Super sorry for the uber long wait. I lost a chapter! I noticed I never posted it! Sorry for that to. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this. Give me a break, I was twelve! (Not any more) So here it is again :)

My name is Carter Rogers. I have golden hair and baby blue eyes, a little like my dad. My dad is Steve Rogers (Captain America). I wasn't legally adopted by him. He came into my room and lay down next to me on my bed.

"You were a science project for two weeks. A group of scientist called Hydra, wanted to see if my DNA could change another person's DNA. The problem with their project was they got my DNA from a medical waste bin and took you from an orphanage. S.H.I.E.L.D had been tracking the group of scientists. You had just turned four at the orphanage when they took you. They didn't get much of my DNA and had to use it on a smaller person. That was when they learned about you. One of the scientists told us you were dying and they did the project on you to save your life. Sadly they were lying about why they did the project, but they did save your life. I snuck into their hideout and found you sleeping on the floor. They had put you in a prison uniform that was too big for you. I woke you up to ask you questions, but when you saw me you wrapped our arms around my neck. I heard someone coming so I grabbed you and ran out of the hideout. I didn't tell S.H.I.E.L.D about you because I thought they might put you back into the orphanage. Plus, I didn't know if my DNA had changed yours. If the project had worked, you wouldn't have known how to control your powers in an orphanage. I took you here. You slept next to me at night. I surrounded you with pillows so you wouldn't fall out of my bed. Soon I got you a toddler bed and put it up in here. I got all the kid essentials: clothes, toys, food, and books, and I took care of you. It was hard when you were younger; you would want to come with me to fight the bad guys. I had to call a babysitter and trust me, I really didn't want to call one. I didn't trust the girls I called because I thought they would go digging around in my stuff. Every time I came back home you would run to me. The babysitter would be sitting in our rocking chair, texting or whatever you call it. After I had paid her and she left, I would put my bag away and help you get ready for bed. You would make me tell you of how we beat the bad guy as a bedtime story. I would rock with you in our rocking chair and tell you the story. After you fell asleep, I would tuck you into bed and then I would go to bed. Sometimes during a thunderstorm, you would check in on me."

He laughed at the thought and continued, "One day you showed me some costume designs that you thought would look cool for when you started crime fighting. You named yourself; Lady Liberty. I still can't figure how you came up with that name," he looked at me for an answer.

"I didn't want to copy your name off by calling myself, Lieutenant America. I think the Statue of Liberty is pretty neat," I punched him in the shoulder lightly.

He smiled, "I wouldn't have minded. I think you should change your superhero name."

"I like Lady Liberty, I think it suits me," I said.

"Well anyways, I had Tony make your costume that way it had more modifications than mine. Bruce equipped it with bullet resistant metal. Hawkeye made arrows a little like his, but not as fancy. And lastly Black Widow made sure your suit looked like it was for a girl, not for a man. She thought we had downgraded it because it looked too old for you. I agreed. I wasn't about to let a girl under my authority wear something too old for her," he said.

My costume has deep blue long sleeves with white stars down the sides of the sleeves and red and white stripes down my abdomen. I have a single star below my collar bone. I wear a rust red skirt with white stripes aligned with my top and deep blue leggings. Also I wear rust red boots, gloves and belt. I carry a bow and arrow. I always wear my hair in a braid that way my hair is out of my face. The costume the guys had made didn't have a skirt but pants, was short sleeved, a low neckline and the boots had heels. I am so glad dad made the changes.

"I didn't like the costume idea Tony had with that mask with broken wings on the side," I said.

"I agree, it looked like he was making fun of my helmet," he said.

"Oh just finish your story already" I said dramatically.

"Alright, after everyone had chipped in to get you on the team, Nick Fury decided otherwise. He thought he would get in a heap of trouble for letting a ten year old girl onto the team. So we convinced him to keep you on the ship and listen in to our communicators and that..."

"That is where I am today! But I work on the field when big crimes happen," I finished his sentence.

"Right, I thought I should just tell you, the team is taking a vote on whether you can join the team or not. Fury changed his mind now that you are thirteen," he said.

He got up and started to walk out the door.

"Dad," he turned around, "I love you, just thought you should know," I said.

He smiled, "I love you to, goodnight."
He closed the door. I might be an Avenger at this time tomorrow. It blew my mind! I thought about Tony's son. Would he be joining to? I didn't think he had a suit. Tony had a daughter to, but she didn't do much either. They always stayed in the Stark tower, only leaving when they had school. I didn't even know their names. I got dressed in my pajamas and put my hair in a ponytail. I climbed back into bed and fell asleep.

That night I had a nightmare like no other. I saw people with gas masks and yellow jumpsuits. They surrounded me. One of them stuck a needle into my arm. I tried to scream, but I felt something over my mouth. They had tied me down to a table and stepped away from me. Sharp shooting pain went throughout my body. I wriggled around, trying to break the straps that held me down. The pain finally stopped and I stopped wriggling. The people filed out of the room, removing their gas masks. Someone took off the straps. I slid off the table and landed on the floor with a thud. I closed my eyes. I didn't fall asleep, but I came close to. Someone shook my shoulder. I looked up and saw Captain America. I hugged him. I was scared and I didn't know what else to do. He started to say something, but a light turned on at a desk nearby. He picked me up and hid me with his shield. He ran all the way out to a S.H.I.E.L.D hovercraft. That was the last thing I saw. I woke up and screaming. I had to catch my breath because I had been crying so hard. Dad was holding me down.

"What happened," he asked letting me go.
"I had a nightmare, about the night you found me. I never could remember what happened that night until now," I replied sitting up.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault. I should not have told you that story before you went to bed," he said. I wiped my tear stained face, "Don't beat yourself up too much dad. I was bound to have a nightmare like this one sooner or later."

He hugged me tight and I hugged him back. Then he pulled away from me. He kissed me on the forehead and left the room. I had to flip my pillow because the side of my pillow that I was sleeping on was soaked. I lay down and fell asleep after a little while. But soon I woke up again. I felt my mouth watering tremendously. I ran to the hallway bathroom and retched into the toilet. My whole body was shaking violently. Dad walked into the bathroom, startled to see me there. He sat on the edge of the bathtub and rubbed my back. We stayed in there for three minutes. I finally stopped and sat back on my heels.
"Do you think you can go back to sleep," he asked.
All I could do was nod my head. I was afraid if I opened my mouth that I would retch again. Dad picked me up off the floor and took me to his bedroom. He left the door opened in case I needed to get to the bathroom fast. He got a wet washcloth and laid it on my forehead. He got under the covers with me and stroked my hair. I fell asleep and actually slept till the morning.

The next morning was not a regular morning. Dad had made pancakes and had left them on a plate near the stove. I took two off the plate next to the stove, but something was missing. I looked around the room. Dad wasn't there.

"He's probably getting dressed in the bathroom, Carter," I told myself.
I sat down and ate my pancakes, but dad never came in. I put my plate in the sink and looked around the room to find a note. Dad normally leaves a sticky note if he leaves, but there wasn't one. The bathroom door was opened. Dad wasn't in his room or the living room. Dad had given me an Avenger communicator when I started working on the S.H.I.E.L.D hovercraft. I sat down at the kitchen table and placed the communicator in front of me. The communicator is disguised as a makeup container. The thing that doesn't make it look like makeup is the capital A on the top. I stared at the communicator for ten minutes when it finally started buzzing. I opened it.
"Carter reporting," I said.
Tony appeared, "Where's Cap?"
"Not here, I was going to ask you the same thing," I replied.
"I'm at Stark tower. Why would he be here," he asked.
"I don't know, an Avengers meeting or something," I said weakly.
"Well, he told me last night that I needed to talk to you about something," he said.
I replied, "I had a nightmare about the night Captain found me. After that I threw up."
"Ok, are you sure you didn't just eat bad sushi or something," he asked being sarcastic.
"No, I have never had sushi," I said.
"That you know of," he said.
"What do you mean?" I asked scooting to the edge of my seat.
"The scientist could have erased some of your memories," Tony replied.
"Should I meet you at Stark tower or at the hovercraft?" I asked.
"Stark tower would be best I think," he said.
"Signing off, tin man," I said. Tony started to make a smart remark, but I closed the communicator before he could.
I walked through the house one last time, before going into my room. I changed into jeans and an Iron Man t-shirt. I thought since I was going to see Tony, I might as well wear something nice. I put my red converse on and grabbed my leather jacket before heading toward the bus station. Remember I am only thirteen, so there is no other way for me to get to Stark tower from my house when my dad is gone. I was used to it by now. I knew the bus routes by heart and always managed to make small talk with the bus drivers when they were waiting on passengers. I got on the first bus of the day, said hello to Jay (the bus driver) and waited till my stop was called. It takes about a half hour to get to Stark tower from my house. I normally watched the trees and cars outside the window. On a rare occasion I would talk to a small child that sat next to me. All most all the boys like my dad and the Hulk. Most girls like Black Widow and Iron man. Some girls don't even care for them. My stop was finally called and I stepped off. I walked to Stark towers. Walking in the front doors always takes my breath away. Pepper met me at the elevator. She gave me a hug before stepping on the elevator.
"I heard you can't find your dad," she said.
"I got up this morning and the only thing greeting me was pancakes," I replied.
She laughed. The elevator opened and left us off at Tony's main floor. His children were standing side by side, getting a lecture it looked like.
"From now on, you will report to me whenever you feel drained of power. Kids, I am trying to make life better for you two, ok? It's bad enough that Sandy got hurt," he said.
"You sound like Bruce," the boy commented.
Tony saw me, "Kiddo, maybe you can knock some sense into my offspring."
"Not my job. That is a journey you will have to endure by yourself," I replied.
"Do you ever smile?" he asked.
I smiled for him.

"So, what's wrong with you," he asked.

"Broken childhood and bad dreams, the usual. Also," I held up my pointer finger, "I lost my father."
"Well I bet you did not know about the tracking device in his shield," he said walking backwards to his computer.
"No actually I didn't," I replied
"I'm pretty sure Cap doesn't even know," his daughter chipped in.
His son looked at the floor and suppressed a smile.