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Kyuubi/'Kyuubi Thought'




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In the Ramen shop Naruto just finished twenty bowls of ramen. He burps.

"Seriously?!", the Waitress says sweating. Everyone stares at him.

"What?!", Naruto says embarrassed.

Out of nowhere a sphere appears.

"What in the world is THAT?!", Naruto jumps back. Unfortunetly it sucks him in and dissappears.

"Seriously?! Where in the world am I?!", Naruto yells.

"Yea yea yea. I have heard you say that line over a hundred times! Give that line a rest you idiot!"

"Will you shut up you fox!", Naruto yells getting mad.

"Your stupidity amuses me. Your in an orb you fool! Couldn't I be sealed inside a genius, but nooooooo, I HAD TO BE SEALED INSIDE AN IDIOT!"

"I'M NOT AN IDIOT!", Naruto yells.

He peeks through the orb and sees a monster working on it.

"Great! Not only I am stuck in here but there is a monster out there!", Naruto yells as he face palms.

Out side the little orb Jumba is working on it. The sphere wobbles.

"Good grief you are gonna fall of the table if you keep doing that.", Jumba says.

"Did he say fall of the table?", Naruto says.


"Will you please shut up!? I had enough problems because of you! And for the last time i am nt an idiot or a moron!", Naruto says getting red hot in the face.

"Ouch!", Jumba says, "Boy your quite hot tempered are ya?"

"Yes! I am because of the furball!", Naruto says. Jumba doesn't seem to heard. The sphere keeps moving.

"Will you keep that big hole on your face shut?! I am trying to take a nap!"

"Sorry furball.", Naruto says sheepishly.

"Lilo is gonna love this.", Jumba says and puts the sphere in a box..

"Who turned out the lights?", Naruto askes.


"Oh right your sleeping.", Naruto says sheepishly.

"Here is your present Lilo.", Jumba says giving her the box.

"Thanks Jumba!", Lilo says and hugs him.

"Can I see?!", Stitch askes in excitment.

"Once it's opened.", Lilo says unwraping it.

"A new experiment! Wow. It looks like me and Stich are going to have a new friend!", Lilo says and sets it on the table for everyone to see.

"Wow.", Stitch says.

The orb starts moving again.

"I think it's a little hyper active...", Jumba says sheepishly.

"Will somebody let me out of here!?", Naruto yells and shakes his prison.


"Sorry, but we got bigger problems!", Naruto says, "See for yourself!"

His eyes turn red and slit then revert.

"I guess your right for once moron."

"Stitch. Can you get a glass of water?", Lilo askes.

"Ewwww! Okay...", Stitch says in a disgusted manner.

Stitch returns with the water. Lilo drops in the pod.

"Uh oh! What's going on?!", Naruto says in a scared voice, "I hope this is a dream!"

A few moments later Naruto is lying on the ground Unconscious.

"So this is it? Wow. He is wearing a lot of orange. Might as well be 'Kill-me orange'", Lilo says and everyone laughs at the joke.

After hearing that, Naruto jumps up shocked and a bit mad.


"Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.", Lilo says earning anouther laugh.

"Hhiiii.", Stitch says.

Naruto jumps back in revolt. "What is that thing?!", Naruto says in shock.

"My reaction to him as well.", Nani says remembering when she first saw Stitch.

"This is Stitch! He is my friend!", Lilo says hugging him, "What are you called?"


"Nice to meet you!", Lilo says shaking his hand.

"Will you tell that girl to stop shaking so viciously! I can't sleep!"

"Woah! What was that? I heard a voice while shaking his hand.", Lilo says.

Naruto starts sweating.

'Will you shut up furball? She heard you! I don't want to be seen as a threat again!'

"Well you should have told her to stop before I woke up! I am going to go back to sleep."

"You heard something? Let me see...", Jumba says and holds Naruto's hand and shakes it hard.


"Yikes! I heard it too. Something else is going on in there.", Jumba says, "What ever it is I did NOT put it in there! And for some reason what ever it was called him a moron."

"I'M NOT A MORON!", Naruto yells and stomps. He runs into Nani's room. {Oh boy...}

Naruto hides in the closet and his eyes slit and turn red and grows a tail.

"Why are you in... AH!", Nani says and jumps back.

"What's... Woah! I was not excpeting him to do that.", Jumba says in surprise.

He slowly reverts back.

"Please don't do that again! Why did you have to make it like that!?", Nani says.

"Hey all I was doing was eating Ramen at my favorite shop and something sucked me in and I popped up here!", Naruto says a little annoyed. His eyes flicher between red and normal.

"I am going to run some tests on him.", Jumba says. Once the last word Naruto's eyes widen and he jumps back.

"You aren't doing anything to me!", Naruto says.

"Cutie Jutsu!", Naruto says and transforms into a naked lady. Stitch covers Lilo's eyes and closes his. Jumba and Pleakley gets a nose bleed and faint. Nani gets an offended look and hits him.

"Don't you dare do that again!", Nani says completly annoyed at the perverted jutsu he did.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!", Naruto says and creates several naked lady clones of himself. Nani gets even more offened and Stitch faints Lilo faints as well.

"I though I said to stop!", Nani yells.

"I DID NOT program THOSE perverted tricks in.", Jumba says waking up but sees several naked ladies and faints again.