A Kaitou's Misery

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Maron still couldn't believe that Chiaki would do such a thing just to get the painting. He knew that if he checkmated the painting, Zen-kun would die. "I will not let you checkmate from now on, Jeanne." Those words kept on repeating in her mind. "But...you didn't have to checkmate him." Maron said quietly still tossing and turning on her bed. Little drops from the rain were still in her hair but she could care less right now if she caught a cold.

"I love you. You were my wind, Maron." Tears falled down her cheeks as that echoed through her mind as well. "Zen-kun..."

Chiaki was taking a shower hoping that it would help but it didn't. He could literally feel that Maron was crying right now. That wasn't what he wanted to do but in order to make her stop being a Kaitou, he'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. He really did want to make her happy but what Access said to him not too long ago, will stick in his mind until Maron actually quits. The only bad thing is that she will hate him and keep seeing her crying in his dreams for sure.

He decides to go to the balcony and go into Maron's room. Sure enough, the balcony door to Maron's room was open. He opened the door to get in and then closed it gently so he wouldn't wake up Maron if she was asleep. He turned around to see that she was on her bed laying down. He crept slowly and quietly so he wouldn't wake her. She was in fact, asleep and there were tears streaming down her face. "Zen-kun...Zen-kun!" This really hurt Chiaki but he sucked it up and whispered in Maron's ear. "I'm sorry Maron, please don't cry anymore." With that, he left and was back in his room and his hair was now a mixture of rain and the shower water. Slowly, the water in his hair, drooped down to the floor.

"Boss!" Shinigami looked over at the dragon who was sweating obviously tired as well. "Kalis...what's wrong?" The Shinigami said petting gently on the little dragons head. It seems that the little dragon was liking the attention but then snapped into reality. "Gah! Stop that! I'm being serious! The indigo spirit jar is going berserk!" The Shinigami stopped petting the dragon and looked at her beautiful spirit jars to see that Kalis was right. "The indigo spirit...I see." She goes to the jar and carries it to glass full of water. "Time to see what's bothering you." She said to the jar and tips it over before she opens the lid and when she did, the spirit went into the water making a beautiful indigo light inside the glass of water.

The glass showed a boy, he sat the on the bed and his back was turned showing that he was depressed. "What an interesting find...all right if it bothers you that much, spirit, I'll get him for you." The indigo spirit hummed in response. "Let's go, Kalis." The shinigami put on her hood so her face was covered and had her bell scythe ready to go. "Right behind you!" Kalis sat on the Shinigami's shoulder. Both of them left leaving the indigo spirit still in the glass of water showing the boy sitting with his back turn still depressed.

"Cheer up, Chiaki! I'm sure Maron-chan will come to her senses soon!" Said Access with his legs crossed in sitting position. "I hope your right, Access." Chiaki said still sitting on the bed with his head looking at the ground. "Well, I'm off to look for more demons! I'll be back soon!" Access said in a singy tone. With that, he left leaving the poor Chiaki all alone and thinking to himself.

"I wonder if I made a mistake..." Chiaki said finally looking up and looking at the full moon. "It's rare for a guy to admit that." He turned around fast when he heard that voice. "Whose there?!" He was now alert and had a knife in his hand from his Kaitou Sinbad weapons. "No need to be alarmed, Nagoya Chiaki...or should I say, Kaitou Sinbad?" A figure appeared out of the darkness and showed a person who was in a black robe with a hood that covered the face with a silver necklace around the neck. The person had a scythe on their right hand and it made him more cautious. "The sythe you're holding is not very convincing."

The person turned their head to show that they were looking at the scythe. "Fair enough." The scythe disappeared into thin air. "Who...are you?" Chiaki's eyes were surprised to see something like that. "My name is not important. I came here cause it seemed like you needed my help...or was I wrong?" The person tilted their head. Chiaki realizes that the voice is a girl and put the knife in his pocket. "I don't need any help." Chiaki said looking over at the full moon.

The person sighs, "why is everyone so stubborn?" The girl with the hood shook her head in frustration. "I was born that way." Chiaki said still looking at the moon.

"Well it doesn't matter, boss can just kill you right now after all, she is a Shinigami." Chiaki whiplashed to see a dragon come out of the hood and was sitting on the Shinigami's shoulder. "Kalis! How many times did I tell you to not come out while I'm working?!" She said yelling at the tiny dragon. "Then why do I need to come with you during missions?!" The tiny dragon was whining. "Because of the fact that you let the spirits out and play with them and my precious collection is ruined because of you!" The Shinigami pinched the dragon's tail making it yelp in pain. "OW! OW! I get it! I get it! Please let go! PLEASE!" She let's go of the tail to reveal a swollen tail and Kalis was just there blowing on the tail hoping that the pain would go away.

"So, you're a Shinigami?" Chiaki said with doubt and had an eyebrow lifted with doubt. "Well ignore what Kalis just said but yes, I'm a Shinigami. I came here cause I saw how much pain you were in." He looked over at the supposedly Shinigami and her hands were human looking. "Well you did have a scythe to prove it but..." He goes up to her and takes off her hood. "Kyaa! What are you doing?!" She said, trying to put her hood back on.

The Shinigami had black hair that was about shoulder length and her eyes were hard to see but he was thinking they were red. "I always thought that Shinigami had well..." "Bones? Like boney hands and has a skull for a head with no eyes or hair?" She said which was accurate. "Yeah, I get that a lot, you humans watch way too many of your human movies or whatever you guys watch for fun." Waving her hand.

"So you're going to kill me now?" Chiaki looked at the Shinigami who was now putting on her hood. "Nah, I'm not like the rest of them. I let you have 3 wishes before I do, in my opinon, the fun part." Her eyes started to glow scarlett red but then disappeared, it made Chiaki shiver for some reason.

"I usually give them 3 days to make the 3 wishes but we don't have enough time this time. Sorry. I also let them choose if they want to do this or not. So do you want to do this or not." Chiaki was imagining of Maron's smile. "Hold on a sec." Chiaki took out a paper and a pencil and started to write something. Then he took another paper out, wrote something, and put it inside an envelope. He put the paper and the envelope next to each other on the desk and put the pencil back inside his drawer.

"Alright, I'm ready." "You're an interesting human...I like you." Chiaki heard the Shinigami say that and for some reason he thought that when she said I like you part she was grinning. Maybe that was just all in his imagination.

"You ready?" The Shinigami's hand reached out and all of a sudden, the scythe appeared and while it appeared a cat bell was heard. "...yeah." Chiaki looked down at the floor and clutched his hands. "Don't do it, Chiaki!" He turned around to see Access. "If you do, you won't be able to reincarnate! You'll just be a soul in a bottle!" Access yelled at the floor so he could yell in the top of his lungs. "Shush him up, Kalis." She looked at her left shoulder to see Kalis just sitting there but he obeyed the Shinigami and wrapped his tail around the dark winged angel's mouth. "Mmph! Mm!"

"Let my partner go!" Chiaki yelled at the Shinigami. "...fine." She said and gave Kalis the signal to let him go. "Uhh! Thank you!" Kalis went back to sitting on her shoulder. "You have one last chance, Nagoya Chiaki. Are you sure you want to do this." Chiaki imagined seeing Maron's crying face and didn't want to see that anymore. "I'm sure." "Chiaki!" Access made him look at him. "You won't be able to see Maron-chan again even in a diffrent life because you won't be able to reincarnate! Are you sure about that?!" He looked at the moon. "It's alright Access. I can't stand to see Maron sad anymore." "Chiaki...you'll just make her cry even more if you do this!"

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