Son of Hades

A/N: Okay so first fanfic so please ignore any and all grammar and spelling mistakes that will most likely be made. So Percy will be a son of Hades and Nico a son of Poseidon. Thalia will remain a daughter of Zeus and Annabeth will remain a daughter of Athena. OOC Percy and Nico, Thalia did not join the hunters she's just a year younger and the pairing will be Perlia. Set before last Olympian but after BOTL. Enjoy!

Percy's PoV (CHB)

'Ugh, I can't believe that dad's sending me down to camp half-blood,' I thought.

I slowly walked down the hill noticing the large dragon wrapped around the tree. It snorted at me and I just growled back at it.

I continued walking when I saw a blonde girl talking with a guy with black hair. I grinned and pretended to be lost.

"E-excuse me," I stuttered putting on an anxious face.

"Yes," the girl said turning to look at me.

"Ummm I am sort of lost. My mum said to come to a place called camp half-blood. She said I would be safe here," I said.

"Well here you are, Camp half-blood," she said motioning around.

"My names Percy, Percy Jackson," I said extending my hand.

"Annabeth Chase," she said taking my hand.

"Nico di Angelo," the guy said extending his hand, I took it.

"I think we had best take you to Chiron," Annabeth said starting to walk away.

Nico followed and I just watched them go grinning. I jogged after them.

We reached Chiron a couple minutes later. I was smirking on the inside waiting for the centaurs reaction.

When we reached him he practically tripped over his hoofs.

"Y-you're not meant to be here," he stammered. Nico's eyes narrowed and he pulled out a pen. He pulled the cap off and it turned into a sword.

"Who are you," he growled pointing his sword at me. I just grinned and shadow travelled behind him.

"I'm you're worst nightmare," I whispered in his ear. He jumped and swung his sword at me. I shadow travelled again except this time I was behind Annabeth. She dove forward and pulled out her knife.

"Children, don't attack him he will seriously harm you," Chiron warned, eyeing me suspiciously.

"Why are you here Percy?" he asked.

"My father wanted me to see what life was like outside the underworld," I said grinning.

"You're a child of hades aren't you?" Annabeth asked still pointing her dagger at me.

"Yes sunshine how long did it take you to figure that out," I said sarcastically.

"Hey! Just because you're dads a dick doesn't mean you have to be one too!" Nico exclaimed.

At that I got angry. "Sorry, not many people fathers get nice cushy jobs. Your dad Poseidon, he got the seas and oceans. My dad got the underworld and everything under the ground. Your dad's realm stays the same; my dad's just gets bigger and bigger, the dead just stake up and up. He even has to look after Tartarus and the cherry on top is that every gods dammed hero that's lost a loved one comes down to his realm and demands to get them back, and when they don't they go away and start saying stuff like 'Hades was so unfair he wouldn't let me get my wife back'. Well news flash pal, my dad guards the rules of death. He has the job of enforcing that the dead stay dead!" I said each sentence stepping closer to him.

I was nearly nose to nose with him when I pulled out my big surprise.

"Wait your name's di Angelo, yes?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yeah, so," he said glaring at me with his sea green eyes.

"Well it's just I remember seeing a Maria di Angelo in my father's palace and then one day she was gone. When I asked my father what happened he told me her son had come for her," I said grinning. "So you're not different from other heroes at all. You try to take your loved ones back from death and one day you will break someone's heart," I said glaring at him.

"Hey guys wassup," a girl with spiky hair and a 'death-to-Barbie' T-shirt on. Oh she was so my style.

"Hey Thals just talking with this douche here," Nico said pointing a finger my way.

"What's with the weapons though he's not even armed," the girl said.

"Hey I've got weapons!" I exclaimed, grinning.

"Oh yeah well where are they?" Annabeth said grinning.

"Right here," I said, hooking my fingers into my skull belt buckle which turned into my armour. It had spikes on my shoulders, spikes on my gauntlets and a spike on each knee cap. I also pulled my stygian iron sword out of its scabbard in my back.

"Whoa!" Nico exclaimed leaping back. I grinned at him then put on my helm. It was like my father's helm of darkness but less powerful.

I however had learned how to make it radiate despair, instead of fear. So I called it the helm of despair.

"You like," I said smugly. The girl was on the floor after being pushed by Nico. I walked over to her and offered my hand, after commanding the spikes on my gauntlet away.

"Thanks," she said pulling herself off the ground using my hand.

"I didn't catch your name," I said.

"Thalia, Thalia grace," she said grinning. I made my armour disappear.

"Percy Jackson at your service," I said doing a bow. She laughed and I swear the whole world brightened for a moment.

"Thalia! What are you doing with him?" Annabeth yelled. Oh she was getting on my nerves acting like she was the freaking first lady.

"I do believe that we were having a pleasant conversation before someone decided to butt in," I said rolling my eyes at her.

"Children please," Chiron said. 'Is he still here?' I thought.

"Chiron where's my cabin at?" I asked grinning at him.

"Percy there is no cabin for Lord Hades," Chiron said. I was furious. Hades the Lord of the dead doesn't get a freaking cabin at a demigod camp but Hera the goddess of marriage gets one and she doesn't even have kids here!

"Well then there's just going to have to be one made," I said grinning from ear to ear.

"I'd like to see you make a cabin appear here," Annabeth snorted. I grinned at her before praying to my dad to make the most awesome cabin ever to appear. 'Next to the Zeus cabin please' I added.

'Hehehe looks like you've got yourself a crush son' he chuckled. Yeah most people might be shocked that Hades has a sense of humour but hey we both have dark humour too.

'Shut up and just make the damn cabin appear," I snapped back at him.

The ground began to rumble and shake. It split open next to the Zeus cabin pushing the Hera cabin away in the process.

The cabin looked so awesome; I was drooling at it too. It had pure black walls but on the side that held the door it had two skulls that hung from the roof that were filled with black fire, I didn't even know how it was meant to let light out but it did.

"Wanna come in," I asked Thalia, hoping to have one friend at least in the camp.

"Oh hell yeah emo boy," she replied grinning at me.

"Ugh, I'm not an emo!" I shouted, waving my arms a bit to express my hatred of being called an emo.

"Sure whatever death boy," she giggled. I stopped being angry just because of her giggle.

"Wait Thals we have that … thing to go to remember?" Annabeth said glaring at me.

"No we don't Annie I'm hanging out with my new friend Percy," she said rolling her eyes. I chuckled and waved at them.

"Wait Thals, you're not actually going into his cabin are you?" Annabeth said stepping forward.

"Oh gods Annabeth what's wrong with you? Why are trying to stop me from hanging out with him?" Thalia asked.

"Because Thalia he's Hades freaking son! He's most likely working for the titans!" she hissed. Okay now I was pissed, she has no right to say I'm working for the titans.

"Okay now you seriously need to stop insulting me before I get pissed!" I said glaring at her.

"Or what, you going to get daddy to save you?" she sneered.

"Aight bitch you asked for it," I said. I raised my hand and two dozen skeletons came out the ground.

"My dad's the Lord of the Underworld; sometimes his sons have special affinities with certain aspects of him. I got a specialisation for raising undead warriors," I grinned at her. "I have the title 'the skeletal Lord' from my enemies and I would like to count you as an enemy," I snarled at her.

"Hey back off mate," Nico said pushing me back. "If you don't send those things back I will!" he said pulling water out, what I assumed to be, his cabin.

"How about no," I said. He shrugged and the water started to whip about and destroyed all my warriors.

"See you're little friends can't do jack shit," he said.

"Buddy, that was nothing," I laughed. I raised both my hands and raised one hundred undead warriors. He paled and I laughed, even though I was so tired I thought I might sleep for years.

He tried to start hitting them with water but ten rushed over to him and knocked him out.

"Now girlie I suggest you stop insulting my dad before I take action on his behalf," I said and then I lead a gaping Thalia into my cabin.

I looked around and saw that it had a flat screen TV, a PS3 and a cabinet, which I assumed, was filled with games and DVDS. I just went straight to the fridge and opened it to find a six pack of cokes.

"Ahhh dad you've come through for me!" I exclaimed and pulled the whole six pack out.

"Want one?" I asked Thalia who was staring at everything in amazement.

"Oh my gods where did you get that, the camp has a no junk food rule," she said.

"Oh no, I had better hand them into Chiron. I never pegged you as a rule follower," I said grinning as I dropped down into the recliner.

"Oh you did not say that Jackson!" she exclaimed. I laughed and threw her a can.

I popped open one for myself and drained it in one.

"Oh that hits the spot," I said as the sugar rush filled what energy I had lost in the skeleton army.

"How did you make so many skeleton warriors," she asked taking a big gulp from her own can.

"Well I mean how else can one survive living in Tartarus for a month," I said.

"Why were you in Tartarus?" she asked her eyes widening.

"Well you know how my dad's married to Persephone," I said. She nodded.

"When I sorta got angry at her calling my mum and I quote 'a worthless whore' I got up left the palace and found her favourite rosebush and I set it on fire. Then, and here's the kicker, I wrote, with the charred ashes of her bush mind you, Hades loves Sally the most," I cackled at the end.

"What!" she howled.

"Ohhh yeah and so she had me thrown into Tartarus for a month, my dad was so buried in work that he didn't even notice. Well until he saw my scar," I said and I took off my black leather jacket, I pulled off my T-shirt. My chest was covered in scars. My arms were also covered in them too. I turned around and showed her the huge line that ran from my left shoulder blade round to my hip.

"This little baby was a nice memento from Tantalus for me being the son of his torturer," I said grinning as I saw her checking out my eight pack.

"See something you like?" I said smugly. She blushed and I leaned in slowly and she leaned in. Our lips met softly and then more and more passionately until we were basically sucking each other's faces.

We didn't stop until a cough from behind us made us stop immediately. We pulled away and I turned around to see my worst nightmare. My dad catching me with a girl.

"Hey dad," I said blushing furiously.

"Hey kiddo mind telling me why your half naked and snogging with Zeus' kid?" he asked grinning.

"I'm just going to go," Thalia said her face so red I thought she was going to overheat.

"Bye Thals I'll see you tomorrow yeah?" I asked giving her a crooked smile.

"Yeah sure, cya Perce," she said as she ran out the cabin and into her own.

"You had to come in!" I exclaimed.

"Hey in my defence I thought you two were going to start doing things that had best be left until you're older if you know what I mean," he said winking.

"Oh gods just kill me now!" I exclaimed.

"Hey, I don't want the extra work!" he exclaimed. We both chuckled.

"You best get to sleep son," my dad said. "You got a big day tomorrow with your new girlfriend.

"Oh shut up," I grumbled but smiled. I walked into the only room I hadn't been to in the whole house. I shuffled into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed.

I was out before I even hit the bed and I was dreaming of a black haired beauty, that was only a cabin away from me.