A badly timed wave, knocked several of the support beams holding up the scaffolding loose sending Nate and no small amount of metal and crates falling onto the main deck.

"So much for stealth", muttered Nate

Another wave knocked several of the metal containers loose and they began sliding along the deck with the rolling of the boat as it battled its way through the storm, and Sully took small comfort in the fact the although this made it harder for Nate it also made it harder for the pirates. The lesser pirates, were no match for Drake and he made short work of them, the guy in the reinforced metal armour, that made Sully worry for a while, but again Nate emerged victorious. Bruised and unbalanced on the roiling ship but victorious.

Clenching his fists unconsciously at the sound of Ramses' voice "Take the prisoner to the hold" Sully vowed to himself that if he ever met the pirate, it would be a very short, very violent meeting.

"The hold huh? Thanks for the tip Ramses." Said Nate, catching himself from another violent wave against a railing. Don't listen kid, this is going to be a trap! Muttered Sully, starting to come to terms with the fact that he couldn't change what was happening.

Nate stopped at the entrance to the inside of the ship. "Well, into the Lion's den"

(And that's where I would have left you, but seeing as I promised a longer chapter, here you go!)

Following Nathan through the revolving door, Sully took in the enormous room before them. This definitely used to be a cruise ship. They were currently in the ballroom, judging from the grand piano and the chandeliers.

"Okay, better try and do this silently" Sully almost laughed at the thought, Nate was hardly ever quiet, even now he talking to himself. As predicted, Nate's silent attack only lasted for three guys, before he was spotted and a massive firefight broke out. Resulting in the once beautiful ballroom, being pretty much destroyed, in a hail of bullets, RPGs and grenades, but again, Nate was the last one standing.

Finally Nate managed to make his way to the hold and Sully hated the hope in Nate's voice when he saw the tied up 'Sully'.

"Sully…Sully it's Nate" At each call that didn't get an answer Nate's voice got louder and more concerned. "Sully!" The closer he got the slower he walked and Victor had no idea if it was because Nate was imagining all the worst case scenarios or because he'd figured out that it wasn't Sully under there. "Sully?" The first one then. Only Sully was close enough to see the minute shakes in Nate's hand as he reached for the bag over non-sully's head, and the widening of his eyes as it was finally revealed that Sully wasn't aboard the ship.

"He's not here" For once Sully was unable to read Nate's voice, there was no emotion in it at all. No relief, no anger, no nothing and that scared Sully. Even when they'd only just met he's been able to detect the emotional state of his young charge by listening to his voice. When he was excited, tired, angry, it was all in the tone of his voice. To hear him sound so defeated was not normal. Adding that to the growing list of things that he'd have to talk to Nate about. He focused back on the scene. Knowing it was a trap before Nate had even entered the room, he'd tried to look for Ramses and his pirate crew. They must have been nearby, but he was curious about Nate's reaction and had found himself watching him instead. Now he could easily make out Ramses and some of his men as they cocked their weapons. Raising his hands Nate, slowly turned around with a whispered. "Oh crap".

"Nathan" There was that voice again, the bastard that had started all of this. "You have given me so much trouble" Moving to stand in front on Nate in an unconscious move to protect him Sully flipped Ramses the bird. "I promise you, we're going to end it now"

Nate moved forwards slowly, hands still raised. "You never had him did you?" he asked in the same emotionless tone. "Of course not!" Spat the pirate captain. "I lied, remember, I'm a pirate" and the smug grin that slid across his face made Sully hate him even more. With a fast hand movement and more Arabic Ramses ordered one of his men to move forwards. Stepping out from behind a container a pirate with a coil of rope stepped forwards, laughing as he did so.

"Yeah that's right buddy, keep laughing" muttered Nate and Sully knew in that second that was going to do something stupid. With another order in Arabic Ramses signalled his man forwards. Nate advanced too, walking right through Sully, grabbing the oncoming pirate by the shoulders and head-butting him violently, before reaching down and plucking a grenade from the reeling pirates belt. In one fluid move he kicked the pirate away, tossed the grenade, pulled his gun and shot Ramses in the shoulder. Just managing to reach the cover of a box before the grenade detonated blowing a hole into the ships hull, knocking him to his knees. Still hovering above the scene Sully couldn't help but cheer at the pain on the pirate's face. Take that you bastard pirate-scum! He watched with a grim grin as Ramses was helped away by two of his lackeys.

As much as he was pleased that Nate had gotten out of a situation that Sully was sure would have ended in his death, he couldn't help but worry. Drake had just crippled the only working boat within miles and he still had no idea where Nate even was. How the hell did he make it back to Yemen?

With the water level in the hold rising, and Nate distracted by several pirates who were determined to kill him enough to stay on a sinking ship. Some even jumping down to the floor of the hold, where Nate was already paddling through the rising water.

"We're sinking, if you haven't noticed!" yelled Nate as he dodged bullets from a guy with a riot shield. Just as he'd taken out the last guy the water level surged higher. Tipping the entire ship onto its side. Everything that wasn't tied down fell into the water. Including Nate. Resurfacing with a gasp Nate clawed at the water to stay afloat.

"I gotta get out of here" Damn straight kid, move it!" Commanded Sully. Once again making good use of his ability to climb almost anything Nate climbed into a corridor and made his way over to a door in the floor. Unable to keep his grip Nate fell onto a door below, the landing hard and painful from the pained noises he made. Awww Kid thought Sully, reaching out a hand to try and help him up. Not even seeing him Nate pushed himself to his feet. One hand cradling his left shoulder. Quickly moving away from the door that was leaking water he leapt over a railing. Another door exploded open from the water pressure and Nate struggled to keep his balance as the water swirled around his ankles. Another spout of water shot up to his left and the force of it knocked a fuse box of the ceiling. In landed hard on top of Nate knocking him flat with a short cry of pain and submerging him in the rising water level, struggling against the fuse box and the downward pull of the water, Nate forced his head above the water level and gasped loudly for breath, pushing feebly against the fuse box. Taking one final gulp of air before the rising water level left him completely submerged. Unable to stop himself, Sully struggled to get under the water too, determined to somehow help Nate. He watched as Nate gave one angry push at the fuse box, wasting precious air before his survival instincts kicked in properly and he was able to push the fuse box off him, pushing of the floor with his legs in a frantic swim for the surface. Gasping in air once he got there, before taking a deep breath as the water claimed the small pocket of air. Underwater again Sully frantically looked around but couldn't see any way out. His earlier mantra of , Nate's alive, completely forgotten as his protégé flailed in the water, struggling with a ventilation grate before, finally, swimming through a shaft and coming out on the level above. Coughing up water and unable to drag himself from the water for a few moments as he regained his breath.

Victor too needed a few moments after that last scare and found himself slumped on the floor rather than floating above the scene. Just as Nate got to his feet, a sound from behind him made him turn and Sully jumped to his feet. He shouldn't have let his guard down the kid wasn't out of this yet. A screw shot from the wall, leaving a jet of water in its wake. Move it Nate! The whole goddamn door's gunna go!" Yelled Sully trying to drag Nate away from the danger, but unable to even touch him. "Oh no, oh shit!" yelled Nate as he turned and ran, jumping over several gaps in the floor. Unable to fully make the last jump, he clung to the edge, boxes and various other bits of debris pelting him in the back before he was able to climb up. Running towards another door, Nate stopped short as it too exploded open, letting in another flood of water. Changing course Nathan climbed up a thick cord hanging from the wall and made his way up what had been a corridor of rooms, using the doors as handholds he slowly but surely made his way away from the water.

The next door he reached swung open under his weight and Sully thought Nate would fall. But the kid had amazingly strong grip and managed, through sheer force of will to pull himself up into the room. The room being sideways obviously confused Nate as he asked "Which way is up?" to no one in particular. Making his way up the fallen furniture he climbed up yet another door and made short work of the room beyond that. Kicking open the final door, the noise of the storm outside again became obvious. Running along the side of the ship, closely followed by Sully, Nate made his way towards a glass lift. Looking down as he floated alongside Drake Victor could see the ballroom far below them, furniture strewn across the floors and chandeliers hanging at odd angles. The huge glass roof, acting like an aquarium exhibit, the rising water level obvious and the murky green hue of the sea all that could be seen through it.

After making it to the lift, Drake quickly pressed the button "All right, come on", nothing happened, giving it a swift kick Nate sighed in relief as the doors slid shut "Finally, something went right"

Sully sighed under his breath "Well, you defiantly jinxed that kid" The lift jolted, and the glass floor Nate was standing on, cracked slightly. "Oh Shit" whispered Nate, as if speaking loudly would cause more cracks. "You said it Kid" replied Sully. The cracks widened as the life jolted again backing up into a corner, Nate had nowhere to go. "Oh Shit, no no no" Suddenly the lift came to a stop and the ding that signalled arrival at a floor chimed. Before Sully could let out his next breath, the floor gave way and Nate dropped from next to him. Just managing to catch himself on one of the chandeliers. Slowly making his way down Nate started talking again. "Can't get much worse than this" leaping onto another cord, he cried out as it gave way dropping him several feet and showering him in glass. Nate laughed to himself, "Yes it can" he muttered. Swinging on the cord to a lower part of the chandelier, which gave way the second he landed on it, dropping Nate several metres to the floor, before falling down after him. Trying to crawl away but unable to move fast enough, Drake curled up into a ball and Sully watched in amazement as the chandelier fell around him, the small hole at its centre just fitting around Nate's curled up body. Someone somewhere is watching over you kid. Laughing to himself again Nate picked himself up. "How 'bout that?" Before once again running for the nearest exit. "Okay time to get out of this aquarium". Believing that this misadventure was finally at an end Sully, once again returned to wondering how the hell Nate got from a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean to Yemen. His thoughts were cut off by a loud gunshot. Fearing the worst Sully spun, amazed to see that Ramses had somehow survived, despite getting shot by Drake earlier and was brandishing a shotgun. Looking frantically at Nate, Sully was relieved to see that he wasn't injured the shot clearly meant to get his attention rather than kill him. Speaking angry Arabic Ramses made his way down aiming a wavering gun at Nate. "See you in hell habibi" he cursed, suddenly altering the direction of his gun and shooting the already cracked glass that Sully had been admiring earlier.

Within seconds, the cracks from the bullet impact shot to every part of the massive glass panes, and unable to take the pressure of the water, it shattered with a resounding crash, sweeping away Ramses within seconds. Turning tail and running for his life, Nate sprinted through the doorway he'd been in earlier and Sully found himself dragged along.

"Ah, no… Crazy son-of-a-bitch!" yelled Nate as he sprinted down a corridor. The ship turned again, beginning its final stage in its journey toward the seabed and Sully was impressed at Nate's ability to keep his feet. A sharp right turn brought him into a corridor that was lit only by emergency lighting and the fuse boxes as they exploded upon contact with the water. Showering Nate's running form in sparks. Leaping off the side of the ship into the sea just as a massive wave of water burst out from the corridor behind him. Nate disappeared among the torrent of water as it mixed with the thundering waves.

"Nate!" cried Sully. This time there was no cocky remark, and for a horrible moment, Sully thought that by using the medallion he might have somehow changed history. Wanting nothing more than to snap out its hold on him and check that Nate was still with him. A gasp of breath somewhere to his right dragged him over and he found Nate gripping to a tiny piece of driftwood choking against the water the surrounded him. A sudden darkness began to creep in around the edges of Sully's vision and a cold horror swept down his spine. Nate was losing consciousness. Trying to get nearer to his protégé proved useless as Nate's head slumped down onto the driftwood and the darkness swept in.