Pre Games- Finnick Odair's POV

I was on stage for the reapings for district 4. It was the 70th hunger games and I was a mentor. As I heard the female name, Annie Cresta, bing calllooked couldn't believe my eyes. I knew she was the girl of my dreams. I was considered a sex god in Panem and I was hired to sleep with many Capitol millionaires but now I look upon this sweet, poor girl from district 4 and fall in love with her. This was meant to be.

Private Training- Annie Cresta's POV.

Today I had training alone with my mentor, Finnick. He is nice, muscular, and really nice. In training he showed me how to handle a trident properly. After training, I told him that he is a really good teacher. He told me I was a really good student and then invited me to sleep in his room after dinner. I agreed, not because I liked him, but because I'm sure he would scare away all my nightmares.

In Bed- Finnick's POV

Annie was really warm in her night gown. I loved the way she breathed out with a little puff. She has no idea i like her and don't think I want her to know incase she she rejects me. Before I go to sleep, I give her a kiss goodnight and whisper "good luck".

Scores- Annie's POV

Today was our private sessions with the game makers. I showed of my trident skills just the way Finnick taught me how. Right now I'm sitting next to Finnick watching the scores come out. I get a 9! I'm so happy I give Finnick a kiss on the cheek and he blushes. He is really handsome when he blushes.

Final 3- Finnick's POV

Annie is doing really good. So far, there are only three tributes left. Annie and the boy from 1 are the only careers left and the girl from 5 is screaming and running away from them. Annie is holding a bloody trident which she uses to stab the girl while 1 finnishes her of. Now the Career alliance is off. The boy from 1 is about to hack her with his sword but Annie's trident is longer. It stabbed him in the heart. My sweet Annie won.

Hallucinations- Annie's POV

I won the Hunger Games. Now I am in care of my prep team. Suddenly, instead of my stylist's head I see the head of the boy from 1. No! I scream. I kick the stylist back and run away. Whenever I see a person in the hall, he looks like a tribute. A tribute that I killed. Suddenly, I bump into Finnick. Since he was in the Games before, he understands what I'm going through. He rubs my back, rests my head on his shoulder, and whispers calming things to me. I think I love him.

The Meaning of Love- Finnick's POV

After Annie's attack, I take her to her room. Before I go, I kiss her on th lips and ask her if she loves me.

The answer is: Yes she does.