Summary: On a dare, Bianca kisses Katie Matlin without telling her why.

Author's Note: Honestly, I just recently started shipping these two and couldn't find a whole lot of fics about them (there should be more). So, oneshot?


"What?" Bianca practically hissed the single syllable question at the hockey player's face, waiting for his stupid grin to falter. It didn't, and her frown only intensified at his proposition.

"I said 'I dare you to kiss her'," Dallas repeated, nodding in the direction of Katie Matlin, who sat alone on the other side of the cafeteria. He shrugged to himself, keeping that cocky grin. Bianca groaned, hating the fact that the Torres brothers had chosen to become so close with such a jerk, forming a friendship which by obligation extended to herself. "It's not like she's unattractive."

In response, Bianca's eyes trailed down the former class president, who had only just recently donned the new gothic appearance. It was not so much an issue of attraction as it was an issue of not wanting to be mauled to death by Katie Matlin in the middle of the school cafeteria. Because, while she didn't exactly hate Katie, (the busted car mirror, she admitted she probably had coming) she knew the lukewarm pleasantries were far from being mutual.

"That's really the least of my concerns," Bianca replied, gathering a few odd looks from her table mates. Drew just stared at her with a mixture of exhilaration and unease. "She'll kill me if I so much as come near her, Dallas."

Her mind went back to the apparent black belt the Matlin girl owned and she involuntarily shivered; she would never admit that the other girl actually frightened her. Just a little.

"A dare's a dare, Bee," Drew argued, and she groaned, knowing he was only still a little butthurt over having been dared to sneak back into Degrassi. Dodging Simpson past the school entrance had proved difficult, and he certainly was not about to let the dares go easy on anyone now that he had just barely managed to dodge past that potential disaster. In his own words: Worst, dare, ever. "I mean, those are the rules. That's why I snuck back into Degrassi!"

He said that last part a little too loud, and Adam had to put a hand over his mouth, matched by shifty eyes.

Running a palm frantically through her dark brown curls, Bianca shook her head. She looked to Adam for support as the only level-headed one at the table, but the boy just shrugged, muttering something about how 'he had to drink spoiled orange juice from the back of the cooler when it was his turn and would have much preferred to be the one dared to kiss Katie'.

"Ah, what the hell?" Never one to back down from a challenge, Bianca said, definitively smashing a closed fist into the table. The sudden shock seemed to rattle Drew out of his fantasy-induced coma.

Upon finally realizing what was happening, her boyfriend looked up with some look of horror, "Dude, that's my girlfriend."

"I know," Dallas replied, grinning widely. The Torres brothers exchanged their own stunned glances, but he just shrugged lamely. "What?"

Adam, the only actual gentleman at the table, frowned. "She's going to kill you when she gets back. You know that, right?"

• • •

Just kiss her and run. Kiss, then run. Bianca recited this to herself as she waded her way through the cafeteria, not feeling a lick of unease. Bianca DeSousa did not get uneasy, she got angry. And by the time, she had walked up to Katie Matlin, she was positively furious. She swallowed a big breath of air, eyes leering at the Matlin girl intensely.

"Katie." She stated with precision.

The other dark-haired girl turned, "Bi-"

And that was when she cut her off with her lips, firmly cupping Katie's face with two swift hands before the former redhead could regain the motor skills to slap her. She deepened the kiss, aggressively tilting the other girl downwards, carefully making sure they didn't completely topple over each other. When she was certain Katie would be too dizzy to smack her, she let her hands stray from Katie's cheeks to delve in her hair, musing it over and over again.

Starting to feel the effects of her own frenzy, she let her hands slide to down, sliding her own hands into Katie's.

She dropped Katie's hands suddenly, ambling a bit backwards; perhaps she had let it get a little bit out of hand. Either way, she just shrugged it off - she had fulfilled the dare and that was that. The curly-haired brunette twirled her whole body around in one motion, hoping to slip past without being caught in the impending explosion. Instead, she felt a sharp tug at her wrist and looked down to realize she was trapped by one daintily porcelain yet surprisingly robust grasp, with icy blue eyes staring at her.

Crap, crap, crap. She told herself, wriggling her fingers in a futile attempt to get away, but Katie's grip was far too powerful. She could only wriggle four of her fingers uselessly, hoping at one point it would tickle the black belt and make her loosen her intense grip. It didn't.

"Just make it quick, okay?" Bianca said, shutting her eyes and turning.

"What?" Katie asked, surprise tinting her voice.

Without hesitating, Bianca opened one eyelid. "You're going to hit me..."

"No...?" Katie replied, as if she was unsure herself. She let go of Bianca's wrist, lamely setting her own hands on the table. Bianca just stared at her, waiting for the drumbeat. Instead, Katie's eyebrows just knit together intensely.

Well, that was odd. Bianca thought, taking a step back. However, she decided it was best not to question why Katie Matlin had suddenly decided to spare her and instead, take the gift she was offered and run.

Dashing back to the lunch table, she found the three lads were already laughing maniacally. Even Adam, however hard he tried to keep it together and act mature for her sake, couldn't contain that slight grin.

"Laugh it up, boys." She said, folding her arms at them. "But Dallas, you are going down."

"Down to Chinatown." Adam expanded as if it were the coolest thing to say in such circumstances.

"You dork." Drew just grinned and messed the top of his brother's head. It did nothing to falter his grin though, which was increasingly wider.

Taking her seat next to a grinning Adam, Bianca was already concocting her latest proposition that began with 'I dare you to'. No one really noticed the way Katie Matlin brought her fingers to her lips or how her usually intrepid gaze softened and lingered just a little longer on the curly-haired brunette than ever before...

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