Maron's Dream and Nightmare

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I can see light hitting my eyes begging for me to wake up but it hurt to open my eyes. I slowly open them trying to adjust my vision to get used the morning light coming from the glass door that was connected to my room and the veranda.

I decided to stretch a bit and stood up to lift my arms up and made a noise of satisfication. I went to the restroom to go wash my face but when I looked in the bathroom mirror, my eyes were like a panda. "Wha-what happened?" I yelled in confusion while slowly tracing the black looking eyelids. Then everything came back to me and tears started to overflow...Zen-kun. I'm so sorry, Zen-kun. I couldn't protect you, I couldn't save you! 'Don't cry, Maron. Show me a smile...c'mon Maron, smile.' Zen-kun's voice kept repeating in my head. I closed my eyes and sobbed. Zen-kun didn't deserve to die, why Chiaki? Why did you have to checkmate him? I stood up and decided to go lay in her bed some more.

A noise like a door was being unlocked rang through my ears, I thought to myself, a robber? I started to be frightened but I remember that I'm the reincarnation Jeanne D'arc! I'm not supposed to be afraid of anything! I took a deep breath and had a heavy dictionary which wasn't that heavy since the Kaitou fiasco. I heard two voices, one sounded like a female and the other sounded like a male. I peeked out the corner and I couldn't believe it. I really thought I was imagining things. Figures that looked like my father and my mother were talking rather happily and looked like they were looking for something. I was snapped back into reality by the sound of the dictionary slamming on the floor. I looked down and realized I dropped the dictionary right in front of me.

"Maron?" I slowly came out from the corner and I knew that this is reality it's not a dream. I felt my body start to go weak on me but I managed to stick my ground. "Maron, is that you?" The female asked, who looked liked me only a older version. "M...Mom?" Right when I asked that, tears started to fall down and I couldn't control it. "Oh, Maron sweetie, I missed you!" She hugged me and I started to cry uncontrollably. After all these years of being by myself, I felt like something was missing but now that they're back, everything felt complete.

"Are you two still getting a divorce?" I managed to asked even though I heard my voice went one octaive higher. They looked at each other and smiled. I was still confused at what's going on and my heartbeat was racing like a horse running free; however, I was reassured by my father by putting his arm around mother. "Well, what do you think?" I hugged them and I felt like nothing else mattered at the moment.

3rd POV

Access was sitting on the railing of the veranda and looking out at the sunset. The wind was howling and playing with his bangs and long hair that was not tied back in a ponytail. Finn sees Access and feels like something is wrong she wanted to go ask but she made a promise to HIM that she would not even go near the black winged angel. She snaps back to reality when she saw Access with a really serious but sad eyes. This made Finn's heart feel pain and just wanted to comfort him but she had to hide her feelings for him and instead show how hard she's working for her savior. What Finn didn't know was Access was remembering what happened to Chiaki. He closes his eyes to remember the horrible memory of his partner.


"Chiaki!" Access was about to fly to his partner but something was holding him back. "You're not going anywhere!" He looked what was binding him and preventing him to go to his partner's aid, it was the dragon's tail that was squeezing him to death. "Let go of me, Chiaki!" Chiaki's scream sounded so painful and loud that it was amazing that Maron didn't wake up from the noise. He had his hand grimping his chest to make the pain lessen but it didn't help any. He was sweating like crazy and his face was pale as a ghost. "Ma..ron..." Chiaki imagined Maron's smiling face calling to him. "Chiaki." He smiled and then fainted.

"Chiaki! guh...let go of me you lizard!" Access was trying to squirm his way out of Kalis's tail. "Lizard?! ...why you?!" Before Kalis had time to squeeze Access's breathe out of him, he heard a whistle, signaling him to come to his masters side. " got lucky! If we meet again, you won't be so lucky!" "Bleh!" Access stuck out his toungue. Access dashed toward his partner, "Chiaki!" When he was next to Chiaki and tried to wake him up, he wasn't breathing and had no heartbeat which means he was dead.

Access looked up to see the shinigami. "You! Don't you feel any guilt at all?!" "Why should I? It's not my fault that he agreed now is it?" He looked at the Shinigami's hand which she was holding a soft blue light that was floating which was probably Chiaki's soul. "Kh...get out! JUST GET OUT!" He yelled on the top of his lungs while two tears escaped from his eyes. The shinigami disappeared but he could still hear her voice, "I took the reincarnation of Adam in exchange for his desires." Access still looked up where the shinigami might've still been at, "Grr...his desires my ass!" He looks down at Chiaki with sadness, "he didn't even make one wish for himself."

Flashback ended

Access opened his eyes to see that the sun had already set and it was high-time that he should go visit Maron and tell her the sad news that will crush her heart.

I had a fun night talking to my parents it felt like a dream. I just wished that Zen-kun was still alive though, I couldn't even give him a proper answer. "Maron!" I heard my mom call out when I walked out of my room. "Yes, mom?" "Somebody's here to see you, sweetie!" Wonder who it is? I turned the corner, I stopped to see who my visitor was and I couldn't believe who was right in front of me only like a step away from the closed door. Before I knew it, my legs gave out on me. "Maron! Are you alright?" Dad called but I still couldn't believe what was in front of me. It couldn't be true! I mean why would he be here? He gave a smile and tilted his head a little.

"...Z-Zen...kun?" He still had the same smile on his face. "Maron..." "I-It can't" Zen-kun went up to me and lend me his hand in front of me. I was scared to take the hand thinking that if I touched it, everything was just an illusion, everything. I hesitantly took it and managed to have enough stregnth in my legs. "I thought I was too."

After talking to Zen-kun about what happened to him, he left so I could go to sleep. I kissed my parents goodnight and went to my room to sleep. I told Finn goodnight, jumped into bed, and my eyes were slowly closing. Just right when I was about to get a goodnights rest there was a knock. I woke up and looked around to see a small something knocking on my window. A little confused, I opened my glass door that connects to the veranda to see none other than Access Time, AKA, Finn's rival. "Access? Why are you here?" He looked seriously into my eyes and I could tell that it wasn't good news. "Maron-chan...we have to talk." Something was definitly bothering him and I couldn't really figure it out. He was waiting for my response and all I could say was, "alright."

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