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Queen Levianna's POV

I looked around, no one, yet. I looked down on my son. Perseus Skarl. Blessed by Lord Pontus, and Prince of the most important Kingdom of Arion. Arion. I looked at my Companion,

"Are you ready my lady?" She asked.

"Yes, and Sally, what have told you about calling me that? You are my friend. There is no need to go by formalities!"

Sally smiled,

"All right then, Queen Levianna."

I just rolled my eyes. Now, how can we get the Prince to safety, WITHOUT getting caught?

"I have an idea" said Sally

Sally was born to serve the castle in which I was living in, but Sally was an... odd case, she was blessed by the Primadiol of Memories, no one had been blessed by him in a LONG time, and when she met Sally, well the became inseparable.

"What's your idea Sally?"

"Well, you know that I've always wanted to see Earth, right?''

"Go on."

"Well why don't we ask Lord Tarturus to send the boy and myself to earth?"

I thought this over, Sally did want to see earth, she could take care of him there too...

"But what if you meet someone there? What if they know who you are? What if... you fall in LOVE? "

"That won't happen, besides even if I did... you know, I could simply plant memories in his mind so that he thinks that happened, that might even be for the best, you know?"

"I... Suppose, but who would believe that Percy is their son with his Powers?"

"Maybe... Posiedon?"

Once I realized this, an entire plan started to form, once Percy was old enough, I could give him some extra training, then he could come back! He could bring his father out of exile! And after that, he could stay with us!

"Queen Levi? Are you in there? HEEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOO?"

"We'll go with your plan."

We ran through the quiet streets of the Kingdom, when we finally reached the Forbidden Cove, it was almost sunrise.

"Tarturus! Please, we need your help!"

There was a loud rumbling, rocks fell, and the earth shook. And Tarturus emerged.

"Well, my Queen, what gives me the honour of seeing you here?"

I stared at Tarturus in shock, I didn't think that it would be this easy to Summon him!

"Please My Lord! We need your help! My brother-in-law, Jules, has taken over the Kingdom, and with my husband in exile, our son is the Kingdom's LAST HOPE! Please take my son somewhere which he can be safe until the time is right! Please!"

I watched anxiously for his answer, he seemed to be taking his time JUST to make me mad!

"I can send you to Earth, but who will take care of the boy?" Tarturus asked.

"I will." Sally stated.

Tarturus frowned, "But If you do this Sally Jackson, you may NEVER return, are you willing to make such sacrifice?" Tarturus asked her.

"Yes." She said simply, "I will."

"Then may it be done." Tarturus pointed a finger at Sally,and after a bright flash of light the baby and Sally were gone. "And as for you, my lady, I will send you back to your castle."

"Thank you, Lord Tarturus!" I said happily.

"It is my pleasure, and may Lord Chaos be with both you and the Boy!"

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