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"Where are you, you fucking mistake?!"

The voice echoed through the house and settled in my ears, ringing like an alarm alerting me of the danger coming straight towards me. I snapped to attention in my bed and a dizzying rush of adrenaline flowed through me as I looked up from my book to the door.

"Answer me you little prick!" he thundered, the air in my room crackling like lightning.

The voice was harsher, and louder. I could tell he was closing in when I could feel the vibrations of his heavy foot steps as he stomped up the hall. I quickly glanced around my room trying to find something that would tick him off more than he was.

I didn't want that punishment piled onto the one I was about to get.

Dirty clothes were spilling from the hamper, and not neatly folded like he expected of me. I had an empty bottle of water on the bay windowsill and the curtains were open from when I sitting and looking out this morning.

He didn't like it when the curtains were drawn, letting the light shine through. It was yet another example that would show how closed off to the outside world I was because of him.

The jiggling doorknob brought me back from my thoughts, giving me enough time to right my room as he fiddled with the lock, growling things like "Fucking dipshit locked the door."

"You think that's going to keep me out, Edward?" he hollered, and I couldn't help but pause when I heard him call me that. I hadn't been called that since mom-

The door let loose a loud 'crack' booting me back into action, causing me to completely abandon the thought.

I darted to the hamper, throwing the top on it so he couldn't see the unfolded clothes. Then I sprinted to the window and threw the water bottle under the bed, roughly shutting the curtain and throwing myself into darkness.

I was still standing by the window when my door was finally flung open, slamming into the wall behind it with a loud 'bang' that made me jump.

I faced him with my fist balled up at my sides and stiffening my upper lip as to not show how scared I was, it only made him angrier at how much of a pussy I acted like.

I was surprised to see his usually anger creased face set in a mask of deadly calm.

"Get to the kitchen." he said in a voice so low and laced with menace that it made ice drip down my spine. He turned on his heel leaving me rooted to the spot trying to think of what I had done wrong in the kitchen. I know I cleaned up his mess as soon as I got home so it had to be spot-

"RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" the words crashed down the hall and into me, propelling my feet out of the room and into the kitchen where he was standing by the sink waiting for me.

"Explain this to me," he said simply, his voice shook, doused with hot anger as he thrust a twitching hand towards the counter top.

There sitting on the counter was sitting a bottle of Jack, the fluorescent lights sparkling off of the bottle with a taunting gleam. It was as if it knew all the trouble it caused me.

However I couldn't understand what he was getting at, the only problem I could find with it was that-

It was empty.

"I-I don't" before I could finish my sentence he was on me, grabbing my shoulders and thrusting me backwards into the island behind me.

A dull throbbing in my head suddenly exploded into my senses as my forehead glanced off of the marble that covered the top of the island.

"You stupid little fucking ginger. You think I wouldn't notice?"

Somewhere in the back of my mind I found it funny that he was poking fun at the color of my hair, when his natural hair color was a bright fiery red too, that was until it began to fade and gray in places.

I looked up with bleary eyes at him hovering above me, my spot on the cold tiled floor making me seem much smaller in his wake.

"I was only trying to help." I whispered brokenly.

"I p-p-"

"Bullshit you fucking liar. You just wanted all the good shit for yourself." the smell of cheap beer washed over me and I shrank away as he neared.

No wonder he was so mad at me, I poured his good liquor down the sink and he had to resort to the cheap stuff as substitute.

"I'm sorry I-"

"I don't want your fucking bull apologies boy. They aren't going to bring my liquor back are they?" I heard the sickening crunch before I felt it. When I tried to move my arm it just caused a sharp pain to shoot down that whole side of my body and I screeched in agony.

"Please s-stop." I pleaded but I knew that begging would only make him furious, and wasn't surprised to feel his shoe digging into the side of my ribcage.

I rolled over and curled into a ball, shutting my eyes tight I tried to recede into my happy place.

"Edward." a soft voice whispered. It wasn't loud but somehow it over powered his loud scathing screams.

I smiled as the voice filled my ears.

I opened my eyes and saw that he disappeared and a hand was reaching out towards me so I grabbed it, pulling at the delicate fingers.

A startled yelped jerked me awake and I saw Bella sprawled on the pull-beside me looking flustered. In my dreaming haze I reached for her hand and grabbed it, causing her to knock into my chest.

"I am so sorry I grabbed you, Bella.I didn't mean to-" I started.

"Oh, that's fine," she said brushing it off and sitting up. "You were confused." She gave me an amused smile.

I went to apologize again, it was only my second day in the house and I was already manhandling her, but before I could get the words to leave my mouth Bella started to talk.

"C'mon its time for you to wash up and for us go... hey are you crying? What's the matter Edward?" she inched closer, inspecting my face.

I wasn't aware of the wetness trailing down my cheeks until Bella wiped away the tears that collected in my eyes.

I looked away and saying something about the dust in the air, sniffing like I had a runny nose for good measure

I don't think she believed me.

"Where are we going?" I yawned, distracting her as I stretched my arms above my head, hearing the pops and cricks as I twisted.

"To find you a job remember?" she smiled and patted my cheek. "You sleep like the dead, its noon you know."

She was beet red as she stared up at me, I was about to ask why when I looked down at myself and saw what she saw, a naked torso and tight-fitting briefs with a woody poking against the seam to greet her.

I could not for the life of me understand why that hadn't deflated during that horrible recollection of a memory and cursed my body's stupid natural reactions.

I scooted away, trying to create some distance between us and ended up falling off of the pull-out. I shot right back up blushing and backing away from the couch.

"It's um, it's okay." she assured me. Bella stood up and tried to follow me, but I backed away again to widen the gap.

I mumbled an apology and felt my face and neck grow hotter as she asked me to repeat what I'd said, but even when I mumbled the second time she still couldn't hear my low words.

"It's okay, Edward. It happens." she offered. This time I just nodded in response and rushed to Quinn's bathroom to get ready.

It took me a good ten minutes to will my erection away without actively doing anything to it. I hadn't had any type of sexual urges in a while, I guess being homeless and hungry all the time put a big damper on ones libido. The embarrassment I felt kept me in the shower longer then I should have been, and Bella actually had to come to the door and politely told me to hurry the fuck up. I chose the dress shirt and slacks that I got from the thrift and left to the front door where Bella and Quinn were waiting patiently for me.

"Hey kid." I knelt on my knee so that me and Quinn were face level.

"Hi Edward." Quinn gave a dimpled grin as he rocked back and forth on his heels with his hands hidden behind his back.

"Wacha got there?" I asked eying him curiously.

"Hold out your arm."

I held out my arm to him and he tied a thin leather cord around my wrist, on the cord was a piece of green sea glass.

"I made it myself." He said proudly. "I found the sea glass on the beach yesterday, it's the same color as your eyes,see?" He pointed out the little flecks of gold that I guess could be found in my eyes as well.

"I only make them for people I care about. Mom has a blue one, Ali got pink one, and Caius has one too."

I looked up at Bella and she held out her wrist so I could see the dark blue piece of sea glass bound by a delicate black leather cord.

"Well thanks kid, that was really cool of you to make me one." Quinn saying that he cared about me made me realize that, as crazy as it sounds, over this incredibly short span of days I'd come to care for him too. Kids could get to you easily like that, but Quinn was something special. Somehow he seemed too mature for his young age, but it was impossible to call him an adult.

Quinn nodded and smiled again. "It's for good luck on your job hunting." he added.

I stood and mussed up his hair. "Hopefully it works right."

"Yea, it might not work right away but it will." he promised.

I made sure to lock the door behind me as Quinn waved goodbye to us.

"I wanted to see if I could get you a job here." Bella informed as we walked side by side down the hall to the elevator.

I nodded but my mind was elsewhere. I was a bit uneasy about leaving the kid all by himself, but Bella gave a small smile when I voiced my concerns.

"He's used to it," she sounded saddened by the fact that Quinn was so used to being home with out his mother there, but I understood that Bella's job was basically the only thing keeping them afloat.

"Besides," she continued. "We wont be gone that long. If he gets lonely he befriended half the hotel staff anyhow." Bella gave a little laugh as I followed her out of the elevator and into the lobby.

We breezed right past the rude receptionist from my first day to a hallway. The high beamed ceiling from the lobby transitioned into a lower groin vault ceiling with crystal chandelier's that brightly lighting every few feet you walked into the hall. We stopped in front of double mahogany doors, a glass name plate with the name 'Aro Volturi' sat buffed and shined in its place.

"Okay, Edward. Before we go in I have to tell you... Aro isn't the warmest guy on the planet, but I thought maybe he would help you out like he did with me and Quinn."

"I'll take whatever I can get." I answered honestly.

Hell I didn't care if I was stuck being room service, at least I would be employed.

Bella tentatively knocked against the wood, and fidgeted as she waited for an answer.

"Come in." said a soft voice.

The voice sounded papery thin, as if it had seen better years and was worn down from being used so much.

When we stepped into the expensively, black furnished office Aro ignored us completely,immersed in whatever he was filling out on his almost silent scratching of the pen against paper was the only sound in the room, beside mine and Aro's steady breathing. Bella didn't seem to be breathing at all as her eyes were cast downwards at the white carpet beneath our feet.

When it became clear that what was in front of the man was more important than his guest, I took it upon myself to alert him to our presence.

I gave a strong clearing of my throat, causing Bella to shoot me a worried glance. Aro however still didn't look up.

A full twenty minutes passed before Aro did finally looked up from his desk, and gave notice to our, or actually Bella's, presence.

"Miss Swan, to what do I owe this pleasure?" the man looked just like the one I'd met at the salon yesterday,only his hair dyed a shiny black that flowed freely about his shoulders and his Italian accent was nowhere near as thick.

"Good morning,Mr. Volturi. Sir if you don't mind I'd like to talk to you about something...?"

"And what would that be, Miss Swan?" Aro said, his gray eyes flickering to me and back again as he leaned back in his chair,steepling his long white fingers.

Bella seemed visibly nervous, and I could tell that this man intimidated her.

"Well I was wondering if you could... set my friend up with a job in the Hotel."

The man's facial expression didn't change from that of boredom as he gave a firm solid "No."

He stared Bella down, as if challenging her to dispute his decision, and to my surprise she did.

"With all do respect sir, you didn't even give him a chance." she said quietly, meeting his eyes for the first time.

"And explain to me Miss Swan, Why should I? I am running a business, not a charity. I do not know where you got this man from, I don't know what his educational status is, and more importantly whether he has criminal background." Aro says, staring at my scars distastefully.

"I can assure you that he doesn't." Bella stuck up her chin, answering on my behalf confidently.

She didn't anything about me, but just assumed that I didn't have a criminal background. If I did that could've gotten her in a lot of trouble, and if she keeps going on sticking up for me to her stuck up boss she could lose her job.

"Bella stop, Its fine." I reached for her arm and she stepped back out of my reach almost as if it were an involuntary response.

She opened her mouth as if to say something else but Aro cut her off.

"You'd better listen to him, because my patience is beginning to wear thin. My brother Marcus may be the one that made me hire you, but I'm the one that will ultimately fire you. "

Bella closed her mouth, no doubt thinking about what that would mean for Quinn.

"Will that be all Miss Swan?" Aro asked raising an eyebrow.

Bella held a barley concealed glare as she stared at her boss who looked down his nose at her

"Yes sir." she answered quietly.

"Wonderful, you may leave now."

The rest of the day went on in about the same fashion, every friend or connection that Bella brought me to argued that I couldn't be hired either because they simply didn't know my background or because I had no experience in the area that was available.

By this time Bella was red in the face with all of this arguing she tried to do for me at every single impromptu interview. I found it odd that Bella was more frustrated about this than I was.

I mean it wasn't that I didn't care, because I did care, immensely.I didn't have a job and I was bumming off of a young single mother and her child, I felt bad and I wanted to help them in any way I could because of the way they helped me out these last few days.

What I found it hard to wrap my head around though,was why Bella was so upset that she couldn't find someplace for me after offering her help.

"Bella why don't we just go home, it's nearly nine and I'm sure Quinn is probably worried sick about you." I tried to reason with her as we left the tenth place of the places that Bella had lined up for me.

"Just one more place Edward, I'm sure we can find you a job ther-" she was walking away so I reflexively grabbed her arm to stop her, and when I caught my grip she halted suddenly and slapped me square on my chest with an open palm. Most of the people in the parking lot glanced at us as if interested, but not enough to intervene.

We both flinched at the same time, and I stepped back and rubbed at the stinging sensation on my chest.

'You fucking idiot, look what you did!' I chided myself. I was in no place to be doing that, maybe I grabbed her arm too tight or she was uncomfortable with me touching her. We were after all strangers to each other.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry." We blurted at the same time.

"You have nothing to be sorry for Bella, I shouldn't have." I apologized, running my fingers though my hair nervously.

What if she kicked me out because she felt I couldn't be trusted to keep my hands to myself?

'She would have every right to.'

So then why didn't this sudden feeling of dread didn't leave with the realization?

Bella shook her head, the hand she hit me with balled up tightly and hidden behind her as if she was afraid she'd do it again. "I do have something to be sorry for. I shouldn't have hit you like that it wasn't called for...just don't grab onto me like that, Edward. Especially when my back is turned to you, I act first before thinking no matter who it is so it has nothing to do with you. Just don't let it happen again." she said firmly.

I could tell that Bella was only sorry that she hit me, but the hard look she was giving told me that she wasn't going to apologize for what she was saying now.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I wanted so badly to know why she had reacted so violently if it wasn't my fault, but again it wasn't my place to ask that of her so I kept my mouth shut.

"Lets go home." Bella finally sighed.

I gave Bella a wide berth as we continued on into the parking lot in search of her rusted red truck.

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