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Kyuubi/'Kyuubi Thought'




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After finally getting Naruto in a chair Jumba starts the tests.

"Get that thing away from me!", Naruto says as Jumba comes with a needle.

"This won't hurt unless you strain yourself.", Jumba says.

After several hours of chasing Naruto they finally get him and put him to sleep. After 4 hours of tests he wakes up.

"Why did you have to do those perverted jutsus in front of them?! If you didn't you would be in a bed sleeping. And knowing you, possible surrounded by several empty ramen cups."

"Shut up furball!", Naruto yells.

"Who are you talking to? Stitch didn't say anything.", Lilo asks.

"Well, it looks like I might have accidentally tapped into another universe...", Jumba says sheepishly, "Whoops..."

Nina face palms.

"Jumba I thought you fixed that experiment maker! It looks like this pervert is stuck here!", Nina says in a 'I am not amused' voice.

Naruto sniffs the air. He cringes.

"WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! ICK! SMELLS LIKE ROTTEN RAMEN WITH THE SIDE OF SASUKE'S SWEATY SOCKS! GROSS!", Naruto says turn a bit green in the face and runs for a bathroom to puke.

"He must be smelling dinner!", Pleakley says running into the kitchen.

"Oh no. Not another fried sock feast...", Nina says with a disgusted look.

"Wow. That thing is not a good cook. I can smell the disaster from in here!"

"I hope it isn't what I thought I smelled." Naruto says sitting next to the toilet and continues to puke.

"I got some bad news. And your NOT going to like it."

"Does it have to do with what he made? Cause if it is Sweaty socks and rotten ramen I am high tailing for the mountains.", Naruto says unleashing another round of barfing.


"What can be worse?! Rotten ramen and sweaty socks is the grosser than cleaning the stalls in the women's bathroom! How I know is because I got caught vandalizing the monument by writing a detailed description on how to do the Cutie Jutsu with spray paint!", Naruto says barfing again.

"Listen you moron! There IS something worse and it's called the seal getting toyed with! That Jumba guy messed with it while you were out! Since he did we are going to merge and it won't be pleasant!"

"I guess that is worse! Well that explains why I have been throwing up for 2 hours straight!", Naruto says in a snarky deadpan tone and continues to puke.

"Well finish your puking and get to the table! Hopefully the merge doesn't happen yet cause I don't want you to look like a freak at school! And how I know is is because their sending you!"

"Great! First finding out what he did and second going to school looking like human fox mix!", Naruto says hitting his head on the toilet.

After his little talk with Kyuubi he went to the table and found out what was causing the smell... {Yep, fried socks.}

"Pleakley! Please tell me you didn't use my socks!", Nina yells.

"I sure did!", Pleakley says with a smile.

"Ewwww!", These smell worse than Sasuke's socks!", Naruto says throwing his fried sock out the window. The sock hits a cat and meows and attack Naruto.

After dinner Naruto went to bed in the guest room and covered up. Next morning Pleakley goes in to wake up Naruto.

"Wake up! Time to get started!", Pleakley says and pulls of the blankets to find him sleeping cuddling a tail and has fox ears. {Kinda how you hug a bear in your sleep.}

"Well did he... Oh great! He has a tail again! Did you anger him?", Nina asks Pleakley.

"No! I swear! I came to wake him up! When I pulled off the covers and poof I found him like this!", Pleakley says in a 'wasn't me' tone.

"Can I have Miso Ramen please?", Naruto says in his sleep.

"I would say he has a little addiction cause look what I found littered in the living room at midnight.", Pleakley says showing a picture of it. The picture showed the living room was littered with twenty-five cups Ramen.

"Oh my! He seriously did THAT?! Please tell me he was in his sleep!", Nina says pleading it was so.

"He was. He mumbled about something, but not really sure. Also I found this in the couch.", Pleakley says holding up a bra and a pair of panties.

"HOW?! DID HE?! Seriously! Is he perverted that much?!", Nina says in anger and confusion.

"Stitch saw everything. He was too loud!", Stitch said rubbing his eye, "He is a pervert."

Nina face palms and Pleakley shakes his head.

"Please tell us everything.", Nina says reluctantly.

"I saw him going to the fridge and grab a cup of Ramen before he changed.", Stitch says in a 'I am sleepy' tone.

"Please word that better cause that is going to make it seem like you saw him changing clothes.", Nina says slapping him.

"The change I mean is the ears appeared", Stitch says pointing to his fox ears, "Then the tail."

"Of course we now know when now why on Earth he want Ramen at midnight?", Nina asks.

"I guess he was hungry. He throw his dinner out the window remember?", Stitch says and Pleakley realizes Naruto through his Fried Sock out the window. Pleakley comically leaves the room. Lilo enters.

"I heard the racket and came to see what happened.", Lilo says and her jaw drops after seeing Naruto, "Okay what happened? Who angered him?"

"We found him this way. And he also did this to the living room.", Nina says showing Lilo the picture of the living room.

"Okay. He has a bit of an addiction to Ramen... Hmmm. I have an idea.", Lilo says and walks up to Naruto an goes up to his ear, "Hey mom is cooking rotten Ramen and Sweaty Socks for breakfast..."

After hearing that his eyes shot open and he yelled a long exaggerated 'no'. Everyone laughs at his reaction to the lie.


"I lied to wake you up. And it concludes it. You are addicted to Ramen.", Lilo says.

Jumba comes in and everyone explains what happened and why he is yelling.

"Well what is for breakfast? Roasted panties?", Naruto says sarcastically.

"Yes.", Pleakley says from the hallway, and after that word leaves his mouth Naruto goes wide eyed. {Oh snap.}

"EWWWWWWW! YOUR SICK!", Naruto says shoving his finger at Pleakley. Naruto leaves to go throw up, again.

"What's with him?", Pleakley asks.

"I will go cook a real breakfast.", Nina says.

"Can it be pancakes?", Lilo asks.

"Sure Lilo.", Nina says and goes removing the gross breakfast Pleakley was making.

An hour later, Naruto recovered from the puking.

"You got rid of the panties?", Naruto asks.

"Yes.", Nina says flipping a pancake.

"Hopefully you like pancakes cause Nina makes the best in the entire world!", Lilo says in happiness.

Nina serves the pancakes. Naruto sniffs them. They smell better than the Fried Socks. He tastes one, and it tastes good, but not as good as Ramen. After finishing Naruto, Stitch, and Lilo get ready for school.

"Woah, hang on! You let Stitch go to school?", Naruto asks in confusion. {I didn't say it earlier sorry, but Naruto is twelve right now.}

"Yes. He is very smart and Nina enrolled him.", Lilo says proudly and hugs Stitch.

"Well I guess your classmates have seen weirder things than this.", Naruto says gesturing to the tail and ears.

"They have. They see me around aliens everyday.", Lilo says with a smile.

"Then I should not have to worry about the ears and tail then.", Naruto says in relief.

When they entered everyone's jaws dropped and stared at Naruto. He was the weirdest thing they have seen.

"Great. Weirdlo has brought another freak into the school!", Mertle says in a snarky tone.

"Yaaaa!", Her cronies say simultaneously.

Naruto, Stitch, and Lilo manage to ignore them.

"Okay, class we have a new student. Please come up and introduce yourself.", The teacher says pointing to Naruto.

Naruto walks up to the front of the class.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I love Ramen.", Naruto says in a happy tone. Mertle snickers and thinks of some insults.

"Hey Naruto! You want to know what's for lunch today?", Mertle says.

"What?", Naruto asks.

"Cardboard Ramen with a side of dog fur.", Mertle says and laughs with her cronies.

Naruto goes pale after hearing this. He runs to the trash can and throws up.

"EWWWW!", the whole class says.

"Enough! Mertle, I think you have tortured him enough! Everyone please turn to page 25 and do problems one through eight-teen while I take Naruto up to the nurse.", the teacher says taking the still throwing up Naruto to the nurse.

At lunch Naruto comes back with a plate full of Ramen. He sits near Mertle and her cronies.

"So why did you do that earlier? I already almost ate fried panties for breakfast due to Pleakley!", Naruto says stuffing his face with Ramen.

"Because your weirder than Weirdlo, Fox Boy.", Mertle says snickering.

Lilo and Stitch sit next to Naruto.

"Hhhiii!", Stitch says.

"Weirdlo please take your blue alien dog and the Fox Boy away from our table!", Mertle says in a 'I am not amused' tone.

"Yaaaaaa!", Mertle's cronies say simultaneously.

Naruto starts getting a mischievous fox smile on his face. If anyone who knew him saw this would be running away into the mountains cause this smile meant one thing... A major prank.

After school Naruto puts the last finishing touches on his little contraption. It had a sling, a trip wire, a lever, and a pulley system. Naruto places a balloon into the sling and readies the sling. Mertle walks by and activates the trip wire and after a few seconds the balloon splashes on her covering her in honey. And a few more seconds later, feathers fell on her.

"Alright! Who did that?!", Mertle asks.

Naruto comes out of his hiding spot laughing. Lilo and Stitch leave the building to find what Naruto did. They fall over laughing.

"Fox Boy! What was that for?!", Mertle says shoving her finger into him.

"You were being a jerk earlier so I thought that was the okay for me to be a jerk back!", Naruto says with a grin.

No body expected this, but a puddle formed on Mertle's shirt.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!", Mertle asks.

It turns out Naruto is peeing on her.

"Marking my territory.", Naruto says with a grin.

"NARUTO!", the teacher yells, "We DON'T pee on other students! You have detention!"

Two hours later, Nina came into the school to find Lilo, Stitch, and Naruto in detention.

"Naruto, pulled a massive prank on another student and peed on the same one who he pulled the prank on. Lilo, bit another student when she wouldn't share her pencil. Stitch, well he threw today's lunch at another student when she said it was worms.", The teacher said gesturing to each of the three.

Nina eyed Naruto the hardest cause she knew he can do worse than that remembering when he turned into a naked lady. At home Nina told Jumba and Pleakley what the three got themselves into at school.

"That is very inappropriate and disturbing.", Jumba says in response to Naruto peeing on another student, "Let's make sure he doesn't do THAT again."