The next morning, all hell broke loose. Over a box of cereal. "I grabbed it first, DUMBASS!" Milo yelled. "Says who, BITCH!" "GIVE IT TO ME!" Hidan held it up in the air, just a centimeter out of her reach. "Make me!" He yelled. Then Hidan felt nothing but air. "The hell-" he said looking up. Kakuzu had taken the box out of his hand. "Are all you Jashinists like this?" Kakuzu asked, not even looking up from his paper. "Pretty much." They said in unison. Kakuzu rolled his eyes. "You two are fools." "Well, you'd whore yourself out for money!" Hidan snapped back. "Money is important. It's the reason all of us aren't living on the street." "Money is important. It's the reason we're not all living on the street." Milo mocked. "WHATEVER!" Hidan said, storming out of the room.

"Ugh…Konan, I hear yelling. I think I made a mistake…" Pein said, waking up. "Let's send them on a mission. Then we'll get some silence. Go do it, Pein." "Fiine~" Pein mumbled. He went downstairs. "Kakuzu! Hidan! Milo!" Within seconds, the three were in front of Pein. "Go. Kill a high-ranked criminal. Now." "Who?" Kakuzu asked. "Anyone who's not Akatsuki." The trio left. About half an hour later, though, Zetsu and Tobi got home from their mission. "We have a new recruit when you guys were gone. A Jashinist." "So they're immortal and powerful?" Zetsu's dark side asked. "Not only that." Pein said just as the three got back. Milo and Hidan were covered head-to-toe in blood. "She's also a complete masochist." "That's wonderful." Said Zetsu's white side sarcastically.

Later, Pein caught up with Kakuzu. "Kakuzu, both Milo and Hidan are your partners for now on." "WHAT?!" Kakuzu yelled. "Taking care of Hidan was enough, but now I have to babysit TWO of them?!" Pein shrugged. "Babysit? No. Team up? Yes." Kakuzu rolled his eyes. "I can't believe you sometimes."