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Crimson Tide


Somewhere behind her, the thunder rumbled above the sea. Lightening still far-off in the distance flashed in sky, announcing the approach of the summer storm. She had to do this quickly, before the waves began to act up and, ultimately, the child in her arms would die. Calmly, she swam through the settled water, dark from the night sky. Once, maybe twice more, her eyes peered down to the newborn baby.

Blond hair was darkened from the water, and the eyes that peeked up at her from time to time were decidedly of a clear, green color. No human's eyes could be such a beautiful color rivaling that of the expansive ocean. It was those eyes that had her realize that the baby was one of her kind.

She broke the surface of the water when the familiar form of a small dock shadowed above her. Warm summer breezes blew over her skin - over the scales dotting her arms as she brought the sleepy baby girl up. Sitting right over the edge of the dock was a man with pearly-white hair and equally pale skin, as if his being had been produced from the full moon's grace. Despite the shade of his hair, his features were mature, but young.

Violet eyes glanced down at the mystical woman, and he smiled. He knew her, and had since she herself had been brought to him as an infant in someone else's arms. All the mothers brought their newborns to him within a few days of their birth. It was a heartbreaking process, but one that had to be done. It was decided a long time ago, centuries even - who it was and why they did it was unknown. They all followed it though, because it just was.

Something of amusement crossed the man's face as he looked down to the baby girl. "How strange, I never knew you caught," he said. His voice was deep, playful, lyrical.

"It's not mine," the woman replied tartly. Her voice held all the beauty of his, yet hers was like ocean winds, soft and lingering. That was normal too - for her kind, anyway. She extended her arms, holding the naked baby out to him. "But it is of us. I couldn't leave it to drown."

The man didn't reach out for the baby, but only tilted his head curiously, looking at her. "Isn't drowning a sort of past time for you all?" he said lightly, and yet with a completely serious face.

Thunder rumbled, a bit closer than before. She held the girl out, breaking further into the surface. Dark hair tangled with seaweed covered the large swell of her naked breasts as she stared him down with ruby-red eyes. "Take her, will you?" she insisted. "You know she'll die if she stays with us."

"Can't I relish this? I don't see you very often, do I?" the man said with a grin, putting his elbows on his knees and cupping his face. The gaze he gave her was that of adoration, yet for years she could never tell if it was sincere or not. Sometimes she thought it must be, for her belly was starting to grow with his child.

"You know I'm bonded here. I am ruler right now," she pointed out. The scales on her arms were beginning to dry out from being exposed to the air. She didn't even flinch when the man suddenly moved to grab her wrists. The baby's tiny, pudgy hands reached up to touch the long strands of white hair as he leaned over her.

Gently, without taking his purple gaze away from her red one, his hands took the child away from her. It fussed a little, trembling in his arms as he cradled it against him. "You're lucky I'm so kind," he told her with a chuckle.

"Captain of the Baskerville pirates, kind?" questioned the mystical woman, dipping into the water again until just her head was afloat. Her ink-black hair curled ominously over the water. A wicked smile played upon her lips. "You amuse me, Revis."

At this, he laughed, getting to his feet. "Ah, and you never cease to amuse me as well, my fair mermaid," he returned tenderly. He slipped off his cravat and carefully wrapped the baby's body in it. Really, he could both pretend and actually be quite vicious, but when it came to the merpeople, he took special care to protect them.

After all...

He nodded once to the dark-haired woman. "We'll be heading out to Celeon at daybreak."

"Find another hopeful prospect, did you?"

"Perhaps some of that treasure will be more valueable than others," Revis said knowingly, smile growing a bit darker.

Honestly, it made her uneasy to see that smile while holding that baby, so she decided to drop that subject. She glanced behind her - the lightening was growing brighter and bigger now, and the water was beginning to fuss. "I should go. The storm draws nearer. Do take care in the middle of it," she said. Red eyes gleamed back at the man for a brief second before she descended into the sea once more.

A few seconds later, his eyes caught a large red fish tail strike out further off in the water. Revis stared after her for awhile longer before slowly glancing down at the bundle in his arms. He didn't know any of the merpeople who had such eyes as this little lass.

"Oh shoot," cursed Revis, tapping the baby on the nose. "She left me to name you. Haah, what a hassle, no...?"

Clear emerald eyes peered up at him, full of ignorance. She had no idea a pirate held her, or that she was birthed from the sea. That was fine. Everything would be taught to her in due time.

"Suppose this makes me your father, then, eh?" The wooden planks of the dock creaked beneath his heavy boots as he walked back towards his ship. When the idea struck him, he said, "Well then, I guess that name would be fine. I haven't a knack for them, lass, you'll have to forgive me."

Tiny lips opened wide in a yawn, scrunching up the girl's small eyes as her little fists beat in the air briefly. Suddenly she was heavier in Revis' arms, although that still left her extremely light. The white-haired man chuckled, looking off at the swirling storm approaching. "Well, you'll have quite the journey ahead of you. Hope you don't get seasick, Rozannabelle."

She was already peacefully asleep.

Revis walked up the ramp to his ship, passing by a boy just past his teenage years. He glanced at the bundle in the man's arms and took a few steps forward. "That one of them?" he asked, peering into the makeshift blanket. "You're...keeping it in your dirty cravat?"

"How rude, Fang," chastised Revis, pulling Rozannnabelle away from him overdramatically. "That is not how a mate greets a new member. Of course she has to come with us, since we're casting off within a few hours. By then the storm will be over and we can ride the winds caught in the aftermath."

Fang shrugged, running a hand through his sandy hair. "Fine. I'm going to go get Doug; it's about his time for lookout duty anyway," he declared. Before disappearing into the cabin, he turned back and called, "Oh, and Oswald is in your quarters. I think he was waiting for you."

"That's fine. I should introduce our new daughter, anyway," lilted Revis. When he got to the worn, black-painted door, he held Rozannabelle with the ends of his cravat, leaving her hanging by his hand like a sack. Whoever claimed a captain of pirates was good with children was sorely mistaken.

But that's why he had Oswald. Inside, sitting in Revis' chair, was a man in his early twenties. His face was terribly handsome and somewhat impassive, raven hair framing his placid countenance, complimenting his slanted eyes the same beautiful violet as Revis'. There was a battered little crib tucked away in one corner of the room, hidden by a dark sheet serving as a curtain. Oswald was staring into the crib but slowly cast his gaze onto the captain as he stepped in.

"Look, found a playmate for Eleonora," Revis declared, literally dropping Rozannabelle into Oswald's lap. The baby started with a twitch, but she remained alseep. Revis ignored the scowl Oswald gave him as he automatically cradled her to him.

"Whose child?" he asked curiously, gazing down at the sleeping Rozannabelle.

Revis nodded, plopping himself on top of his desk, piled with various sheets of paper, quills, and a compass. With a contemplative hum, he lit the lantern hanging above them, bathing them in soft orange light. "Indeed, she doesn't have the features of any one of the merpeople. And that's including the possibility of them sharing a bed with a human," he added. With a small smile, he said, "Lacie brought the lass to me, though."

A frown creased Oswald's brow. Revis knew what was going to be asked, and had known since he saw Lacie's enchanting face appear from the sea. "How...was she?" murmured Oswald, slowly getting up and making way to the crib. Inside was another girl of a little over a year old, thick black hair covering her head.

"Oh, she is her usual self. Though since the storm is just yonder, she took her leave early. Funny, is it not? Rulers of the merpeople were said to be able to control the weather over the waters, yet there she was literally turning tail from it." Revis watched as the raven-haired man lightly placed Rozannabelle beside the other baby girl. The blond slowly leaned into the new warmth so like its own, settling once more to sleep. Oswald's violet eyes gazed down at the scene with slight endearment.

Smirking, Revis remarked, "You're so precious. I don't know why I made you my first mate."

And just like that the endearment left as Oswald claimed with a straight face, "I'm sure I'm the only one who can deal with how eccentric you are, Captain."

"Ahaha! You're so brutal to me, Oswald," laughed Revis, getting down from the desk. Putting Lacie and the new child out of his mind, he sat on his chair, going back to the notes he left out. The map spread out in front of him was charting the way to Celeon, where it was rumored a cargo ship was carrying some rather interesting items...

If we can find another piece, I'll be that much closer, he thought, putting ink on his quill.

At first, there was nothing but Revis concentrating in marking the rest of the course with thunder rumbling in the background. He hardly noticed when Oswald stepped in front of him, gazing at him in slight worry.

"Are you certain we should be taking the two of them over such a journey?" he asked.

Revis needed no indication he meant the babies. He waved dismissively with the hand holding his quill, not even tearing his eyes away from the map. "You worry too much, Oswald. Loosening up would be good for you. This pirating at Celeon will do the trick." Resting the quill in the ink jar, he leaned back on his chair. "After Celeon, we'll go to Sablier. We'll have to be fast, though - I hear Pandora is on to our course. Crimson Shell is in Sablier, and that's where Rozannabelle can spend her fifteen years."

"You said Lacie found her, though," Oswald pointed out, lips turned down in a grimace. "Who will she return to when she's to return to the sea?"

Shrugging, Revis said, "I'm sure Lacie will be accepting of her. Why not?" Then he chuckled. "Or will you play Papa again like you're doing with Eleonora?"

Oswald twitched. Revis smiled, not unkindly, but sardonically. Oswald's nature never ceased to amuse him. And if it was one thing Revis loved to be, it was amused. That's why the Baskervilles meant so much to him.

The raven-haired man didn't respond, but merely bid Revis goodnight before leaving to a small cabin ajacent from the captain's. It was mostly because Oswald liked being by himself...and because Revis could easily yell at him in the middle of the night (when he was in a less-than-courteous mindset) to "shut the damn brat up why the hell do I have to take these damn snots onto my ship I'm a godshittin' pirate for fuck's sake!"

As the door to Oswald's cabin closed, Revis marked a new more notes before stopping. He glanced at the crib in the corner, reaching out to close the curtain once more. There was a reason Revis had Eleonora, and now Rozannabelle, so close to his desk and bed. Not many knew about the mythical creatures dwelling beneath the waves - or if the did, they wrote the merpeople off as legend.

But two big groups of people knew they were real, and would do anything to have them. One was the Baskervilles, Revis' band of pirates. The other were an organization known as Pandora, composed of four noble families who made it their "mission" to stop the Baskervilles.

Of course, Revis would never allow that to happen. Pandora would not stop him and the task passed down to him. His eyes fell onto his black pistol resting on the desk as if he expected a member of the organization to suddenly break open his door. Almost darkly, he wanted it to happen. He'd kill every last one of them after what they did a century ago.

Turning off the lantern, the white-haired man shed off his coat and sat on his bed. His gaze ventured off out his sand-dusted window, to the dark sea that was becoming more and more restless. Just as I am.

The first droplets of rain fell, and the waves began to rock the ship gently. Behind the curtain and inside the battered crib, two babies snuggled closer, as if nothing was more soothing.

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