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From the Ashes

Prologue: A New Life

When the disappearance of Harry James Potter was announced, the entire wizarding world flew into panic.

It seemed that after the War and Voldemort's defeat, everyone was just too busy with their losses and fixing the damaged done to their world to notice that their Savior was suspiciously absent.

And when they did it was to late. He was gone.

There was no trance of him, magical or non-magical. It was like he didn't exist.

No one not even Harry's closes friends, Ronald and Hermione Weasley nee Granger, knew of his where abouts. They were to caught up in their own lives to realise their best friend was missing. They were living a good life. Ron was accepted into a training program after the war, and soon later graduated as a fully-fledged Auror. Hermione, true to everyone's expectations, got a job in the Ministry and is now working her way up the ranks, despite being pregnant with her second child.

Many fear the worst after Ronald Weasley reaction on this matter. Harry? No, I haven't seen him for some time. But, don't worry mate, he'll show. He said this without a slight bit of worry, he wasn't too concerned.

This cause quite of stir in the public. How can the friends of the Savior not know of his disapperance or where abouts, and not even care. For all they knew he could he been kidnap by rogue death eaters being torure or worst-died.

The order was sent - find Harry Potter was the mission of every auror.

Thousand of miles away, in a different continent known as North America. A familiar black hair green eyed man of 19 years smiled at his knew home, thanking the real estate agent. It was a beautiful stoney two story home surrounded by a white picket fence. It had a homey feeling and he loved it instantly. The house was perfect and in a good neighborhood.

A soft yawn caught his attention, and he looked at the two year old in his arms with adoration. He was so cute!

"Look Teddy, our new home." He whisper gently at the awaken toddler. The baby glanced at the house, curiosity in his bright emerald eyes.

"So do we have a deal Mr-" The real estate agent asked.

"Black. Harper Black, and yes ma'am we have a deal," Harry grinned.

"Very well Mr. Black. Here are the papers needed to be sign." She handed him the necessary paperwork and he grimed. How he hated paperwork! Signing the papers quickly he handed them back, eager to explore his new home.

She looked at the papers and nodded. "Everything seems to be in order, Mr. Black. Welcome to your new home." She smiled.

Teddy coo in response.

So, whata ya think? I be thinking of doing this story for months but I just couldn't seem to know how to start. Hope it came out well. If there is any spelling mistake please tell me and I will fix it when I can.

NOTE: If your wondering why Teddy eyes are the same color as Harry, I figure it will be better if his eyes were that color then people will believe he's Harry son better. Also, Teddy is a baby/toddler but he's smart (Remus genes) He knows to kept his eyes and hair the same color at least in public.