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Angela had worked for several hours; but, finally she had the information that Booth needed. Calling Booth, Angela wearily explained, "Ok, I found Combs. He's at the City Hospital in Martinsburg, West Virginia. I can't believe that he drove up there for medical help. Because of HIPPA I couldn't find out what he's there for. He's been there for three and a half days now."

Grimly looking at Lester, Booth responded, "You did great Angela. Lester and me will drive up there as soon as I let Cullen know what's going on. Oh, just to let you know, we found Louise's car. My techs are going over it right now. So far, they've found blood from two different sources in the car. They're going to run DNA and let me know who we have. They did tell me that the blood types match Louise and Combs."

Sighing, Angela growled, "Yeah, let him talk his way out of this one."

Ending his call, Booth smiled, "Well Lester, Angela found the bastard. He's at the City Hospital in Martinsburg, West Virginia."

Puzzled, Lester replied, "Martinsburg? Damn that's quite a drive from here if you're hurt."

Shrugging his shoulders, Booth remarked, "Yeah, well it's a straight shot up 81 from Front Royal. I guess he dumped Louise's body and then he drove himself as far as he could. Maybe he thought crossing state lines would prevent us from finding him."

Laughing, Lester sneered, "He forgot we have the Jeffersonian helping us . . . the guys an idiot."

Scratching his right hand, Booth added, "He thinks he's a genius. Now he's going to find out what a genius really looks like."


Walking into the Jeffersonian, Booth hurried over to Brennan's office. Walking through the doorway, Booth smiled upon seeing Brennan, "Hey, I'm on the way to Martinsburg, West Virginia. We're going to go get Combs."

Standing, Brennan walked quickly over to where Booth was standing. Wrapping her arms around his waist, Brennan leaned against him and kissed him, "Please be careful. Combs is psychotic and I don't want you to get hurt. Do you want me to come with you?"

Shaking his head, Booth kissed Brennan and then replied, "Nope, Lester and Brian are in the truck. They're good and I can count on them to have my back. You stay here and I'll call you when we arrest the bastard. I appreciate you wanting to come with me; but, I'm sure the guy isn't going to be a problem. He's been in the hospital for over three days. You know they don't keep you that long anymore unless you have something seriously wrong with you."

Nodding her head, Brennan smiled, "Alright. Once this is over, I expect you to become my full time partner again. Brian is fine as a temporary partner; but, he isn't you."

Beaming, Booth leaned over and kissed Brennan again.


They'd been driving for a little while when Brian commented, "Are we going to inform the Virginia State police before the arrest?"

Glancing back at Brian, Booth replied, "Nope. They're out of it for now. Combs is in West Virginia. We need to let the Martinsburg Police department know we're there when we get there. Cullen said he was going to personally call the Police Chief to let him know we were on the way and to ask him to send some officers to the hospital to make sure that Combs doesn't leave before we get there. The Virginia State police can find out about it once we get Combs back to D.C."

Lester, glancing at Booth and then back at the road, asked, "What about extradition? If Combs balks we'll have to go through the courts to get him extradited back to D.C."

Smiling grimly, Booth replied, "We'll ask him nicely to come with us. If he gives us trouble then that won't be a problem. I'm sure the Martinsburg Police will be more than happy to hold the bastard until we can move him."

Nodding his head, Lester glanced at Booth again, "I hope Louise tore one of his balls off."

Laughing, Booth shook his head, "God Lester. You're a vindictive son of a bitch."

Watching the road zip by, Lester responded, "You're damn right I am. Why do you think I want to be a cop? . . . I want to make scum like Combs pay for the misery they spread. They're a virus and I'm part of the cure."

Laughing, Brian stared at the back of Lester's head, "Boy Lester, maybe we should make you stay outside the hospital while we make the arrest. We wouldn't want you to accidentally shoot Combs."

Shaking his head, Lester snapped, "Ha Ha, Brian. If I shoot Combs it won't be by accident."

Turning to stare at Lester, Booth remarked, "This is all going to be done by the book. That guy is not going to get out of this. I need you to behave Lester, no accidents."

"Hey, I am not going to jeopardize our arrest of Combs. I'm not crazy."

Holding his broken arm out a little from his body, Booth remarked, "Oh yeah, you fooled me."

Blushing, Lester glanced at Booth and saw the raised arm. "That was an accident."

Smirking, Booth responded, "Just don't have any accidents around Combs. I want that guy to fry for what he did to those poor women."


So, they're going after Combs. My case is getting close to the end. Just the case, not the story.