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It was a gorgeous view, birds flying around and then disappearing only to be replaced by another group. A lone girl, with shoulder length Orange-blonde hair pulled into a side ponytail, and a blue jumpsuit, stood watching them fly around. A soft smile played on her lips. The peace was shattered by her best friend, Todd Mori, shouting down the path to her. Todd had shaggy mousy brown hair, bright blue eyes, and wore a green jump suit with a beige hat and green boots.

"Hey, Dina! How long are you going to stand around and stare at the scenery, huh? Quit stalling and get over here, already!" The girl, Dina Anzai, spun around and watched him jumping up and down for a few moments before jogging down the path.

"Hold your Vivosaur's," she yelled, "I'm coming!" She stopped next to him. "I still don't know why you dragged me out of bed this early…" Todd gave her an incredulous look.

"It's two in the afternoon!" He exclaimed, shaking his head. Dina gave him a murderous look, and he gave a nervous laugh before continuing.

"Anyways… people say wild vivosaur's live on top of this mountain!" Dina yawned and blinked at him. "Oh, Come on! We just went over this! A vivo—" He was cut off by Dina, who slapped her hand over his mouth.

"I. Know. What. A. Vivosaur. Is!" She growled her large brown eyes hard. Todd turned back towards the mountain, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He coughed and looked back at her.

"Maybe seeing some real live Vivos' will put you in a better mood. Bet you never thought you'd see one in real life, huh?" Dina laughed and said,

"What's our dream?" Todd smiled at the use of their old saying.

"To be the greatest!" Dina cocked an eyebrow, giving her face a mock look of confusion.

"To be the greatest what?" Todd smiled, and the two friends finished in unison;

"We're gonna be the greatest fossil fighters the world has ever seen!" They jumped into the air, raising their fists. Todd looked back at the path up the mountain.

"Race you to the top!" He cried, already halfway there.

"Jerk!" Dina shouted after him, laughing. She chased after him quickly.

Once they had caught their breath, they looked around.

"What? Hey! I don't see any vivosaur's around here! Someone must have lied to me!" almost the second the last word was out of his mouth, the ground started shaking.

"Wh-What was that?! What's going on?!" Dina took a few steps forward,

"I think there's something over there, Todd…" she said after a moment of tense silence. Todd took a step back. The bushes in front of them began shaking like mad, and then…

"GRAAAAAWWWHHH!" A giant blue Vivosaur that was built like a T-Rex burst out of them. Dina froze, looking up at the large carnivore.

'Holy Crap! How are we going to get out of this one?' she thought franticly.

"Th-That's an…Allosaurus!" Todd shouted. He back up a few steps quickly before turning and running, Dina hardly three steps behind him. They ran and ran, with Todd screaming;

"It's going to eat us!" and Dina thinking the exact same thing. Finally, they had to pull up short, Dina nearly falling off the edge of the cliff. They spun around to see the angry, extremely large Vivosaur advancing slowly. Dina made up her mind quickly. Stepping in front of Todd, She spread her arms wide and glared at the Allosaurus. Todd grabbed her arm as it took a few more rumbling steps closer. The two friends shuffled their feet back as far as they could, and yet the revived dino continued to advance. A scream came from behind them and they whirled. A bright yellow bird-like Vivosaur swooped down near them.

"EEEEK! A Pteranodon!" Todd screamed. Dina blinked quickly as it glided in a few feet next to the cliff.

"Jump on! Both of ya'!" A man was on the back of the Ptera. The man had shaggy, dark strawberry blonde hair, a light brown cowboy hat, light blue eyes, a black vest with white at the edge, black pants, black gloves, a light coat with brown on the top of the arms and black on the bottom of the arms. The coat came to his knees and was undone in the front. He had a pair of cowboy boots with thick soles on his feet. Across his back is a pickaxe with a light orange-yellow handle with a red zigzag line, a steel-colored head with small red spikes coming out of it. Dina quickly weighed their choices. Stand here and get eaten by an angry Allosaurus, or jump onto the back of a strangers' Ptera?

"Get a move on, now!"

Dina took a few steps back, and then ran forward, grabbing Todd's wrist right before leaping off the edge of the cliff. She stretched out her free hand and right when she felt that they weren't going to make it, the man grabbed her wrist and pulled the both of them up.

"Yeee-Haaw! Hold on, pards!" The man shouts. The Ptera makes a quick get-away back to the base of the mountain, while the Allo roars in frustration and anger in having its prey taken away from it.

"…Whew! You folks alright?" The man asked. Dina was breathing heavily, and Todd was still frozen.

"I-I-I th-think s-so…" Dina managed to stutter. The man smiled at her.

The threesome landed at the base of the mountain, and the man returned his Ptera back to its medal. He turned around to lecture the two teens, and Todd shrieked like a fan girl…er…fan boy.

"OHMYGOSH!" Dina jumped at least three feet in the air when Todd screamed into her ear.

"Todd!" She shouted angrily. The green-clad teen beside her paid her no heed, instead choosing to continue.


"Yep, that's me. Surprised you know my handle, kid." Joe replies.

"Oh course I know you! You're the greatest fighter in the whole world! Your Fossil Battle skills are legendary!" He paused and took a step forward; "You're Joe Wildwest!" Todd began jumping around in excitement.

"I can't believe I'm actually talking to you!" he squealed, "This is amazing!" he paused and looked at Joe.

"…I guess I sound like a real nerd, huh?" Joe smiled.

"Not at all, Pardner!" He exclaimed. "It's always nice to meet a fan!"

Dina tuned out their talking and started looking around. She fixed her eyes on a spot a little ways up the mountain. The Allo burst out of the bushes, caught their scent, and roared.


Todd jumped and shrieked.

Joe walked forward a few feet and said,

"That Allo's madder than sack full'a hornets! We can't let it leave the mountain all riled up like that, or else folks'll be in a heap'a trouble. Ain't no other choice. We gotta subdue the critter with a fossil battle." He turned to Todd. "How 'bout it, small fry? Think you're up to it? I'll even loan you one'a my Dino Medals for the fight. So how 'bout it?"

Todd's face first showed excitement, then panic, then pain.

"Ooooooh! My stomach…! It hurts real bad…It must be that rotten banana I ate for breakfast. …Yeah, that's it, Oooooh… " He turned to a slightly bored looking Dina. "I really wanna fight, but I don't think I can. So you'll have to fight in my place, Dina!" said girl blinked a couple of times and turned towards Joe.

"…Huh. Well, seems fair enough. Guess I'll be lending you my Dino Medal instead." Joe said. He stepped forward and took out a few Medals. "I got four of 'em, so just take whichever one suits your fancy."

"That there's Aerosteon. He's a power type that overwhelms foes with his sharp claws." A medal with a picture of a Blue Vivosaur built like a T-Rex showed. He had a tan underbelly and had a ruffle that looked like yellow daisy petals around his neck, above his eyes and down his jawline.

"That there's a fast growing, well-balanced Vivosaur called Toba Titanosaur. It's one'a yer more fashionable types."

A medal with a picture of Vivosaur built like a Brachiosaurus. It had Pearly white skin, a crest along its back, and pearls going down it's sides.

"Now there's a Tsintaosaurus. It's a back-up type Vivosaur that has great support skills."

A Medal with a picture of an orange Vivosaur built slightly like a duck-bill, with a ridge on his back and spots here and there of tan/orange.

"And finally, we got a Dimetrodon. It's a tricky technical type that confounds foes with special skills."

A medal with a picture of a red Vivosaur on all fours, built like a Bearded Dragon Lizard (A/N: I couldn't figure out how to describe it!) It had a spiked up ridge on its back, spikes on its back, and purple zigzagged stripes on its back.

Dina took a careful moment to decide. She smiled when the sun's glare blinked off of Aeros medal, making it have a glow for a single second. But that single second was all it took for Dina to pick it up.

"Grease my pants and call me slick! That's a fine choice there, small fry! Now remember, once you throw that Dino Medal at the Allosaurus, yer Vivosaur will be unleashed. The strength of a Fighter depends on how much of a bond they build with their Vivosaur's. So make sure ya'll trust each other, and try to have some fun, alright?" Dina nodded, a huge smile breaking out across her face as she stared at the medal in her hand. Her fist closed around it, and she got into a pitcher's pose. She closed her eyes and threw the medal with all her might. It twisted a few times before the Aeros's body began forming. Aeros roared at Allo, who roared back.

"Let's do it! Aeros, Windblast!" Dina shouted. Areos threw his head back and roared, sending a large tunnel of air towards the opposing Vivosaur. It hit him full-on, sending him back a few steps.

"Way to go," Dina shouted, "This'll be easy!" The Allo recovered enough to charge at Areos, chomping down using Allo bite. Aeros was tossed to the side and Dina quickly called the next attack.

"Windblast, Aeros!" The Allo faded back to his medal and it fell with a soft "THUD" to the ground.

Aeros roared in triumph and returned to his medal. Dina caught it as it flew back to her.

"That," She stated, looking at her two companions, "Was wicked." Joe smiled and went to pick up the Allo's medal.

"Seems you managed to calm that fella' down enough to send him back 'to his Dino Medal." Joe commented. He turned to Dina. "Nice job, small fry! You did real good." Todd turned to her then.

"You ran that Fossil Battle like a pro, Dina! You're awesome!" Dina smirked.

"Was there ever any doubt?" Todd laughed and shook his head.

"And, by the way, Todd, what happened to your stomach ache?" Todd froze and rubbed the back of his neck.

"...Huh? Oh, hey! My stomach doesn't hurt anymore! I guess I didn't notice because I was to focused on your awesome battle!" Dina glowered at him and muttered,

"Suck up." Under her breath. Joe sweat-dropped and said,

"This Allosaurus was abandoned by some cruel fighter. Reckon that's why he had his shorts in a bunch. Vivosaur's need to be a fighter they know they can trust. If they're abandoned, they go feral and their true nature emerges. That's why I'm here, actually. The Fighters Association asked me to round up rouge vivosaurs." He turned and walked back towards them.

"Aw shucks. Where are my manners? You know this already, but I'm Joe Wildwest, and I'm a Fossil Fighter." Dina blinked.

"The polite thing to do would be to say 'Nice to meet you,' but I'm not very polite." She said, earning a horrified glare from Todd. "I'm Dina, though. And I guess it is nice to meet you." Joe chuckled and Todd face palmed. Todd stepped forward.

"I'm Todd, and I'm half-embarrassed to say this, but the not-so-polite Dina here is my best friend. Don't let her fool you, though, she's a great person! We watch your battles on TV all the time, Joe! Our dream is to become great Fossil Fighters just like you!" Joe laughed,

"Aw, shucks! You small fries are gonna make me blush. But y'all oughta aim a little higher. Don't try to be like me…Try to be better!

"Well, I s'pose I should think about seeing you two home, but I ani't quite done with my job yet. I've still got one more vivosaur that needs rescuin', ya see? But y'all seem more than capable, so I trust ya can make it home." Dina suddenly remembered the Dino Medal. Looking at Aeros sadly, she stepped forward, holding it out. Joe started.

"Aw, bacon! I durn near forgot 'bout that Dino Medal I loaned ya! Tell ya what, Dina. What say you keep it as my way of sayin' thanks for all the help?" Dina's face split into a giant grin.

"Aw, man! If only my stupid stomach hadn't started hurting…" Todd exclaimed.

"Listen up, small fries!" Joe said. "If y'all love yer vivosaur and share their passion for battling, then y'all can accomplish anything! I look forward to the day ya both become proper Fossil Fighters. But for now, I gotta mosey on down the trail." He turned and walked back up the mountain path. "Adios!" He called from about halfway up, putting his hand to his forehead in a salute. Todd waved after him until he was out of sight, while Dina admired her new friend.

"Wow! We just got advice from Joe Wildwest himself! No choice now, Dina! We have to become Fighters!" Todd exclaimed. Dina nodded.

"Ya, I know you want it bad, but not as bad as me! Next time I see Joe, I'm going to be a full-fledged fighter!" As Todd finished speaking, the two friends threw their fists into the air. Dina accidently threw Aeros's medal out, and he materialized looking confused.

"Ah…Heh. Whoops?" Dina offered, scratching the back of her head.

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