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It had started out innocently enough. Booth had decided to have a barbeque and had invited all of the squints, Cam, Sweets and several FBI agents over for a little Saturday get together. Booth had grilled up steaks, ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, corn and potatoes. Brennan had decided to make several different kinds of salads and everything was ready when their company had arrived.

After everyone had eaten, Wendell decided to try to get a game of flag football started. The teams were split up and it was FBI against Squints. Hodgins had protested that the FBI Agents were all bigger than they were; so, the FBI weren't really playing fair. Booth, sitting on a chair watching Hodgins and Harris arguing, closed his eyes to take a little nap. The next thing he knew, Booth was being hauled to his feet by Agents Harris and Holtz and told that he had to play with the squints; so, that they would quit complaining and actually play the game.

Protesting, Booth had told the players that he didn't want to play; but, Harris insisted that a good host would make sure that everyone was having a good time. A little insulted about the implication that he wasn't a good host, Booth agreed to play.

The game had gone as predicted. Booth was good; but, he couldn't win the game by himself and although Wendell was a fairly decent athlete, hockey was his sport, not football. Booth had handled the ball most of the time for the Squints and towards the end of the game, Booth was running with the ball when Agent Brown, getting a little carried away tackled Booth instead of grabbing for his towel. Booth, not expecting to be tackled, found himself falling down with Brown holding onto his waist. Going down, Booth, holding onto the ball, landed on his side with his right arm under the ball and his weight and Brown's weight putting too much pressure on his right arm.

When Brown had stood up, he leaned over to help Booth stand up. Booth reaching up realized that his arm was really hurting and at the same time felt kind of numb. Sitting up, Booth looked closer at his arm and realized that it looked odd.

Looking around, Booth spotted Brennan walking towards him and said, "I need you to look at my arm, Bones. It looks weird."

Brennan walking over quickly to where Booth was sitting on the ground, knelt down next to him, put her right hand under his right arm and looked at it. Frowning, Brennan looked at Booth and said, "We need to go to the emergency room, Booth."

Nodding, Booth gingerly got up from the ground, held his right arm against his chest with his left hand and followed Brennan around the side of the house to the car. It was decided to leave Christine at home and Cam would stay to look after her.


Booth had been in the emergency room for about four hours when he had finally been released. He had suffered a fractured ulna and his right lower arm had been put into a cast. Booth had really hated to hear that because the last time he'd had a cast, the itching had driven him to distraction. Of course, his putting things into his cast to scratch his skin had driven Brennan to distraction.


Because Booth was in pain, Brennan had stopped at the pharmacist to fill a prescription for pain medicine. Booth, not wanting to sit in the store, stayed in the truck and stared at the passing traffic. Feeling dull, Booth hadn't really noticed Brennan was in the truck again until she tapped his shoulder and handed him a pill and then a bottle of water. Looking at the pill, Booth had stared at it until Brennan told him that it worked better in his body than in his hand. Putting the pill in his mouth, he chased it down with a swig of water. Holding the water in his hand, Booth continued to look at the passing traffic.


Arriving home, Brennan had parked the truck and then walked around the truck to open the door for Booth so he could get out of the truck. Opening the door, Brennan leaned into the truck and said, "Booth we're home. You can get out of the truck now."

Smiling, Booth turned to look at Brennan and said, "Bones, there you are. Where've you been Bones?"

Frowning, Brennan said, "I walked around the truck."

Still smiling, Booth said, "Oh, that's nice. Where are we?"

Sighing, Brennan said, "We're home. You can get out of the truck."

Scratching his nose, Booth looked at Brennan and said, "Stand back Bones. I might fall out of the truck. I can't feel my lower legs. Is that normal? How come I can't feel my lower legs when I broke my arm? Is my legs attached to my arm? I didn't think that's true; but, I can't feel my legs, Bones. How come I can't feel my legs?"

Worried, Brennan said, "You must be suffering some side effects from the pain medication you took. Your legs are not attached to your arm. You just need to be careful when you get out of the truck."

Reaching down with his left hand and touching his legs, Booth looked at Brennan and said, "They're still there. That's good. I wasn't sure."

Looking down, Booth moved his lower legs so that they were facing the door and then slid out of the truck. Watching his feet, Booth said, "How can I walk if I can't feel my feet? I can't feel those either Bones. Did you know I can't feel my feet?"

Putting her arm around Booth's waist, Brennan said, "Slowly walk to the house, Booth. You should be able to walk that far."

Hearing the front door open, Brennan saw Wendell walk over to them. Wendell, looking at Booth's drunken stance, put his arm around Booth's shoulders and said, "Let me help, Dr. Brennan. You just follow behind just in case he starts to fall."

Smiling at Wendell, Brennan said,"Booth is reacting to his pain meds."

Booth, looking at Wendell, said, "Hey Wendell, did you know my feet are missing?"

Smiling, Wendell said, "No they're still there. If you look down you'll see them."

Puzzled, Booth looked down and then back up and said, "Hey, hey, Bones, where are you Bones?"

Putting her hand on Booth's lower back, Brennan said, "I'm behind you, Booth. Walk to the house. I'll follow you."

Nodding his head, Booth said, "Ok."

Looking down, Booth watched his feet as he walked to the door. Arriving at the front doorway, Wendell let go of Booth and stood behind him. Booth, seeing the door was open, walked through the doorway and stopped when he found himself in the living room. Looking around, Booth said, "Where are we? Bones, where are you? Where are we?"

Gently pushing Booth, Brennan said, "Walk over to the couch and sit down, Booth. You're home. This is our house."

Smiling, Booth walked over to the couch, sat down and then looked up at Wendell and Brennan, "You can't trick me. This is my house. I recognize that chair over there."

Shaking her head, Brennan said, "Yes, we can't trick you, Booth."

Cam walking down the stairs, looked at Booth and said, "I guess he broke something."

Looking over at Cam, Booth said, "Hey, I thought I was in our house. Bones, I thought you said we're home. How come my chair is at Cam's house?"

Shaking her head, Cam said, "Oh, boy."

Nodding her head, Brennan said, "This will be the only time, Booth ever takes this particular pain medication."

Looking at Booth and then Brennan, Cam said, "I think I'll stay the night and look after Christine while you look after Booth."

Staring at Booth staring at his chair, Wendell said, "He looks like he's been on an all day drinking binge."

Jerking his head up, Booth said, "Watch it Wendell I'm not too drunk that I can't kick your ass. Bones, I haven't been drinking have I? I don't remember drinking. I think Wendell got me drunk, Bones. You need to kick his ass because I can't feel my feet."

Pushing Wendell to the door, Brennan said, "Thank you Wendell. I think you'd better leave now."

Nodding his head, Booth said, "Yeah, go home Wendell. You can get into trouble getting me drunk behind my back you know."

Frowning, Booth jerked his head, looked at his chair again and said, "Bones, why is my chair moving?"

Shaking her head, Cam said, "God, this is going to be a long night."


I actually had this happen to me once when I took Darvon for a severe case of tonsillitis. Freaked my parents out. Didn't do me a lot of good either. Ha Ha