Title: From the Ashes

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Rating: T (may go up)

Chapter One: Our Life

Harry smiled as he listen to 7 year old Teddy chatter on about his day in school in happiness. Stopping on a red light, he couldn't help but send a blessing to Merlin (1) thanking him. Really, for the first year in hiding, he couldn't help living in anxiety. Thinking that one day the aurors were going to show right up in his living room, but after a while, he relax noticing that was not going to happen. No auror was going to find him or Teddy, they were safe.

Once again, he smiled brightly. Thank Merlin.

Parking in his driveway, he turned off his car reminding Teddy to close and lock the door correctly while hiding a fond smile as the cute youngster grumbled out a 'I know'.

"You don't need to remind me dad! I'm not a kid anymore!" Teddy said, pouting.

Raising an eyebrow, Harry looked at his son who stared at him stubbornly. "Really?"

The metamorphmagus huffed. "Yep, I'm seven now! See? Not a kid anymore." He replied knowingly, looking at his father as if sadden by his lack of knowledge. Raising both eyebrows, Harry held back a grin threating to appear of his face. Nodding his head, his made a wordless agreement causing Teddy's face to brighten.

"You're quite right."

The seven year old child adorable face became smug with satisfaction.

"So? When are you moving out?" He questioned as they walked into the beautiful, well-taken care home.

The satisfaction quickly turned into shocked confusion. "What?"

"When are you moving out?" Harry repeated the question, turning on the lights. "Or better getting a job?"

Shocked confusion became outright fear. "Huh?"

"Yeah, you got to start pulling your own weight. You're not a kid anymore as you said." His tone of voice was filled with nonchalance. "That means you're an adult and you have to act like one. That means, getting a job, your own place, paying rent and a couple of other things much too difficult for a child to handle."

He barely hid his growing grin.

"Job? Rent? Moving?" The boy mumbled, scared. Looking up at his father he wore a defeated look. "I – I don't want to be big anymore daddy." He admitted.

The hidden grin showed itself, large and wide. "I thought so."

A handsome man stared at the small quiet town, analyzing. His blue intense yet wary eyes study every home, investigated each corner with great caution. A slight, small frown settled on his lip. Moving forward his hand gripped the ancient glowing amulet, desperately almost needy. After a while his face lit up with determination and his eyes flash with fire. A cool breeze went by him as he walked on, catching his tan trench coat in the wind.

(1) Merlin - One of the most powerful wizard of all times. Sometimes called the Prince of Enchanters.

K, what do you think? I tried to make the conversation with Harry and Teddy as interesting as I could. (Really I did) I base it on what my cousin what through with her kid, but I don't exactly remember the way it was said. Anyway, this chapter was basically about their life and how Teddy was developing. I put Castiel in here for a little action but the next chapter going to have more. It's were the story really begins.

Also, tell me about spelling and if you know how to make the conversation better. I'm all ears